Sarah Gadon in Enemy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Sarah Gadon isn’t Irish but here her first ever nude scene in Enemy. Sorry pregnancy fetishists, Sarah’s belly is fake but the breasts are real. As we wrote in our review, there are other nude scenes with Sarah but the others are dark or blurry. Enemy is currently playing in select US cities.

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Will Heather Graham be naked on Californication?


Any info about Felicity Jones soon?


Hey, any info about Game of Thrones? Can we expected something from Emilia Clarke, Nathalie Emmanuel and Charlotte Hope? Thanks in advance for Your answer.


Hi, you posted a much better looking screencap (compared to the leaked vids) of Scarlett on the recapped twitter account. Is this just a promo or do you have your hands on the actual movie? Thanks in advance!


yes ,anything from UNDER THE SKIN....

i am dying here...thnx in advance man.


What about Emma Roberts in Palo Verde?


Palo Alto? No nudity.


any news on cameron diaz in sex tape? the trailer seems remotely hopeful.

did u really ask

no chance bro


id be very surprised. How many of these sex comedies actually contain nudity. Especially from the main cast! I'll live in hope though!


Any new news on possable Jennifer Lawrance nudity in Serena?


What about Jennifer Connelly in Aloft?


"The movie opens with beautiful shots of snow drifting across glaciers, then shots of Connelly's Nana delivering a piglet in a hog farm, and then an abrupt cut to her having rough sex with the farm's owner"

But I don't know how the scene will be or how long. I'm also looking for any clip on the Internet, but I've found nothing yet.


any info if emma watson will do is nude debut soon?


I have no inside information and this is pure speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised if Emma Watson got naked in her next film, titled "Regression." The director, Alejandro Amenabar, is renowned and makes slightly artsy films. He directed the Spanish language movie "Open Your Eyes" in which Penelope Cruz has a tremendous nude scene, the best of her career. And lately Emma has been giving interviews about signing onto "Regression" where she says she wants the director to "stretch her" as an actress and she says she's excited about taking on challenges she's never faced before in filming this movie - so that all bodes well for finally seeing Emma's titties.


any info about Knight of Cups (2014) ?