Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz

The wait is finally over for Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz. The first video below has Sarah Silverman, Michelle Williams, the other girl (Jennifer Podemski) and a lot of old women (you’ve been warned) full frontal nude in the shower. The other two videos also feature Michelle Williams stark naked while in the bathroom and while having sex. Now let the wait for the blu-ray begin. Hopefully it will have some deleted scenes and making-of featurettes.

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Download HD Video Sarah Silverman & Michelle Williams | Michelle Williams 1 | 2

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Be nice,they are human,I applaud there efforts...


Small boobs. Hairy genitals. Overweight...

What a disgusting mess.


sans good :-);-) 🙁 :-I :-> :-* 😀 :-Q 😛 :-S


Uuummm, I would bone Sarah to "Kingdom Cuuummm"!!! 😀 :p


A married woman loves her husband but that's not enough for her. So the thing to do is cheat on her husband with the neighbor, fuck her she's a whore. The sad thing this happens all the time.


According to an interview by Silverman on the Howard Stern Show she, Williams and Podemski did not use Merkins. All natural, Silverman even joked that she did a little home improvement before the shoot and may have trimmed a little more then she wanted.


I mean I could give a course on which areas to shave, cuz don't get me wrong my bush loving friends, a little bush "AROUND" the playing area never got stuck in my teeth or collected a sticky jizz lol real talk son


The whole pubic bush thing only matters in the business areas, too much hair can make for a mess.. And I wouldn't go down on a girl with a hairy beaver and hairy dirty bumwhole. Just to divolge some stuff that doesn't need to be said, I like my asshole eaten so I shave it. Bottom line lol


Seriously, what separates a women from a little girl, in part, is pubic hair....I don't want to see bald pussy, since it reminds me of when I was 10 and saw my girlfriend's the first time. Ladies out there...."REAL WOMEN HAVE HAIR." Plus, we love going through the bushes to get to the picnic!!


Finally I can die now that I've seen Sarah nude.

At least she doesn't have a shaved, pissed off, nasty clam face, and a bleached balloon knot.

Hair grows down there for a reason hairophobs.

Long live hairy pie.