Saralisa Volm Explicit Sex Scene from Hotel Desire

Here is mainstream German actress Saralisa Volm in an explicit sex scene from the short Hotel Desire. Hotel Desire also starts off with a nude Saralisa in the shower. You can see that scene courtesy of the director on Vimeo.

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Such a good and shows the real divine beauty of sex


Why are they so sweaty?


a body-double was used!


" Aber: Bei den harten Sex-Szenen sprangen Bodydoubles ein." from:

use googletranslate if needed ๐Ÿ˜‰


I doubt that a body double was used although it's difficult to tell from some of the intimate close ups. However many of the sexually explicit shots are clearly Saralisa and Clements, as there are several continuous shots covering their faces and genitals:- at 30:12 when he's fingering her clitoris; 31:27 when she is stroking his penis. For other explicit shots when not continuous there are some clear indications that it is Saralisa as the opening scene in the shower 1:17 shows a 10cm scar above her public hair and this scar is clearly visible at 30:56 in the cunnilingus scene.

What is not so obvious are the close up penetration shots 32:46 to 32:54 when body doubles could have been used but. if so, they were a very good match.

The interview with Clements is ambiguous about a body double but Saralisa has freely admitted in interviews that they had real sex for the film in a closed set lasting some 45 minutes.

On YouTube it has now clocked up over 8 million views.


yeah, but she didnt admit to doing the hard stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰
and on the interviews they didnt confirm that at all


100% bull crap, its Not real. She's getting payed you Fucking Morans! I think it's Stupid that they had to put REAL sex on that movie... Its not beautiful cuz SHE'S GETTING PAID. She does not love him!!!!


The main controversy is whether the movie is porn; and that's something difficult to define particularly as it can be culturally specific and standards change over time.

It's interesting that Youtube which claims it doesn't allow porn has been carrying the full movie this year and has had over 1.6 million hits.


hi everybody,

did you ever think that a movie is an addition of many short scenes of many persons could be involved as actor for a scene of two. ๐Ÿ˜‰

think about that LOL


This is not porn. She is a good sexy actress, not a whore! He used a condom, he didnt fill her vagina with his sperm, so it was not real sex.


Beautiful love scene. She and he did a great job putting it out for their craft for the world to judge.

If she is married, then my admiration for her is even more so, that she really gives herself to her art. For true art to succeed, the artist has to sacrifice their all, and she does in a most intimate and personal way.

Before judging her, please take a moment and think the number of ways you abandon or sacrifice your thoughts, emotions and ideas at work and compromise yourself and your values. I certainly would not call her a 'whore'. That's just shameful. Admire, judge less.

Kudos to her husband as well to not stand in her way and allow her to to be who she wants to be and how she displays her craft. Beautiful !


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