Scarlett Johansson Nude in Under the Skin

Here is quite possibly the nude scene of the year — Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin. In 1080p HD and unedited.

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Monica Calle in "Disquiet" -
Soon to be seen in Episode 2 of Morning Interim.
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She was kind of saggy here, but I think it was because she was out of shape. She wasn't necessarily old. It was filmed in 2012, so she was about 27.

The movie sucked but these scenes were decent. You really only get nudity in art house/independent and foreign movies nowadays.


LOOK! Black Widow! And this gave me nightmares.


the movie is shit.these are the only good parts.dont bother watching the rest




Eva green in sin city very sexy

10 has the full movie for free just type in under the skin


She's old and saggy anyway.

The girl in the opening scene who was also full frontal is way hotter.

The whiny most opinionated feminazi actresses always go nude when they hit 40+ because they want to pretend they're attractive like they were in their 20s when people actually were interested in seeing them naked, but hollywood has gone to shit...

It's funny how people cry 'full frontal is never necessary' but how that doesn't apply to the growing number of penis shots appearing in everything from comedy to action to horror to sexualized and this crappy film was no exception. So much dick, for less than 30 seconds of pussy...

I couldn't finish the movie without wanting to puke; not at the content but the realization that this is accepted by more than rejected....

And they STILL cry 'its not necessary to show a woman's vagina' while showing more and more penis....

Equality huh? Right... that word doesn't exist in human minds and it never will, especially with feminism running this 'civilization'