Sense8: The Series Finale Review

There is a big orgy to close out Sense8: The Series Finale.

Doona Bae and Jamie Clayton show breasts and butt, while Freema Agyeman and Zakia Asalache are topless. Good lighting, mostly slow motion, but all quick shots.

As usual, a few of the actresses leave their bras conspicuously on. Some butts from a few of the male actors. Did not see anything from Valeria Bilello since she’s not in that final scene.

The episode will be available on Netflix on Friday.

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Wondering if there’s any potential in the new horror series ordered by Hulu - “Light as a feather”. Cast just announced includes Liana Liberato, Haley Ramm and Peyton R List.


It's from AwesomenessTV, so doubt it. Though I guess they could expand their reach a bit, but they tend to aim for more of a Nickelodeon, or post-Nickelodeon audience. Start throwing nudity in there, and those teens in their target audience start getting left out.


Anything on Big Little Lies season 2? Especially Kathryn Newton?


Considering that she’s been brought up in the comments many times over the last couple years, I’m surprised Samara Weaving's nudity in Picnic at Hanging Rock hasn’t been mentioned yet (if I missed it, I apologize). It’s only ass nudity, but from the pics I’ve seen it does look like her. I haven’t seen an actual video yet though, so it could possibly be a body double


She does have nudes.


Now if only Rhiannon Fish could have nudes too...


Check out johnnymoronic’s site if you want video - not a body double thankfully


I love that kiss she had with Bella Thorne in The Babysitter (2017)." I think it's the second best mainstream lesbian kissing scene after Cruel Intentions (1999).


Any chance of Kate Mara showing anything in Pose on FX?


I have new news again 🙂 I watched Adrift a couple hours ago and Shailene is nude in a scene. She is sitting completely nude on the yacht, after 2 seconds she lied down and showed her boobs. To me, it was a good twist, because I didn't know that she has a nude scene in this movie.


Actually someone already mentioned abt the nudity on the previous post. Don't care much for Wood ley. But thanks anyways.


so do you see her fully nude or just boobs?


It got a PG-13 rating, highly doubt there'd be bush. Wait, I forgot, bush doesn't count as full frontal, so likely no labia anywhere to be seen.


I also saw it. Its a nice little surprise but it is very brief, and shot from kinda far away so its not too much to see, i tried getting a pic of it but theater quality you cant even really see anything.


Just boobs. I mean you can see her legs also, but they didn't show her bush or ass. Anyway, it was a good scene I think. I hope someone will take a photo, and share with us.


Thanks recapped! Shame about Tina. There’s also no nudity form Chelsea Rendon in the Vida finale as she said she’s not in it.


Anyone found any pics of Sophie Cookson in killer joe?


but not naked ones.
planning to see the play in August - if nothing has turned up by then, I may risk a little snapshot.


if it hasnt shown up by then, we would all much appreciate your service


Surprisingly easy to sneak some footage. I've kept my phone close to my chest near the front before and it's pretty discreet.


Should we start a go fund me for a really good small inconspicuous camera for you so you can take some great pics with a good seat? 🙂


Godspeed, brother!


First of all thanks MK for review and yay for orgy! Second, I did suspected Tina will not show anything, but really disappointed about Tuppence, cuz she's not shy from nudity (even in S8 itself).


Saw The Miseducation of Cameron Post. I'm sure lots of reports have already reached your ears but here's my low-down: Chloe Moretz has about 3 or 4 lesbian make-out/sex scenes, the best of which are with Quinn Shephard who shows her tits and Chloe briefly sucks a nipple before going down on her. Nothing in terms of T and A from Chloe herself, but there's definite willingness to do very adult, sexy material and I'm sure there'll be something in the next couple of years. Disappointingly, nothing in the movie from Sasha Lane, not even a sex scene with Chloe that the movie feels like it might be building to.


Do you actually get to see Chloe suck her nipple or is it obscure like Disobedience? I never thought I'd see Chloe do a scene like this yet.


Yeah, more of a mouth brushing over it sort of thing. Don't worry; she's only 21, plenty of time!


Is the oral sex off screen or do we actually see Chloe's head between Quinn's legs?


You know, remembering back, I think they don't get to full oral sex (it's a dream/memory that is interrupted by waking) but Chloe Moretz is between Quinn Shephard's legs, momentarily, for sure.


Thanks! Hope that the scene isn't too short


From Mr.Skin

(0:02) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard begin making out.

(0:05) Chloe Grace Moretz making out in the backseat with Quinn Shephard fingering her. Moretz has her panties taken down under her dress.

(0:21) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard making out. Moretz on top with Quinn Shephard’s left breast visible.

(1:00) Marin Ireland begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in a dream. Then Emily Skeggs
begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in bed and then fingering her. Both full clothed.


Can u share the download link if u found it online??


more likely at Sundance London festival, screened over the weekend


Is anyone keeping track of Kara Hayward? She filled out quite nicely:


Holy shit. I'd have run away from boy scout camp to be with her too.


"To the stars" recently wrapped, Nothing else on plate that has been announced.