Sense8: The Series Finale Review

There is a big orgy to close out Sense8: The Series Finale.

Doona Bae and Jamie Clayton show breasts and butt, while Freema Agyeman and Zakia Asalache are topless. Good lighting, mostly slow motion, but all quick shots.

As usual, a few of the actresses leave their bras conspicuously on. Some butts from a few of the male actors. Did not see anything from Valeria Bilello since she’s not in that final scene.

The episode will be available on Netflix on Friday.

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Wondering if there’s any potential in the new horror series ordered by Hulu - “Light as a feather”. Cast just announced includes Liana Liberato, Haley Ramm and Peyton R List.


It's from AwesomenessTV, so doubt it. Though I guess they could expand their reach a bit, but they tend to aim for more of a Nickelodeon, or post-Nickelodeon audience. Start throwing nudity in there, and those teens in their target audience start getting left out.


Anything on Big Little Lies season 2? Especially Kathryn Newton?


Considering that she’s been brought up in the comments many times over the last couple years, I’m surprised Samara Weaving's nudity in Picnic at Hanging Rock hasn’t been mentioned yet (if I missed it, I apologize). It’s only ass nudity, but from the pics I’ve seen it does look like her. I haven’t seen an actual video yet though, so it could possibly be a body double


She does have nudes.


Now if only Rhiannon Fish could have nudes too...


Check out johnnymoronic’s site if you want video - not a body double thankfully


I love that kiss she had with Bella Thorne in The Babysitter (2017)." I think it's the second best mainstream lesbian kissing scene after Cruel Intentions (1999).


Any chance of Kate Mara showing anything in Pose on FX?


I have new news again 🙂 I watched Adrift a couple hours ago and Shailene is nude in a scene. She is sitting completely nude on the yacht, after 2 seconds she lied down and showed her boobs. To me, it was a good twist, because I didn't know that she has a nude scene in this movie.


Actually someone already mentioned abt the nudity on the previous post. Don't care much for Wood ley. But thanks anyways.


so do you see her fully nude or just boobs?


It got a PG-13 rating, highly doubt there'd be bush. Wait, I forgot, bush doesn't count as full frontal, so likely no labia anywhere to be seen.


I also saw it. Its a nice little surprise but it is very brief, and shot from kinda far away so its not too much to see, i tried getting a pic of it but theater quality you cant even really see anything.


Just boobs. I mean you can see her legs also, but they didn't show her bush or ass. Anyway, it was a good scene I think. I hope someone will take a photo, and share with us.


Thanks recapped! Shame about Tina. There’s also no nudity form Chelsea Rendon in the Vida finale as she said she’s not in it.


Anyone found any pics of Sophie Cookson in killer joe?


but not naked ones.
planning to see the play in August - if nothing has turned up by then, I may risk a little snapshot.


if it hasnt shown up by then, we would all much appreciate your service


Surprisingly easy to sneak some footage. I've kept my phone close to my chest near the front before and it's pretty discreet.


Should we start a go fund me for a really good small inconspicuous camera for you so you can take some great pics with a good seat? 🙂


Godspeed, brother!


First of all thanks MK for review and yay for orgy! Second, I did suspected Tina will not show anything, but really disappointed about Tuppence, cuz she's not shy from nudity (even in S8 itself).


Saw The Miseducation of Cameron Post. I'm sure lots of reports have already reached your ears but here's my low-down: Chloe Moretz has about 3 or 4 lesbian make-out/sex scenes, the best of which are with Quinn Shephard who shows her tits and Chloe briefly sucks a nipple before going down on her. Nothing in terms of T and A from Chloe herself, but there's definite willingness to do very adult, sexy material and I'm sure there'll be something in the next couple of years. Disappointingly, nothing in the movie from Sasha Lane, not even a sex scene with Chloe that the movie feels like it might be building to.


Do you actually get to see Chloe suck her nipple or is it obscure like Disobedience? I never thought I'd see Chloe do a scene like this yet.


Yeah, more of a mouth brushing over it sort of thing. Don't worry; she's only 21, plenty of time!


Is the oral sex off screen or do we actually see Chloe's head between Quinn's legs?


You know, remembering back, I think they don't get to full oral sex (it's a dream/memory that is interrupted by waking) but Chloe Moretz is between Quinn Shephard's legs, momentarily, for sure.


Thanks! Hope that the scene isn't too short


From Mr.Skin

(0:02) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard begin making out.

(0:05) Chloe Grace Moretz making out in the backseat with Quinn Shephard fingering her. Moretz has her panties taken down under her dress.

(0:21) Chloe Grace Moretz and Quinn Shephard making out. Moretz on top with Quinn Shephard’s left breast visible.

(1:00) Marin Ireland begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in a dream. Then Emily Skeggs
begins kissing Chloe Grace Moretz in bed and then fingering her. Both full clothed.


Can u share the download link if u found it online??


more likely at Sundance London festival, screened over the weekend


Is anyone keeping track of Kara Hayward? She filled out quite nicely:


Holy shit. I'd have run away from boy scout camp to be with her too.


"To the stars" recently wrapped, Nothing else on plate that has been announced.


So nothing from Tina Desai eh?!?!? *sigh*


Nothing from Tuppence? That's a bad news. I think she is hottest actress in this show. I also like Tina Desai. I wonder why Indian actresses don't have nude scenes? Everyone (Tuppence, Donna etc) gets naked except Tina. I'd like to see her nude body.
I have two question: Will we see Amy Adams' nude body in Sharp Objects and Natalie Portman in Vox Lux?


Because Indian actresses have reservations about nudity those who have done recently are very very very few in number.
As for Tuppence Middleton,Even I am sad


My expectations were very low when it came to nudity from Tina. But if she was at least part of that orgy like in Season 2, that would've been a consolation.


She will be part of that Orgy no doubt as mentioned in post that few women were in bra


she showed some very briefly in the season 2 orgy scene.

but she's shown more in other things at least


And that's my problem - "in bra". In that season 2 orgy, she was naked, just not showing anything.


Any news about the new season of Power in July? So obsessed with Lela Loren


Me too.
But i am not expecting more.. Coz she and ghost Broke up.. Idk what will happen.. But i wanna see her..


Maybe she gets a new love interest. The trailer also shows her opening her door for ghost...


I must say, I have very low expectations for American film or television sex/nudity. For a few reasons, if I may indulge my opinion here.

#1. #Metoo: We are living in the era of the #MeToo movement, which suddenly makes nudity and sex scenes a possible bone (no pun intended) of contention. I am willing to bet there were several scrapped sex or nude scenes from Hollywood films in the last year following the scandals and revelations. We already know how many sex scenes get edited down post-filming. Hell, the festival film "Adrift" with Jennifer Connelly was much more graphic based on early reviews and the sex scenes were trimmed and edited down. Things like this were commonplace before everything that has happened the last few years.

#2. LGBT: While I have no problem with it, I personally tend to prefer straight male on female sex scenes. The focus on gay and lesbian scenes has definitely decreased the amount of films coming out regarding affairs between men and women and torrid sex scenes. On the foreign market you have a dramatic increase in gay themed films with little or no female sex or nudity. So instead of Rachel Weisz getting furiously humped on a couch (I Want You - 1998) or having a hot sneaky quickie in some barracks during WW2 (Enemy at the Gates - 2001), you wind up with clothed grinding and a quick spit scene into Rachel McAdams mouth. Steamy, sure, but honestly, I think the two previous ones were hotter.

#3. Period pieces/Science fiction: Be honest. Would you rather see Alexandra Daddario naked as she was in "True Detective", or quasi-naked in some big-budget sci-fi movie playing an artificial intelligence robot? Would you rather see Rachel McAdams naked in a movie taking place in medieval England, or getting furiously humped on a sofa modern day? I personally cannot stand period piece nude scenes. Game of Thrones, Legion, Sense8, all these strange
medieval, cerebral or science fiction fantasy type shows don't do anything for me. I like gritty realism. "Tell Me You Love Me" on HBO from 2007 is a good example of what I like. They were regular looking women in their 20s to their 40s with husbands and boyfriends and affairs. White bras and pantyhose and blue jeans getting ripped off. If they were all wearing strange rags from the 14th century there is no way in hell it would have been hot. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of TV shows are now doing that, and I find that to be of a much lesser quality.

#4. Sex Appeal: One reason I anticipate foreign films and TV shows way more than American ones is because the foreign sex is much more gritty, realistic, dramatic and hot. Imagine a film (I'm making this up), let's say it's a drama film from Argentina. It is unrated, makes the festival circuit and eventually comes out on DVD. It's about a middle aged plain but attractive woman (played by an Argentine actress) who has to raise her daughter and make a living on her own. During the course of the film, she begins a torrid affair with her daughter's male teacher. There might be graphic depictions of the woman being given oral, or getting humped hard, just really hot scenes. No music, no cutaways, no montages, no blue-hue lighting. Just an average looking woman having emotional and steamy sex. That film would be 30x hotter than any sex scene released on the American market today. The 50 Shades scenes wouldn't be able to hold a candle to it.

This was actually mentioned in a blog post in 2013: They note: "So yes, there are more naked women in French cinema, but that also means there are more women naked. I mean women of all sorts – not just the young, Hollywood bodies we see in American films and music videos. When nudity is an expectation for all actors, all actors are nude. And when all actors are nude, nudity becomes far more realistic. I can’t imagine an American audience watching a less-than-perfect or older figure having a nude sex scene on camera. And while many of us may justify our aversion as an aversion toward hyper-sexuality or nudity in general, I believe that it’s actually an aversion to uncommercial sexuality. That is, a sexuality that benefits the subject instead of an audience."

Anyways, that's just my two cents. I'm curious what everyone else thinks.


stop posting this shit. not one person could possibly care about your two cents.


It's worse to whine about it. If some people want to discuss it, let them. If they want to discuss it again, let them do it again. And if they feel the need to express themselves again about the same thing, it is their prerogative. NO ONE in forcing you to read or engage in any conversation you don't want.


shut up retard.


They will never stop. Just the same comments on every post until the end of time.


I would add to this, if Weinstein/me too happened in the 90s, for example, it would be probably a bit different content wise. Today we have an enormous number of content options, and the content demand is absolutely huge. it has to be diverse. It is inconceivable to me to think that nearly all of it will be reduced to, essentially PG-13, from a sex/skin standpoint. And no way will it be long lived. People truly are freakin clueless in this business.

That being said, that nude scene from the honor list. that’s a very rare situation going on for a pg-13 movie. What those actresses did was pretty out there. it’s about context. a different type of nudity, in my opinion. All written and directed and produced by women and they basically do a striptease completely nude in front of a full gymnasium and a group of actual 13-year-old girls. people in the crowd are recording it. no cgi, all real according to her interview. friggin hell. i was like ... dang. ballsy stuff.


Many of movies and TV shows we are STILL seeing now, most of them, all were through production, basically pre-weinstein/metoo. Still now. And given the dramatic downturn of screen nudity the past 6 months.. it seems obvious that all kinds of movies and TV scenes have been self-censored. We will never know the fill extent of this. Some good tests to look at will be, I Am Not A Bird.. I'm skeptical. My guess is, a very heavy hand is being used in editing. Others to look at will be the new season of SMILF and the second coming season of Altered Carbon. Let's see how those all look. They will, in a way, be an interesting gauge, I think, of what to expect in the coming few years.

The conversation in our society right now is being controlled by the "fringe". Basically, an angry, a bit clueless and rather delusional 15%. The sad part is, MEN, particularly younger men, are totally being indoctrinated into this mob mentality. What Hollywood is basically being forced to do is cater to the fringe and cater to religious right people, for example. Catherine Deneuve's criticism of metoo, as it pertains to artistic freedom, is 100% correct. Those 100 French women are not stupid, naive or clueless like so many people working on film and TV are in this country. Low IQs. Anyway, Hollywood is having to cater to this regressive, near extremist-type mentality. Sad but true. Many young women in this country are just not able to understand this, for whatever reason. And right now the intelligent people, even women, of Hollywood are silenced. Nobody can say jack crap about how oppressive and idiotic this mob is/wants to be. Not right now, anyway. However, this will not last. I totally agree with Sexscenelover. At some point the pendulum will swing back to "normality." 5 or so years from now I suspect nobody will be talking much about metoo. It will have run it's course, so to speak. People are already getting so sick of it. And it’s not even just, what’s its doing to men. It's so clearly not about helping real "victims"... it's about creating them, as often as possible. That is quite obvious and will not last. That being said, no doubt some permanent changes in the entertainment landscape will have been made but I would assume these changes will just result in less, or much less frequent, “sexually explicit" material in mainstream movies and TV.. not necessarily less nudity. Probably no more camera pans up and down a woman’s naked body, for example. IMO, all the producers/writers/directors need to do is simply think harder about how nudity is to be done. Make it less sexual, more relevant and create stories where it really does add at least a little something to the story. That’s not very hard to do, people! Metoo doesn't have to mean nudity and sex needs to always be brief, dark, chaste, whatever from now on. They just need to "think!" The scary part to me there is, sorry to say.. most people who work in Hollywood, this includes producers and directors, are NOT particularly intelligent thinkers. This I can assure you. Some of these directors and producers are, and I'm not exaggerating, dumb as bricks.

At the end of the day.. entertainment is about the marketplace. What does it want? And to think the audience didn't really want Game Of Thrones, Power, Altered Carbon, etc.. is nonsense. People loved it.. just as it was.


The religious right? They've been around as a political force for decades and Hollywood has never really given a shit. MeToo is not a right leaning movement. Quite the opposite. Hollywood is not a right leaning group. Quite the opposite. If MeToo is having an impact, and I think it is, Hollywood isn't being forced to do anything. They're eating their own.


I agree. But my point was to say.. although not what they prefer or wish, any producers/writers who 'suddenly' feel female sexuality should be, more or less, temporarily or permanently, put back in the closet like it's 1953 again, are indeed giving the religion right exactly why they want.

I was recently speaking to a micro indie producer, a young guy who was doing low budget exploitation cinema.. even this guy now has an attitude like shower scenes, for example, shouldn't even exist anymore. He said Orange is the New Black is the new women in prison, exploitation approach. I had to explain to this idiot that it's two entirely different markets, as if he forgot all of sudden. He didn't forget. He's indoctrinated! We talked about the upcoming women in prison, exploitation film by James Bickert called, Amazon Hot Box.. he said those shouldn't be and won't be made anymore! As if the market for sexploitation or soft erotica has suddenly vanished.

It's ignorant! Total indoctrination into regressive attitudes that please the most extreme thinkers in our society, is what I'm saying. Totally unnecessary attitudes. And we should even ignore the actual entertainment marketplace demands? Weird.


Giving into the idea that depictions of sexuality is bad, negative, wrong, I'm saying. That pleases the religious right. I'm not saying they are actively trying to do this.. I'm saying what Deneuve said.. that regardless, it's an appeasement of such attitudes. Indeed, it is.


So, giving into MeToo is, in reality, giving into the religious right? No. If there is, or will be, a curb in nudity, the religious right will have nothing to do with it.


TL;DR: Dani wants more women getting banged on couches. Fair enough we all have our thing.


In regards to #3, hell yea I would like to see Daddario as a naked cyborg. I am actually that opposite of your opinion. I wish there was more nudity in genre entertainment, especially the big budget Hollywood kind. I also think those period pieces like Versailles have some of the sexist nude scenes.


lol I meant "sexiest" nude scenes. Don't worry I haven't switched sides.


You can put me down for more naked cyborgs as well. Particularly of the AD variety. Or just her getting naked in whatever kind of movie she wants. She can just stand there and read the phone book naked for two hours.


Those denying that MeToo is and/or will affect celebrity nudity are in denial (no pun intended). Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of outliers (e.g. JLaw in Red Sparrow), but all the shrieking, scribbling SJWs have already changed the culture at premium cable channels, which is where nudity went after it left the movies.

Lesbian sex scenes are definitely much more “P.C.” and while they can be hot, in general, I prefer to see a woman f***ed by a man. Lesbian sex scenes can also be very, uh, not hot.

I don’t mind nudity in period pieces at all, though I do prefer it in more modern contexts. Most of my favorite nude scenes are modern, come to think of it.

I don’t much care for “realistic” sex scenes, especially quasi-porno stuff like Blue is the Warmest Color, Nymphomaniac, and Below Her Mouth. I mean, if I want porn, I’ll watch porn. What is it that makes sex scenes different from and/or better than porn?


I agree, I'm not talking the fully nude in a bed sex scenes. But something along the lines of Sonya Walger in "Tell Me You Love Me" or Holly Hunter's eager car sex scene in "Crash". I like the stripping or eagerness of sex. If a scene switches straight into the middle of full naked sex, it isn't as good. Infact, some non-nude sex scenes are hotter than fully nude ones, in my opinion.


The reason there are arguments on this subject is because people like you say things like "scribbling SJWs have already changed the culture at premium cable channels" when there is no real evidence to say that. Let's be honest, you are talking about two shows when you say that, West World and Game of Thrones. Both of those shows have real reasons both in the shows universe and outside of it for why nudity is down and those reasons have nothing to do with the Me Too movement.


"There's no real evidence to say that" is a bit of an overstatement. I mean, maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, but like, there is plenty of evidence that feminists have influenced the culture in this regard. This has been an ongoing trend for years, but MeToo really accelerated it. It's easy to forget just how much T&A there used to be on premium cable in the mid 2000s and early 2010s. The way SexSceneLover laid it out is correct: the fringey bloggers and podcasters bitch about female nudity, which prompts mainstream journalists to constantly ask about it, which makes the actresses and directors self-conscious and uncomfortable. The cycle is driving the spike in male full-frontal nudity. The whole thing is astroturfed.

Personally, Westworld was worthless to me nudity-wise. Thandie Newton got naked the most, and she's not really worth looking at anymore. Plus all of the nudity was in such an unsexy context. I might as well watch women breastfeed or get mammograms. Probably not a popular opinion here, but whatever.


The evidence is that as critics and cultural commenters start to criticize such content there has been less of it. They also started demanding more male nudity and there as been a significant rise in graphic male nudity. This is not a coincidence. The executives and creatives in the industry are very influenced by this mentality. In regards to premium cable it is certainly not just Westworld and GoT unless you don't remember what premium cable used to be like. Though Westworld is a good example. Years ago there is no way HBO would allow what they are hoping to be their next big thing virtually eliminate female nudity in its 2nd season. There is also no way if GoT or Boardwalk Empire premiered today they would feature the prevalence of female nudity that their early seasons had because they would get tons of criticism for it.

However, I will agree this is not a Metoo thing. It was already trending this way but the MeToo stuff most likely made it worse. Complain about the people who feel the need consistently bring it up and write essays about this in the comments section but don't be in denial and think that the constant criticism of female nudity in TV/Film has no influence in what we what we see.


There you people go again stating hypothetical like facts. There is no evidence for claims like "Years ago there is no way HBO would allow what they are hoping to be their next big thing virtually eliminate female nudity in its 2nd season." or "There is also no way if GoT or Boardwalk Empire premiered today they would feature the prevalence of female nudity that their early seasons had because they would get tons of criticism for it". People are just ignoring the long history of shows on premium cable that had little or no nudity. For every Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire that had plenty of female nudity, there is a show like The Wire or The Newsroom that had very little to no nudity.


Yep, the first thing is this. Whenever a huge sex scene came on, these puritanical critics would come out and criticize and bash the show for including it. Then, they would have entertainment news people come out and keep asking the actresses about it over and over again. Its why I believe that Maggie Gyllenhaal will in her contract negotiations, draw down her sex scenes in The Deuce next season. Lets be real, many of these folks are closet pervs asking them constantly about it definitely does not make them willing.

The second, is as I stated above, contract re-negotiations. In the first season of a show, is always, ALWAYS has the most sex scenes filmed. After those scenes, which we already hear are tough due to the environment they are done in and the discomfort between actors and actresses at times, add in being asked about it by Entertainment jamokes constantly, they will do everything they can to haggle the rate of what is shown, how long it is, how vigorous it is, or if they will even do one at all. I mean, this has been prevalent before #MeToo happened, but in recent years, there has been a noticeable drop.

And #MeToo HAS had an effect. I mean, shows that would have a bunch of sex in it are found to have even darkened the content, digitally altered the nudity, or just full on cut the sex scenes due to the controversy. Directors that were savants at making these scenes have pulled back, due to the fact they don't want to be "Harvey Weinsteined" (Lets be real, it wasn't just Weinstein doing what he did either.) Then, you've got these "Intimacy Directors" now on set. Mostly women. And a lot of these directors and male actors don't want to deal with them probably, messing up the vision. They would rather scrap it and not go through the hassle of that. I'd say #MeToo is gonna be around for at least until 2019 or 2020, when people are probably gonna slowly creep back to doing sex scenes and not stripping them out and probably fighting the intrusion of "intimacy directors" on set. Plus, ratings certainly will play a role. With premium cable channels droughting out those scenes, their ratings will probably plummet a little. I mean, if you can see more nudity on TNT and FX than HBO and Starz, whats the point of paying that extra money when you can see it on basic cable.

Its why before I stated that foreign films and television shows are probably where the bulk of nudity will be. And I'm not just talking about France and Germany either. If you dig deep into countries like Latvia and Croatia, you can find some obscure films loaded with sex and nudity. Brazil, Argentina and Chile also have had high sex and nudity in them. Its time we look there for most of it, because we're gonna be in a drought for a while.


I should note that I also agree, as previously stated, this was already happening prior to #Metoo but I think that exacerbated it.

The whole lack of nudity after the early episodes or seasons thing is also disturbing. Rogue was touted as having "graphic sex and nudity". It did the first season. Then the following three had very little sex or nudity.

I'm hopeful for FX series Snowfall, which had some hot sex scenes. Season 2 begins in July.


Didn't expect honestly anything in finale but this is great.Only Sad part , nothing from Tuppence Middleton


Rachel B. Joyce @ "I'm Dying Up Here" s02e05


So much effort in blocking the nudity as much as they can.


Rachel B. Joyce topless as a stripper in S2E5 of I'm Dying Up Here.
Episode opens with Ari Graynor post-coital, but she shows nothing. Just as well, as she's starting to resemble Seinfeld's mother.


Love how that one guy a few posts ago was like “there will be no orgies, this is the series finale. It will just be high-paced action.” Like they expected it to be nothing like the rest of the show and it was just a 2 hour action scene that just didn’t stop or something.


I absolutely expected an orgy at the end of the finale. In fact I was counting on it. Dunno abt the others


As if rest of the show was 75% nudity when it actually wasn't especially in Season 2


But you were wrong.


Anything from Above Suspicion?


Way to go out with a gangbang!


Thanks mk! Wasn't expecting any nudity so this is great news.


Good to see you again, mk!