September 10, 2018 Rumors

We’ve only seen a couple of TIFF films but nothing of note.

Sienna Miller does a dance routine in her underwear in American Woman.

Alexa Demie is in her underwear in Mid90s.

And from Venice, we were wrong about there being nudity from Aisling Franciosi in The Nightingale. There are some graphic rape scenes involving Aisling so it is probably better this way. The only nudity is from Magnolia Maymuru who wears a top that doesn’t cover her right breast.

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(0:53) Keira Knightley kisses Eleanor Tomlinson which leads to some making out.
(0:56) Breasts on Eleanor Tomlinson when Keira Knightley unbuttons her top. A montage of sex ensues but don’t see much more skin other than bare shoulders on Keira as Eleanor goes down on her.
(1:09) Left breast on WOMAN in a bathtub using the “Claudine” soap.
(1:14) Denise Gough and Keira Knightley having sex with their clothes on. Some kissing at the end.
(1:20) Keira Knightley in a ballerina outfit.
(1:24) Keira Knightley in a sexy mummy costume on stage at the Moulin Rouge. She does a dance routine and then kisses Denise Gough at the end.
(1:30) A guy tears open Keira Knightley’s top as part of the show exposing her left breast


(0:51) Gemma Arterton kisses Elizabeth Debicki

(1:06) Elizabeth Debicki kisses Gemma Arterton and they begin making out. Gemma then fingering Elizabeth under the blanket. Both have their nightgowns on.

(1:11) Gemma Arterton in bed has her hand over the right breast of Elizabeth Debicki. She then removes it exposing her right breast. Then we may get a quick flash of Arterton’s left breast which then becomes pressed against Debicki.

Vita and Virginia


AnnaSophia Robb has joined Joey King in the new Hulu series The Act. So it begs an obvious question. 🙂


What is it about?


Seeing as your google is down. "The Act is a seasonal anthology series that tells startling, stranger-than-fiction true crime stories. The first season is based on Dean’s 2016 Buzzfeed article “Dee Dee Wanted Her Daughter To Be Sick, Gypsy Wanted Her Mom To Be Murdered.” It follows Gypsy Blanchard (King), a girl trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her overprotective mother, Dee Dee. Her quest for independence opens a Pandora’s box of secrets, one that ultimately leads to murder."


Any news in “her smell”? From ashley benson...


Has miseducation of Cameron post appeared online to watch yet?


Review needed for Indian movie 'Love Soina'?


Movie is releasing in India this week.Chances of nudity are very remote


I saw Love Sonia at a screening recently. Sorry to disappoint you but there is no nudity from any of the leading ladies. There is a brothel scene though wherein we get fleeting glances of few naked extras, but yeah, no nudity from lead actors as such nor a sex scene actually.


Naked extras is even a surprise but more or less no nudity was expected.Where do you watch screening??
Indian or Foreign??
There may have beene remote possibility of nudity in international versions as opposed to Indian versions


Tell It to the Bees:

Oscar winner Anna Paquin (below) bares boobs and buns while making out with co-star Holliday Grainger at the 52-minute mark in this British drama!

Weird no mention of nudity from Grainger, but glad to finally see Anna Paquin finally nude in a lesbian scene.


Boobs and buns.Hopefully one ear shot of her butt this time around


Anna has a great ass so my fingers are crossed for a shot like Helena Bonham Carter's ass in Wings Of A Dove.
Pity Holiday doesn't show anything. She's probably one who's going to be a nudity dodger.


Holliday has done nudity in the past. This doesn't mean she'll do nudity now or in the future though of course if that's what you mean.


Guessing she doesn't really show anything?


Maybe something in the bath scene, probably not

(0:47) Holliday Grainger lowers herself into a bathtub naked. (If anything there may have missed it. Worth another look.)
(0:52) Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger making out. Each get down to their undergarments. We will see breasts and buns on Anna Paquin.
(0;55) Holliday Grainger cleavage lying in bed with Anna Paquin.
(1:30) Undergarment and legs on Holliday Grainger as a guy tries to attack her.
(1:38) One final good smooch between Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger

PS - thumbs up for the posting guidelines - nice to know where we stand


Does the make out scene involve cunnilingus ?


Recapped, the Spanish Netflix series Élite is set for an October 5 release. Do you know something about Danna Paola? Her character is named "Lu". Here in Mexico is running a rumour about her having a nude scene, but the media here tends to exaggerate. Thanks



(0:10) Some peekdown cleavage on Lady Gaga as she lies on the bar singing.
(0:32) Lady Gaga in little shorts.
(0:46) Lady Gaga in just panties and some great cleavage in bed with Bradley Cooper. Looks like we just miss seeing breasts.
(0:48) Distant robe upskirt on Lady Gaga being pulled onto the bed.
(0:48) Lady Gaga lying in bed on her side in just a shirt.
(0;54) Nice Lady Gaga cleavage on bus.
(1:05) Lady Gaga in shorts then bathtub showing brief left breast in a bubble bath with Cooper.
(1:22) Cleavage on Lady Gaga
(1:30) Lady Gaga stands up in the bathtub. It’s a quick edit so may be a shot of breasts when she does then there appears to be a couple frames of her standing full frontal in the tub before the door slams.
(2:00) Quick bra on Lady Gaga doing a costume change backstage.

Gaga details


Thanks! Sounds more like brief nudity.


I'll never understand the complaints of gratuitous nudity. Movies are about fulfilling our deepest desires and transporting us to a world different from our own. That's why we watch impossible action sequences, ideal romantic pairings, and incisive historical reenactments. And that's why or most famous actors are in unbelievable shape and have perfect faces. Nudity just fulfills another base desire that makes movies so appealing. Is nudity gratuitous? Unnecessary? Excessive? Yes! Yes! Yes! And just like every other detail that detracts us from our mundane lives, nudity is awesome.

And I'm a dyed-in-the-wool social-Justice warrior. There's nothing wrong with admiring naked bodies and I can't wait until the rest of society wakes up to that truth.


Preach that at your next march or sit in, regardless of the cause, and see how long you're allowed to stay in the club.


I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the human race, but complaining is one of our top 5 hobbies.


From Mr.Skin

Andie MacDowell's daughter Margaret Qualley goes nude twice in this flick. First, we get a look at her buns as she rides a guy in a chair at the 23-minute mark, then she goes full frontal at the 68-minute mark when emerging from a stream!


Did anybody see this? Bush, shaved, merkin???


Best news this year


Is it just me thinking this, or is there a definate trend towards more "known actresses" doing lesbian scenes in movies these days?
Can't wack a couple of hot Hollywood stars getting it on and I'd die a happy man to see Jessica Alba snog the fave of another hottie.


It’s more politically correct.

“Okay in this scene we want full-frontal nudity, simulated oral and vaginal sexual intercourse, with heavy thrusting and morning, and close-up well-lit shots of everything.”
“Absolutely not! That’s degrading!”
“It’s lesbian.”
“I’m in!”


oh it’s a lot simpler than that. lesbian film = lead role, top billing for the actress.


If I could +1 this post a hundred times, I would.


There does seem to be more lesbian-themed movies out there atm....


I don't know if you've already seen this, but here you have around 50 nude photos of the new Kendall Jenner (the only one I like of that "clan") photoshoot.


Russel James has a shoot with Adriana Lima in the same exhibition and same book , nobody have the pictures ?


If you want, you can spend $1500 on a book and tear it apart to make some good scans (400+ pages iirc). There are a some photos on Instagram though, but the quality is terrible.


There's some strange photoshopping in those pictures. Most notably, In the fourth to last picture (her on a horse), you can see her bikini bottom on her right hip but on her left hip it is photoshopped bare.


haley pullos in no good deed?


It's probably a TV movie for Lifetime.


Please no need to get pissed off. Just desperately wondering when will My Days Of Mercy be available for viewing? Was released way back in 2017, can't find nothing for a release date. Anyone?


Unless the facebook site posts an update for the first time in six months, at the moment the only places it’s being screened are LGBT film festivals around the world.

Someone took this pic at the Mix Festival in Milan.


thnx aneewai


So this movie actually does exist? Maybe we’ll see it in another decade or so. Probably not, though.


What!? THAT'S the pic someone snapped!?


It was a PR person posting about the film and the festival, not a perv like us.


Well, as long as it keeps making the rounds at LGBT festivals, maybe I'll get a chance to see it. Shame there's not a discreet way to take pictures/videos in a theater.


It was first screened in 2017. It has not been released yet. And no. We don't know anything other than a couple more festival dates.


Viena and the Fantomes is "coming soonish" according to the production company:

View this post on Instagram

#VienaandtheFantomes 📹 #analog#80s#comingsoonish

A post shared by Lola Pictures (@_lolapictures_) on


Excellent news! I know the rumor was that, even though they finished shooting the film years ago, the director never edited it together. Sounds like the production company finally put the darn thing together. With Woods, Kravitz, and Fanning, I'm hoping we get some decent nudity.

My bet is they forgo a theatrical release and this goes straight to VOD.


Trailer, to refresh people's memories.


I hope they keep all the good parts unedited.


What has been rumored about this film? Dakota Fanning nude? A lesbian scene between Evan Rachel Wood and Fanning? Please refresh my memory. It has been a long while since anything was last mentioned about this film.


There has been rumors of Dakota Fanning nudity from the start and the trailer supports that or at least that she has a few sex scenes with potential for nudity. For me, I'm just a big Dakota fan and have been wanting to see this movie since the trailer first came out years ago. I hate when movies are shelved and never released. A decade ago I can understand as tape or disc costs to release had to be paid for but, today with digital streaming, release it through iTunes or something similar and let people enjoy the movie regardless of what critics and reviewers think.


What good parts, and how will you be able to tell if anything’s been cut? All that has been seen of the film is the leaked trailer. Nothing has ever been confirmed.


I'm not gonna start holding my breath as it has been coming "soonish" since 2014 but, miracles can happen and I have been dying to see this movie! Thanks for the update!


@Tommy - yass, that's the news I've been waiting to hear!!


Wondering if there are any rumours about Zoey Deutch in “Richard Says Goodbye”, Wayne Roberts’ new film. Was screened in private at TIFF and now has a distributor.


re Cobie Smulders in “Alright Now”

about 30 mins in - the scene from the trailer with her on bed in black undies. Nothing else seen.

about 70 mins in - Cobie and Emily Atack briefly dancing about in undies. Nothing else seen.

Only had a very quick skim thru but I think that’s all. She’s in the shower at one point in a white top that goes a bit see-thru, but I think she had something on underneath.


Never Look Away formerly known as Werk Ohne Autor is playing at Tiff after its premiere at Venice. Its supossedly packed with nudity. Paula Beer was topless in the trailer and some other actresses. Can someone review the nudity?


The director Von Dommersmack(oscar winner for the mastepiece The Lives of Others and also of one of the worst films The Tourist) is under fire for havong so much nudity in the film!!! which is great for us as the cut is final. One german review i just read says the main heorine played by the cute Paula Beer is nude all the time in the third act. seems awesome


Sucks to read about Aisling Francoisi.
Hopefully she will deliver someday in future,was excited about her potential nude scene
Also not expecting her to go nude in game of thrones season 8 flashback scenes either (Will be more than happy if proved wrong).


Any idea if Munn's cut Predator scene involved nudity?


It did not invole nudity. The scene was Munn's character getting hit on by some sleazy dude.


No, it didn’t.


There wasn't nudity in the rating before it was taken out so I would say probably not.


This escaped my notice when the news was revealed but recently I remembered the planned movie about Russ Meyer, famous sexpliotation director who made movies with very busty women, staring Will Farrell. I decided to look up if that was shooting or finished. I had a feeling it might have been effected by the Weinstein scandal and it turns out I was right. They had the green light but after the Weinsten news broke the studio called off the film. Same thing happened to the Playboy movie that was planned with Jared Leto.


According to that article, the director and the two stars of the Meyer movie thought it wasn't the right time and so backed out. The producer didn't seem as reluctant -- but when your director and 2 stars walk away, so does your green light. Leto's Playboy movie didn't get going cos of the accusations against the movie's producer/director. There were also rumors flying around about Leto past behaviour.


Mmm... yummy.


There hasn't been a question about 'I'm Not A Bitd' for at least a day, so....

Another one never mentioned on here.
Deidre Hall who plays Marlena in Days Of Our Lives. Well old now but what a beautiful, elegant, sexy woman she was in her prime!
I loved that show! Pure, silly escapism!


Thanks for informations and so sad about no nudity from Aisling - she was the one I was looking forward the most to see naked from your new year preview.


Well, that is a huge fucking bummer about Lyanna Stark. Wish you didn’t get my hopes up.