September 2, 2018 Rumors

Rumor is Lucy Fry has been cast in The Godfather of Harlem on Epix. Lucy is set to play the head mobster’s daughter who is sleeping with the enemy. The character has a sex scene in the pilot script.

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A Simple Favor's MPAA rating says "some graphic nude images" so it does seem like we'll see Blake Lively naked in the painting but nothing else.


Anything from that new Mayans show?


any word if Claire Foy gets naked in "the girl in the spider's web"? trailer suggests several nude scenes including a shower scene and a lesbian hookup


My cable is out so I can’t check out The Purge tonight.


You didn't miss anything - very tame threesome


Not even slight butt crack from Lili like Alex DD gave us in her scene in AHS?


Speaking of Alex.
I've now got the Bereavement DVD to go with True Detective which I also just bought. In my opinion at her best she's as close to perfection as you can get.


There's a directors cut Blu-Ray coming out in October. Run-time is 110 minutes compared to 103 of previous version and it comes with deleted scenes too. Might not show anything of interest but you never know...


Get a blu ray.


Maybe a very very briefly butt from kinda above from Lili when she's on Hannah, Hannah showed briefly one buttcheek. Overall just implied nudity (dude showed butt for like 1 sec) but lots of kissing, touching all over naked body etc.


I was reading someone's comment few days ago...plz tell me about the deleted Scarlette Johansson's nude scene in the island


Here's what Michael Bay said: "You know the situation - the famous director gets called to the actor's trailer before she does the love scene. I'm like, here we go. I'm ready to do Ewan and Scarlett's love scene. I'm like, 'Oh my God, she's not going to come out.' She says, 'I'm not fucking wearing this cheap-ass black bra, okay? I'm going naked.' I'm like, 'Scarlett, you can't go naked. It's a PG-13.' Classic story, She's feisty, I must say."

Scarlett had this take on it, which had nothing to do with the love scene, but the scene after. "Women don’t normally sleep in a bra. I can’t wake up in this scene wearing a bra, it’s ridiculous! Why don't they just put a sheet over me?"

Now which story sounds better to sell a movie?


She offered to go nude, but the director said it wasn't necessary.


And thus this is why we film buffs loathe Michael Bay and Scar-Jo 3:16 hasn't said any kind words about him years after that piece of shit film came out.


It wasn't deleted - it wasn't even filmed.


Producer Gary Michael Walters said in a deleted tweet awhile back that "Vox Lux" is perhaps his most controversial movie to date - and is coming from a guy who was involved with "The Neon Demon." It's probably not as weird, but edgier and more offensive. There will be reactions tomorrow from the Venice film festival.

If it's really that edgy and offensive, I'm frankly surprised that Natalie Portman is involved.


It's called "hyping".


When a director starts hyping their new movie like that, it sounds like they know they've laid a Turkey.


The big question is - Does Nat get her kit off?


Not likely ...


Talking about deleted scenes that WAS filmed. You know that there was a scene with Natalie topless on closer but she wasn't feeling comfortable about it after so the director of the film Mike Nichols (RIP) removed the scene. He said that no one ever will watch it.


Do you have any info on the serie "when the street lights go on" with the nude scene with Nicola PELTZ topless in the car at the beguining of the épisode? When the pilot episode will release?


I thought that rumored nude scene was debunked a while ago?


Yes we know, but how is it possible or when we can watch the pilot episode?


You know but you mention it anyway? HULU gave the pilot a greenlight and 20 months after its debut at Sundance there's been no news of it going to series. It's not getting released.


Oh please Recapped, just end my misery and say if we will see Margarita Levieva nude again in the second season of Deuce again or not... 🙂 It will be hard to wait 9 weeks to find that out (in the worst case). Just simple yes or no would do, please? 🙂


I'm betting heavily on the series following the trend of not giving as much or any nudity 2nd season ... (ppl are hooked already no need to use bait)


Nudity isn’t bait when it is integral to the story. The show is literally about the porn industry. I‘m fairly confident there will be nude scenes especially since, ya know, all of the episodes have been rated for nudity and strong sexual content...


I'm hoping for some nudity by Kim Director this season.


Today is the release date (VOD) for Milf, movie starring Marie-Josée Croze (and others) that should contain nudity and sex. Any news about that?


Charlie/Defoe posted caps on his website. 2nd, 3rd and 5th one:


The site has limited bandwidth, that's why I didn't want to post the link. If the link wasn't posted on a public board, it's precisely because of that.


It's mostly tits and ass from the three leads (Crozes, Virginie Ledoyen and Axelle Lafont). They disrobe to take a midnight bath, but they're silhouetted in the dark, and you only see some real skin when they're in front of the car headlights before and after the bath.
Lafont and Crozes both get a sex scene. The one for Crozes, which is actually more of a conversation in bed, is quite dark, she shows some breasts, and that's all.


I dont have caps but the whole movie is up here


The source I have will put them online on Friday.