September 23, 2018 Rumors


There is a rumor some polish actress was cast as Renfri in The Witcher series. Do you maybe know who it is and if the role calls for nudity?

If this is the role of Riley, yes the casting call does state nudity required. However we’re hearing that a British actress has been cast. In fact, most of you will probably be quite pleased since she’s been mentioned in the comments several times. We’ll try to get more confirmation and then post who it is.

Wondering if there is any nudity in Charlie Says, Mary Harron’s manson girl film starring Hannah Murray

Haven’t seen this but believe Kayli Carter is topless during some parade-like scene with other hippies. Hannah Murray might also be topless in a scene with Manson.

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I'm guessing there's less than a 1% chance Isla Fisher gets naked in The Beach Bum but I'm crossing my fingers. There are some random tits in the trailer, maybe the finished movie will be chock full of nudity.


Harmony Korine, director of Beach Bum is a guy who made Spring Breakers back in 2012. I know we have different political climate today but Spring Breakers was nice when it comes to nudity.


*crosses fingers* Stefania Owen. Not likely, but hey, i can dream.


Any news on Assassnation Nation?


As Apollo said, there's no nudity. But there are a lot of really hot scenes. One of the main themes is that women own their sexuality, and all four protagonists (one of which is transgender) dress and act provocatively.


Nothing. Trust me. There’s some almosts with a trans girl who is kinda mannish, and I didn’t wanna look any closer than that. Solid, badass, intense movie, but don’t see it with that in mind


Thanks for the info Recapped. Do you know if we can expect any nudity from The Romanoffs?


A follow up to a post I made a few weeks back (again, not nudity related)...
The cast of the Birds of Prey movie has been finalized and it looks like Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollet-Bell are getting the roles of Huntress and Black Canary (as opposed to the rumours of Daddario and Lively). MEW is a personal fave, and Jurnee isnt bad at at all. Looking forward to this.


I hope Daddario gets Batgirl TBH.


I'd rather see her not get stuck in a PG-13 franchise.


If it’s a franchise that’s spaced out, it keeps her around for a while and gives her leverage to choose other projects instead of being forced to job.


I imagine she joined the B movie horror cos the role offers something different to what she's done before.


Maybe “forced” is the wrong word. “Feel compelled” is probably more appropriate. I mean she gets her first producing gig yet she still abruptly joins a B horror flick out of nowhere. I get she’s unlikely to get an Oscar, but getting a franchise that’s successful and well received can get her some leverage as well.

Also, part of me thinks she wasn’t all that happy about how her part in Baywatch turned out. I mean why did those morons think Priyanka Chopra playing a non-lifeguard villain be a bigger selling point than Alexandra Daddario in the red swimsuit?


Alex is being "forced to job"
You're making it sound a bit grim. Alex is not a future Oscar winner. She's a "jobbing actor' like 99% of actors in Hollywood. I think she's doing very well for herself carving out a nice little career, getting plenty of work and earning good money doing something she loves. I would bet she's very happy with her lot!


More like Power Girl


They won’t do Power Girl.


If AD was Power Girl, I'd do her.


Emily Ratajkowski in Cruise?


Any news about I Medici? The trailer shows some interesting hint about sex, but will we have nude scenes?


Was Friday's Child mentioned anywhere before? Anything from Imogen Poots?


no nudity in that one


A somewhat HD Cam copy of London Fields (Amber Heard movie) is available online


Ginger Gonzaga was topless on Kidding


Totally bald. I can't jerk off with that.


She still has titties.


I'm sorry. I think bald works on some women.


Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina.
She's a rare exception tho!


Any news on Susan Sarandon in new season of Ray Donovan? I'd still rank here above 95% of most 30 year olds.


Btw. Does anyone know anything about a rumoured explicit lesbian shower scene between Susan and Catherine Deneauve that was cut from the final edit in The Hunger ?
I can't believe they'd get them to shoot such a scene then cut it out of the movie.
There was that nicely eroric but fairly tame scene on the bed but a hot shower scene between those two at the peaks of their beauty would have been something else!!!!


Deneuve had a body double for The Hunger.


Yes she did! (I wonder why, considering she did numerous nudes scenes including a great topless scene in a bath when she was knocking 60) The scene where Susan is in the shower and we see Catherine appear but that's it. As I said, I remember some rumour that they did a hot shower scene (hotter than that bed scene) but it was cut. Would have paid good money to see Cath feeling and sucking on Susans wonderful tits.


She's an attractive woman for her age! However, she's 71 now and IMO it's an age where she'll look best with her clothes on. There will even come a time when I say that about the awesome Monica Bellucci, who's now into her 50's.


Well what the hell am I paying for Showtime for if I don't get to see some 71 year old titties?!