September 27, 2018 Rumors

We have yet to get confirmation on the casting of Renfri in The Witcher but no one correctly guessed the rumored actress in the comments. However other sources confirm that Anya Chalotra is indeed set as Yennefer like we mentioned before. And apparently they’re very close to casting someone for Ciri. The rumored actress is also British, has very pale skin, and has only been in a few short films and TV guest spots.

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AFI Festival full schedule Oct 30. Fingers crossed for I Am Not A Bird.


Not too much nudity here recently so I have something.
Malgorzata Gorol - Twarz (2018)


So frustrating that a series driven so much by sex and features a couple of raunchy scenes every episode, Elizabeth Lail doesn't show anything.


It’s on lifetime so she was never going to show anything.

Based on the promo the lesbian kiss with Shay Mitchell is next week at least


Finally got Kim Director's titties on the Deuce. Not quite the context I was hoping for but I've been waiting to see those unleashed so long I'll take what I can get.


How can you mention seeing her tits, but no picture(s) to back it up? Hopefully, somebody else will have them posted as soon as possible. Let the rest of us in on them too, please.


MrSkin has it, so it shouldn't be too long till its elsewhere online.


It is available online for several hours already.


We also got more from Emily Meade and I haven't seen that show up online either. I guess it's all flying under the radar somehow.


Haven't watched it yet but good news. I've been wanting to see her topless ever since she unleashed those warlocks from under her jumpsuit in Inside Man.


Anything on Bad Times at the El Royale?

Also, out of left field guess for Renfri: Bonnie Wright?


Dunno about Bad Times at the El Royale beyond some distant boobs in the trailer and IMDb saying man butt.

Anyway, you may be able to get your bonnie Wright fix elsewhere...


Does Bonnie Wright get naked in Those Who Wander?


Can't really say as that was unreleased but I think he's joking about her nudes


Preview was leaked, along with uncensored tits with no face.


When does AFI announce its full lineup?


Cam (a movie about a cam girl starring Madeline Brewer) was picked up my Netflix. No specifics on nudity but there is this line from a review: "this other version of Lola goes beyond the rules she previously set for herself (such as no nudity)." I'm not sure if we see her naked or not but it's one to watch out for. And it's supposed to be really damn good.


Great new! Jessica Parker Kennedy is also in this film.


Madeline Brewer is topless in many scenes in Cam.


Any word on Nudity in the movie "Blaze" with Alia Shawkat?


It's rated R for language, sexual content, and drug use so it doesn't sound like there's nudity.


Nothing according to Mr.Skin.


Damnnn AD in Nomis premiere looks damn fine. Wonder how the film is


According to the Wrap, not so good. Based on her character I wouldn’t expect nudity either.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle actually got good reviews so far, though.


any updates on the miseducation of cameron post? Any screencaps of joanna kulig's new movie?


Kler is just polish film that barely had premiere in Friday and also all screenings at cinemas are full so I (very) doubt anyone would snap a pic/vid of 10 seconds of Joanna breasts.