September 27, 2018 Rumors

We have yet to get confirmation on the casting of Renfri in The Witcher but no one correctly guessed the rumored actress in the comments. However other sources confirm that Anya Chalotra is indeed set as Yennefer like we mentioned before. And apparently they’re very close to casting someone for Ciri. The rumored actress is also British, has very pale skin, and has only been in a few short films and TV guest spots.

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AFI Festival full schedule Oct 30. Fingers crossed for I Am Not A Bird.


Not too much nudity here recently so I have something.
Malgorzata Gorol - Twarz (2018)


So frustrating that a series driven so much by sex and features a couple of raunchy scenes every episode, Elizabeth Lail doesn't show anything.


It’s on lifetime so she was never going to show anything.

Based on the promo the lesbian kiss with Shay Mitchell is next week at least


Finally got Kim Director's titties on the Deuce. Not quite the context I was hoping for but I've been waiting to see those unleashed so long I'll take what I can get.


How can you mention seeing her tits, but no picture(s) to back it up? Hopefully, somebody else will have them posted as soon as possible. Let the rest of us in on them too, please.


MrSkin has it, so it shouldn't be too long till its elsewhere online.


It is available online for several hours already.


We also got more from Emily Meade and I haven't seen that show up online either. I guess it's all flying under the radar somehow.


Haven't watched it yet but good news. I've been wanting to see her topless ever since she unleashed those warlocks from under her jumpsuit in Inside Man.


Anything on Bad Times at the El Royale?

Also, out of left field guess for Renfri: Bonnie Wright?


Dunno about Bad Times at the El Royale beyond some distant boobs in the trailer and IMDb saying man butt.

Anyway, you may be able to get your bonnie Wright fix elsewhere...


Does Bonnie Wright get naked in Those Who Wander?


Can't really say as that was unreleased but I think he's joking about her nudes


Preview was leaked, along with uncensored tits with no face.


When does AFI announce its full lineup?


Cam (a movie about a cam girl starring Madeline Brewer) was picked up my Netflix. No specifics on nudity but there is this line from a review: "this other version of Lola goes beyond the rules she previously set for herself (such as no nudity)." I'm not sure if we see her naked or not but it's one to watch out for. And it's supposed to be really damn good.


Great new! Jessica Parker Kennedy is also in this film.


Madeline Brewer is topless in many scenes in Cam.


Any word on Nudity in the movie "Blaze" with Alia Shawkat?


It's rated R for language, sexual content, and drug use so it doesn't sound like there's nudity.


Nothing according to Mr.Skin.


Damnnn AD in Nomis premiere looks damn fine. Wonder how the film is


According to the Wrap, not so good. Based on her character I wouldn’t expect nudity either.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle actually got good reviews so far, though.


any updates on the miseducation of cameron post? Any screencaps of joanna kulig's new movie?


Kler is just polish film that barely had premiere in Friday and also all screenings at cinemas are full so I (very) doubt anyone would snap a pic/vid of 10 seconds of Joanna breasts.


Nothing on shameless this week, except a man butt..


I wouldn't expect much of anything from this season.


When are they going to announce the lineup for the Tokyo film festival?


Last week.
No Daddario.


So... we'll have to wait until, at least, 2020 to watch it. Damn it.


Why do you say that? Just because its not been shown at a festival shouldn't mean it faces a long delay before release.
It might well be down to the film turning out to be a pile of cack and just struggling to find a dustributor and could well end up as a straight to DVD movie. It's got Alex in it so I'll watch it no matter how good or bad it is.


I keep in mind the examples of Mobile Homes, Frank & Lola, My Days of Mercy or The Layover.


It would be VOD not straight to dvd, lol. It isn't 1997.




Is it Tuppence Middleton ? Faye Marsay ? Natalia Tena ? Janet Montgomery ? Sophie Cookson ? Florence Pugh ? Kathryn Newton ?


The naysayers were correct, unfortunately, about "X.X.X. Uncensored", the Indian TV show. No nudity, lots of strategic near nudity. Too bad, there's some very attractive women in the show.


For any Karen Gillan's fans the movie "The party's just beginning" where she shows her but, will be available on theaters December 7 and On Demand December 11. Here's what recapped said about the movie.


Whoever gets cast as Ciri will end up being the next Sophie and Maisie who people continually ask about getting naked but will never happen on the show.


I wouldnt be surprised, but I hope they wait a few years because the character is supposed to only be 12-14 I think


The casting call thing I saw said they were looking for someone no older than 18 who could play down to 14-15. So you know sometime around season 4 we will get endless “is Ciri getting naked in the next season of Witcher?”


Who knows anything about Lily collins in halo of star?


Has anybody seen Emily Ratajkowski in Cruise?


i've just seen it and nothing, straight trash.


Any good lesbian films coming soon with popular actresses? Apart from the ones mentioned here all the time (The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Lizzie, My Days of Mercy)


Keira Knightley and Eleanor Tomlinson (an up and coming incredibly amazing actress) in Colette. Limited Release now, Wide Release in the near future.


I starting to think the release date for My Days OF Mercy ( and I'm Not A Bird) has been put back until the end of this century....GRRR!!!!!


Any screencaps of All about Nina..?


Probably not until VOD release in December.


No good nudity in An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn (just two overweight people having sex). Aubrey Plaza is incredibly hot, though. There's a scene where she says "I'm going to take a bath. You can watch...........TV." That's a great tease.


Sadly, she is one actress who I think will never show anything. Very pretty young lady!


She showed her ass in To The Bone.


Thanks for the heads up.
Just saw the caps from that movie and she's already shown more than I ever thought she would. Only a bit of side boob but they look tasty too.


Just saw Kler - Joanna Kulig shows briefly breasts in one scene; light is not the best but you can see them clearly
Also Rafal Mohr shows his butt if you are interested in male nudity.


For you Emma Stone fans, The Favourite is premiering tonight at the New York Film Festival. I think they only have stand by tickets if you’re in the area.


That's Van Der Meet not Meet.


What a numpty! I spelt it wrong twice. Its Van Der Meer. Lol.


A hottie to lookout for in the future is Lilly Van Der Meet. She's been in Aussie soap for the past few years and I hear she's looking to move on in the not too distant future. Pictures don't do her gorgeous face justice! Great curvy body as well. Not as good an actress as Margot Robbie, who also started off in Neighbours, but I think she's hotter.


Googled her, from photos reminds me of another gorgeous aussie Samara Weaving, and I adore SW.


As I said, I honestly don't think pictures on the net do her justice. The on screen close ups highlight her beautiful skin, eyes and those lovely full lips. Her face really does light up the camera.


In my book, Mavournee Hazel is the hottest Neighbours girl at the moment. She has a real chance of a very good career. She would indeed be a "good neighbour" if she did nudity ASAP. SEXY AF.


She's cute with beautiful eyes but I love Liilys lovely round face a bit more. I know Lil and Mav are great mates off screen and spend lots of time together.


Shame they didn't 'Hold (off on) the Dark' for that scene


Is it Jodie Comer?


Ellie Bamber? 🙂


Abigail Hardingham fits the description very well.


1. All About Nina starts screening tomorrow so I hope it won't be long before we get some images, because there are no signals that will screen in a cinema in my country soon.
2. Next (last time I ask, because release date is close Jaja) do you know anything about Danna Paola (or anyone else) in Élite?


All About Nina 12/18/18 on VOD.


1. Well... Could've been worse jaja thanks, hope we get some clips before that.
And about Élite, I read some reviews and basically all of them says that there's a looooot of nudity and sex, just hoping Danna is part of that.


Someone already mentioned Faye so that was one of my guesses, but just to throw out a few more Emma Watson, Suki Waterhouse, Michelle Keegan, Sacha Parkinson, and Georgia May Foote.

This was asked a few updates ago so I thought I would ask again. Do you have any info on the role that Monica Raymond was cast in for P-Town and do you have any info on other characters being cast?


In a previous thread someone commented there was no nudity edited out of "A Simple Favor" and the nudity in the rating was only in reference to the art painting. The MPAA nudity rating was in reference to the painting but weeks before the MPAA rating two separate Canadian film ratings listed female breasts and "buttocks" nudity in a nonsexual context. The painting shows graphic nudity so the Canadian nudity ratings were not in reference to the painting.
Weeks before the film came out a Hollywood Reporter article claimed the filmed had "significant nudity" and a commenter on here saw a screening and claimed Blake Lively shows breasts and ass in the painting scene. So I believe nudity was edited out prior to it being released.


Blake Lively’s character runs into a lake naked, but it is probably a body double. You see ass and a hint of sideboob. It wasn’t cut.


So apparently the Novel Looking for Alaska is in the Auditioning Process I only know this cause my current crush Caylee Cowan said she just Auditioned for it. The novel was very controversial And if you wonder who Caylee is use google then google her nude photos too


Looking For Alaska, the YA novel from the guy who wrote The Fault in Our Stars?


yes controversial for profanity and sexually explicit scenes although pussified Hollywood might cut


If I recall, the guy gets a blowjob from a fully clothed girl. But hey, there’s smoking and teen suicide too


Holly Earl?


Then I hope it's Faye Marsay.


Is the rumored actress Florence Pugh?


My guess for Renfri is Charlie Murphy.


"has very pale skin" Well that will put a lot of people at ease lol


I finally saw Lizzie and it has some incredible nudity. Yeah, the naked women are hacking people to death, but if you get over that hiccup, it is really hot. I'll never get tired of seeing Kristen Stewart's breasts.


nice, i didnt even realize there were more upcoming k stew boobs. I agree they are wonderful.


How's the film itself?


It's a slow-paced character study that feels almost unbearably tense at times. I really enjoyed it and the nudity made it even better. Chloe Sevingy is a damn fine actress.


Sorry for asking but do you mean "unbearably" in a good way or terrible way. Like "omfg this is so tense I'm not sure if I can take any more" or "f*ck this noise, I'm out"? I'm about 70% certain you mean the first.

Is it a slow-build or an ever-present, dominating crescendo?

Also, I've been a gigantic Sevingy fan for a long, long time, but I'm not remotely the same in regards to Stewart, so I'm torn on this movie.


The good kind of unbearable. I thought it was really fascinating how they created a deep sense of foreboding even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. It's a must see if you like Sevingy. She really loses herself in the role.