September 5, 2018 Rumors

TIFF starts tomorrow so here’s a quick preview.

Films we think likely won’t have any nudity:
A Million Little Pieces – Doubtful even though Odessa Young is playing a former sex worker.
Destroyer – Don’t think there is anything from Nicole Kidman.
Her Smell – Skimmed the script and didn’t notice anything interesting but it has a nice cast including Elisabeth Moss, Amber Heard, Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson, Dylan Gelula, and more.
Teen Spirit – We saw about 20 minutes of this and it seems to be your typical coming of age movie minus the romance. On the other hand, Elle Fanning surprisingly is a decent singer.
The Death and Life of John F. Donovan – Doubt this will have any female nudity so nothing from Natalie Portman, Thandie Newton, Sarah Gadon, etc.
Vox Lux – Wrote before that it was doubtful there was anything from Natalie Portman or Stacy Martin.

Films we think will have nudity:
Gloria Bell – The original had nudity so Julianne Moore will likely deliver.
Tell It to the Bees – The script has several sex scenes with Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger.
Vita & Virginia – We mentioned before that Elizabeth Debicki is topless during a sex scene with Gemma Arterton.

Of course, we’d love to be wrong about the films in the unlikely category. Stay tuned as we’ll have some reviews up over the next two weeks.

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Any new info on Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born? I noticed someone on Twitter mentioned that there's a few sex scenes, one of which is pretty full on and lenghty with some topless shots.


Bridge To Terabithia is on the telly right now and its made me think about Annasophia Robb. She's all grown up now so wondering if she's a nudity dodger?
Btw, for those that have never seen it, this is a wonderful movie but spoilt/almost ruined by what they did to Anna's character. It was a proper WTF moment.


Yes, how dare they faithfully adapt the novel.


Forgive for not knowing it was based on a novel.
I know a few people who've seen the movie and were either genuinely upset or felt it spoilt the movie. Went to YouTube and there's lots of similar feelings about that particular bit of the movie. A shame because so much of it was great especially the two young leads who were perfectly cast and had great chemistry.


She's never shown, but she also took a few years off acting to go to university... so i don't know if she's done enough as an adult to call her a dodger or not yet


Anything from sophie Cookson in red Joan?


To answer my own previous question - Margaret Qualley apparently has "extended, unnecessary, and overlong" full frontal nude scene in Donnybrook.

Some of his most intense and charged scenes with Qualley were improvised in the moment with the camera rolling, he said.

Qualley, who drew critical acclaim in last year’s “Novitiate,” approached Delia — a departure from the sister character of the original book — as a soul whose quest to reclaim her lost innocence is one of the film’s more bittersweet tragedies. It’s a courageous turn for any young actress that includes frank scenes of nudity and one of the most potentially divisive sex scenes in recent memory.

Film premiered at TIFF yesterday, and will also be screening on Fantastic Fest at the end of September. (Description for it also mentions full frontal nudity) Would love to hear the confirmation from rec, obviously.


A few more quotes.

When on screen, Margaret Qualley’s underwritten female lead is either being beaten or using her sexuality (quite literally) as a weapon, with the exception of her one genuine, character driven beat...which she performs immediately after an extended, unnecessary, and overlong nude scene.

There is no reason for Margaret Qualley's character to be sexualized as much as she is in this film.

Blood & guts, a pulverizing Frank Grillo and Margaret Qualley in full frontal couldn’t save this film.


SJW movie critics are the worst

"Qualley, who drew critical acclaim in last year’s “Novitiate,” approached Delia — a departure from the sister character of the original book — as a soul whose quest to reclaim her lost innocence is one of the film’s more bittersweet tragedies. It’s a courageous turn for any young actress that includes frank scenes of nudity and one of the most potentially divisive sex scenes in recent memory."


So did anyone catch the Wanderlust premiere? How were the Toni Collette scenes? They don't seem to be online anywhere yet...


nothing much, mild scenes from the premiere. slight nipple.


Reviews seem to confirm the Julianne Moore nudity in “Gloria Bell”

“Moore delivers a performance that hits home subtly and quietly, with abundant good humor, genuinely touching moments and more matter-of-fact, unglamorous nudity than you normally encounter from A-list actresses.”


Are there any movies playing at Fantastic Fest that will likely have nudity? Wondering if I should nab any tickets.


Any info about Ladyworld would be greatly appreciated.


Specifically, any nudity in An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn or Cam. I assume Cam does have nudity because it's about a cam girl. Crossing my fingers that Audrey Plaza gets naked in Beverly Luff. It does have "some sexuality/nudity".


Trailer from Winning Formula:


New poster!


They look stunning. This is going to be promising. A poster is good sign at least that it's coming soon and that it is not "dead". Still (happily) suprised Kate Mara made a nude. So many actresses we don't expect and suddenly...


I can only get so ere- wait, I was wrong.


I'd say expect it around Feb.


Do you have information backing that up or are you just guessing?


What happened to the October release date?


FB post said 'around' October, it was never an official release date.


My pants tighten.


And still no release date...


Anything interesting from Stefania LaVie Owen in her upcoming Harmony Korine movie? Or from any other of her upcoming movies/series?


Chris Pine shows his wee wee in Outlaw King according to people who saw it at TIFF


but what of Florence Pugh? She plays his wife and there is at least one sex scene.


roughly a third of the way through the movie, on the eve of battle, Robert decides it’s finally time to bed his English bride (Florence Pugh). The sex scene that ensues can only be described as Wiseauean, both in the way the camera lovingly lingers on the male lead’s backside, and in its willingness to go on for a beat longer than is comfortable.


According to reports she goes full frontal too


Not mine.

Saw it! Great! Action is impeccable and made me squirm. And yes... Chris Pine does go full frontal. Florence Pugh does too.


Is there any confirmation on this? Can only find stuff about Pine's junk.


Do reports mention the context of her nude scene?


Not surprising considering the director's previous works


Still hoping for some from Olivia Munn in The Predator. Has anyone read the script yet?


According to a review from Bloody Disgusting there is an unnecessary scene of a naked Olivia Munn but we all know it is necessary


"Throw in Black’s near misogynistic use of female characters, including a completely unnecessary scene involving a naked Munn, and there’s a lot to criticize."

There is no nudity in the rating so the "nude scene" unlikely shows anything. I'd also like to say once again how much I hate modern critics.


Did a little more research and the only film review website that mentions nudity is Ontario which says-- "Non-sexual nudity with no close-ups". Considering neither the MPAA or British film rating mention nudity I would still assume it is very brief without much seen.


Someone on twitter also claims Olivia is naked in film, but with that ratings I guess it's just implied?


Also from indiewire review: "the scene where Bracket (Munn) (...) getting completely naked on the floor of a shower."


I read the early draft from before the reshoots. She gets naked to go through a decontamination process twice (the second time fleeing from a Predator), but it could easily be shot in such way that nothing is shown.


"Rated R for strong bloody violence, language throughout, and crude sexual references" - no nudity so I doubt.


What about Chloe Moretz or Maika Monroe in "Greta?"


Never mind - I just caught the rating description.


Any script insight for The Act which just cast Joey King?

But as Gypsy’s sexuality comes into full bloom, she finds herself forced to rebel against her mother’s protectiveness, which has turned controlling and oppressive…


Joey definitely screams "I'm gonna get 'em out relatively soon." Which is when the last of my balls will die.


Hopefully Hunter will follow suit if she does.


Hunter is 1000 times better looking than Joey and has a massive rack


I prefer Joey over Hunter.


Ya Hunter looks like an Instagram model, Joey looks like your friend's eighteen year old daughter who makes eyes at you and wants you to fuck her mouth.


Yeah, Joey's great, but Hunter is goddess material.


Joey is so much sexier. Hunter looks like a generic insta model or something. Obviously very hot, but Joey is something else.


Nomis with Alex DD is now also premiering at the LA Film Festival.


Any interesting of Alex on this movie?


I just googled and went on to youtube to watch a brief behind the scenes video. Seems like a straight up thriller role for Alex.
Was nice to hear Henry Cavill say Aelx is fantastic with great charisma and she through herself into her role and was a pleasure to work with.


I kinda doubt it on this one. There was a leaked trailer a couple weeks ago that showed what she was playing and it doesn’t look like one that’ll have nudity.

Still waiting out on I Am Not a Bird.


*TIFF Ratings*
14A (persons younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult), 18A (persons younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult) and R (restricted to persons 18 or older).

Gloria Bell is rated 14A- which means no nudity.
Destoyer 18A- likely for violence.
Tell it to the Bees also rated 14A.
Vita & Virginia also rated 14A.
Wavelength 3 Centrefolds, which shows naked femaleform on movie cover, also rated 14A.

Some other films rated 18A- Umbra, Working woman, Too Late to Die Young, A Star is born, A Return, A wedding day,.

Movies rated R- 22 young, American Woman, Aniara, Burning, Hold the Dark, Les Salopes Let Me Fall.

Galvestone starring Elle Fanning is rated R.

I have not gone through complete list.

Have a great day!


14A is the Ontario equivalent of a PG-13 in terms of age/accompaniment requirements only, not in terms of content. A 14A can contain nudity, violence, swearing, etc, all the stuff that would probably get a US rating of R. Generally in order to get the 18A you need graphic violence or nudity. We're not prudes up here.


“Gloria Bell is rated 14A- which means no nudity” - no it doesn’t


3 examples of films rated 14A by the Ontario Film board which all have nudity of varying degrees - Miseducation of Cameron Post, Disobedience, My Days of Mercy


Holliday Grainger is a little favourite of mine, I'm looking forward to Tell It To The Bees tremendously. My balls are buzzing for it in fact.


Balls buzzing? You might have Gonosyphaherpalitis.


I fear what I've got is overly optimistic hopes about the amount of Holliday Grainger nakedness we will get in this movie.


I try not to get too excited. I fail. Hopefully sex scenes = nude scenes in this one.


Why MPAA is so strange lately? There is this movie called "Papillon". MPAA says it has nudity (breasts or butt) but in reality... it has male frontal nudity so why it's not rated for graphic nudity? I do not understand they're ratings sometimes.


MPAA doesn't have any consistent standards. Never has.


Maybe they thought the topless female strippers at the beginning of the film was more significant than a brief dick shot, and some man butts, in the prison shower fight scene.


So, anything official on Anna Kendrick in A Simple Plan? Crossing my fingers for a little something.


Apologies for what is basically an edit re-post. I uploaded the wrong video file... I meant to upload the corrected one. Here ya go:


It's not nudity, but this is (at least one of) the kiss(es) between Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively:


Hey Yonder. Thanks for the cap. I know this is a long shot, but does Anna get nude? And if so, any caps of that? ~ Thanks 😉


Is that a new movie?


When it comes to movies Nicole Kidman becomes a dodger! Her nudity is BLL season was passing and heavily edited. Her character does have a handjob scene in Destroyer, similar to The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, and is supposed to be shitty. Too bad if there is no full-on nude sex scene as the story has it going for it.


She is like 50 years old. At that age a lot of actresses become self aware of their ageing bodies and are reluctant to show them onscreen. She has not suddenly become a prude. She is just not that young anymore.


Last checked she has a better body than many 20 year olds. The post mentioned 'likely delivery' in nudity department by Julianne Moore who is 57 Years old. Andie MacDowell can do it at 60 but Kidman cannot at 50. I am still hoping Kidman does not let age deter her. She still got it!! Cmon man, you may not be a fan and i am not going to debate further.


She has done like 3 nude scenes in the last 2 years, what are you even talking about?


She has done like 20 damn nude scenes.


She paid her dues! Give her a break.


hey i just wanted everyone to realize that Alexandra Daddario could have been Melanie(the hot blonde) in the Entourage Movie. Yep imagine that sex scene with Daddario in it.


Unpopular opinion but I'm glad she didn't played that role - for me Sabina Gadecki is far more beautiful and sexy and with better boobs and most definitely better butt.


Stop. I can only get so hard.


They make pills for that now.


I already knew about that. She was offered that after True Detective and she turned it down because she didn’t want to get naked again so soon. She spaced it out until (hopefully) I Am Not a Bird.


That and it was a nothing role.


Hope to hear more nudity info on Halloween Part XI - it's playing at the Toronto film festival.


I don’t know if you ever brought this up, but is there nudity in the script for We Summon the Darkness? It was on the Blood List and now it’s being made with Alexandra Daddario in the lead.


That movie sounds pretty crappy. Even if you didn't read the plot summary - the title alone should give it away. Worth it for Alex nudity, however.


Yeah. I don’t get why she hasn’t fired her agent yet.


I love Alexandra Daddario. She is a strikingly beautiful woman with an amazing body. I am grateful she got naked on camera and I can even appreciate the fact that she did it in a "legitimate" way in a dark and dramatic series.

But if you're implying that it's her agent that makes her take these awful movies, it's not. She's just not a good actress.


Actually, it’s more just judgment in choosing roles than talent. There are plenty of actors and actresses who are talented yet continue to choose shitty projects.


I googled a script review and came across a link to it in a reddit thread.
Not what I was expecting. It's like a reverse home invasion movie without the invasion. Cheesy. Very violent. On-the-nose anti-religion. If executed well, it could end up being a decent B-movie, I suppose. No nudity, however.

Probably won't do anything for Alex's career, but it'll be a trip to see her play this kind of character.


I wouldn’t mind her doing horror if it isn’t cheesy horror like Texas Chainsaw.


re no nudity.
The Hollywood reporter does say there's a "night of debauchery" so it does sound like there might be a chance of some kind of hot scene. Anyway, I can live happily ever with just THAT SCENE from True Detective...the greatest nude scene of all time!


Let's face it, she's better than just being a hot woman but she's not an A lister who can pick and choose the best roles. She's a jobbing actress who goes where the work is like thousands of others do and good for her that she gets plenty of work.
Anyway, I much prefer her in these darker movies than a cheesey Romcom. I liked her in Texas Chainsaw - Bereavement and I'm sure I'll like her in this new one as well.


In some ways it reminds me of a more serious “The Babysitter”.

Alex character description - “ALEXIS BUTLER, bleached blonde hair, aerobicized body, drives while sucking on a Ring Pop.”


I forgot to mention that it's set in the '80s.


is Newly Single at TIFF?


It’s playing at the Copenhagen film festival, end of Sep / beginning of Oct.


Any info about "I'm not a Bird" release date?


Wait. You’re not ADFan...


I'm now a bigger AD fan than Adfan.?


Again, I use a smiley and it shows up as a question mark ????


I’m not the one who asks about it that much. I simply make statements about it.


Fingers crossed for Julianne Moore.


Hi recapped, could you post a Venice film festival breakdown please


This was brought up in the previous post but that thread is dead so I will bring it up here. A Simple Favor nudity rating is only for "some graphic nude images"- meaning the nude painting. Does this mean Blake Lively's nudity was recently edited out? Two early ratings from Canada listed "female breast and buttocks nudity in a nonsexual context", the Hollywood Reporter story mention a "fair amount of nudity" in the movie, and a poster on here said he saw a screening that featured nudity from her in the painting scene.

There is also a chance that "some graphic nude imagery" is in reference to both the graphic nude painting and Blake's brief nude scene. MPAA focuses on listing the most graphic aspects of a film. So if a film has full frontal nudity in one scene and then partial nudity in other, the rating is just "graphic nudity" not "graphic nudity and partial nudity".


I can't believe i saw My Days of Mercy last year at Tiff and its still not out :(. I wish it was playing again i would make the trip lol


With some indies they get a distributor fairly quickly, so the producers get paid or at least break even. So they’re not waiting for ROI. The distributors sit on them waiting for the best time to release it. It’s a crowded market place and many don’t have the P&A budget to cut through and make a noise. So they sit, wait and hedge their bets.


It is preposterous the way these festival movie are finished 2-3 years before anyone ever gets to see them. So annoying.


It's almost like they're not in finished form, are indie movies that have to be shopped around for a distributor, and the release of the movie (very, very, very rarely 3 years... the norm is up to 1.5 years) is delayed so as to occur at the prime time of year for awards movies (fall).

In other words, it USUALLY premieres, at worst, early in one year to be released in the following year.

Have you ever been to a film festival? Might want to consider experiencing what you're complaining about. You remind me of people complaining about videogames being delayed because they don't appreciate how destructive bugs can be. The version of the film that is seen at festivals is *RARELY* the same as what gets released into the cinemas.

The keyword is "distribution"... I suggest you research how complicated it can be to get a wide or semi-wide release for films. God help you if you want your indie movie to get a global release.


Yes, I’ve been to film festivals, and I certainly know how it works. Doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying.


Thanks for pointing that out, dude, and for not at all being a dick about it. It’s the distributors, not the producers. Makes sense.


Now you got me scared we're never going to see the version of My Days of Mercy everyone raved about.


Well if you go back and read the reviews of Disobedience, the scene referenced seemed to be longer than the admittedly superb scene that we have now. So... yeah... it can definitely happen.

It's a large part of why what you hear from the actresses doesn't line up w/ what you see on-screen. The actresses often are referring to what they did on set without knowing what's intended to be on-screen. For example, the eight hours of shooting for the love scene in Professor Marston And The Wonder Women between Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathecote (sp?). Obviously that must have been amazing, and so they were doing interviews when talking about that. Same thing with Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker talking about their love scene in Person of Interest (which was HUGE because it was Acker's lesbian love scene debut... and cuz Sarah Shahi is stupidly gorgeous).

And you really can't blame them. I'm sure they're under contract to say something beyond "well, it was really fun having sex w/ this other gorgeous woman, but we have no clue what the editors will let you see..."


It really is. I’m not a producer or anything, but I have no idea how they can be okay spending money up front on a movie and then waiting years to make any of it back. I don’t know if they think that creates “buzz” or “hype” or whatever, but nowadays when we find out about movies on the Internet before they even begin, the amount of time that passes must kill interest, if anything. I’ve just plain forgotten about some movies until I find out they’ve been out for awhile.


Producers ? Distributors

No one is just waiting for the hell of it.


I have to be honest and say I know nothing about festivals. But surely those movies that take years to be released are pretty low budget, won't be box office hits and will therefore struggle to find a distributor.


Yeah, that definitely seems to check out. I would bet that just doing a digital release is the last resort, too, because they wouldn't probably make less money than a theatrical or Netflix release. That still doesn't explain why Viena and the Fantomes just disappeared, though. Why not release it on iTunes to recoup some of the money?

I hope we get an update on when My Days of Mercy will be released soon.


I don’t really understand things sometimes. I’ve seen movies have festival premieres less than a year after they’ve filmed and others get them more than two years after.


Just depends when they get a distributor. Still annoying, though.


But the point of festivals is for movies that don’t have distributors to find one.


Any news on Sunday’s Shameless, The Deuce or Insecure? All are rated for nudity.


Hopefully we will some clear shots of Anna Paquin's butt.
Don't remember seeing clear shots of her butt in True Blood.Hopefully this time around she won't disappoint


Butt looks to be in good shape in this new film. Hope to see it uncovered.


That has always be my beef with True Blood and Shameless: having two gorgeous and fit lead actress nude several times for several seasons and struggling to get clear booty shots from them.


The best shoot of her ass that we ever got was actually on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. And what an ass it is...


Thera was a nice shot of her ass in True Blood, but it was superbrief. It was when she had Eric living in her house and either of them (can't remember who) had one erotic dream in which they both got out of the house naked. It was a full shot and well lit, but so short that I don't think you could get more than one still from it.


View post on

For me this was the best shot of her ass across the series.


Hell, that was one of the best sex scenes and seasons of television ever produced for HBO.


The best scene of her ass has to be Anna in her undies jumping on a bed n Almost Famous. A lovely, big booty!


It’s all happening, but I must vamoosh.


Looks to be another disappointing festival nudity wise.