Shailene Woodley Nude in White Bird in a Blizzard

Here’s a first look at Shailene Woodley naked in White Bird in a Blizzard. The movie will be available on demand September 25.

Shailene Woodley Nude in White Bird in a Blizzard 1

Shailene Woodley Nude in White Bird in a Blizzard 2

Shailene Woodley Nude in White Bird in a Blizzard 3

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Ohhoho Shailene Woodley. That is quite the slim, tight body you have there. Breasts are okay, she's not big-chested(C or D-cup), but not flat-chested either(A-cup). About B-cup boobs. Not bad, not bad at all. It fits her figure though. That lucky guy got to "act" by putting his mouth on it suckling it and near it.

johnny metal freak

Shes beautiful and so sexy!! 🙂


I think I'm in love. I wish she would seduce me like that older guy. She's gorgeous.


Anything from Mia Wasikowska in Madame Bovary?


Im hoping for something from Annie Clark in Teen Lust at Tiff, but I'm not too optimistic about it happening


Anything from Gillian Jacobs coming? Maybe Hot Tub Time Machine 2 or Girls?


Will recapped be covering the Toronto festival again this year? Hoping we can get some detailed reports on the nudity there. Particularly interested in "An Eye for Beauty" which screens a couple times next week. The trailer has glimpses of first-time nudity from Melanie Merkosky and a review mentioned "overextended sex scenes."


How would you guys rate shailene woodley's nudity?


I have a ton of information about Witherspoon's nude scene. This seems totally legit as it came directly from someone who watched and reviewed the movie at Telluride. I saw the email where he described the different sex scenes. I wrote it down.

They seem a lot more graphic then what mk mentions. So who knows. Here it is...

According to the reviewer, "there's quite a lot of nudity."

There's a scene where Witherspoon comes out of the shower and she looks at herself in the mirror. In this scene we see her breasts and get a good look at her ass.

Reese has four sex partners/sex scenes all together.

One scene, as was previously mentioned, is the scene in the tent where some guy performs oral sex on her, but you don't really see anything but her wriggling around. She's wearing a bra in this scene. We see a quick clip in the trailer.

The remaining of the sex scenes are in flashbacks. All but one, involve some type of nudity...

There is a "semi-graphic" sex scene where she sucks on the finger of some guy. The guy then flips her over and fucks her doggy style, apparently hard.

There is another sequence involving two guys picking her up. Unfortunately, there isn't any nudity in this scene. She goes into an alley with the two guys and fucks both of them. One guy she "straddles" and then the other guy takes her, bends over her against the wall, and gives it to her that way. I was probably most intrigued by this scene, but the only other information was that everyone was standing during it.

There is a scene with another guy picking her up, when she was a waitress, and her fucking him by riding him (I think).

There's another scene where Witherspoon is struggling on the trail, panting away. Then it abruptly cuts away to some guy giving it to her and her panting through sex.

Most of these shots were really short. Like fast cutaways. The only ones which lingered were:

1. Her in the bathroom coming out of the shower nude.

2. The "semi-graphic" sex scene involving her and the guy who flips her over and gives it to her doggy style.

3. The scene at the end in the tent, where we don't really see anything.


So any full frontal at all?


I don't think so, he didn't mention any.


The scene that may have featured the full frontal nudity in earlier versions of the film is still in the movie, but it cuts away as soon as the boyfriend of Reese's character enters the room. You see her breasts briefly and that's it.

The running around naked part mentioned by the other commenter has clearly been edited out of the movie.

The rest of Jack's secondhand descriptions are accurate.


Any dirty talk in the movie?



Could you go into some more detail about the flipping her over/doggy style scene? Which guy was this with? Could you give us some context and set up the situation that led up to this? The email I read from the reviewer seemed to suggest it was a "semi-graphic" scene. How graphic was it?

Second, could you go into some more detail about the two guys she screws in the alley. Again, give us some context and set up the situation that led to it.

Thanks so much.


With the movie premiering in Toronto this weekend, i'm hoping we get some photos/screen caps.

I'm sure, either way, we'll get them sooner rather than later as the film will be sent out as screeners to members of the academy. Those usually go out in October.


i hope youre wrong MK, I'm remaining hopeful!


Did you see it?


Is there any possibility that the projected Telluride version is not the final version in theaters?


I have a feeling the OP was correct and the scene where you see her ass/tits is the one which originally had full frontal nudity in it. Remember the OP said that there were three or four scenes all together, but most were very short and we see her having sex with clothes on, etc. There was only one where you saw everything.

I have a feeling they cut down the scene, which I suspected they always would. Hopefully it gets restored in the directors cut.


I would not necessarily conclude that anything has been cut since the time the earlier reviewer saw the preview. It may just be his memory playing tricks on him. I only need to compare the description of Eva Green in "300" I wrote after having seen it with the scene as it actually was. 85% was completely on the money. 15% seems to be a jumble of things that didn't quite occur as I remembered. Memory plays funny tricks on you. Maybe there was no full-frontal to begin with? We don't know.

- RudeDude


Reese Witherspoon does not go full frontal in WILD.

She briefly shows breasts in about four scenes total (three of which are super brief 1 or 2 second flashbacks), and breasts and butt in another.

The full frontal nude scene mentioned in another post ( was not included in the version screened at Telluride.


Ya, I had a feeling it was too good to be true. Could you describe the nude scenes involving Witherspoon for us?

You mentioned in three of the four they were very quick shots, does that mean that there was one extended sex scene with her?

Can you describe the sex scenes she's involved in, do we see her having sex with men? What is the context of each nude scene?



Thank you so much, MK, for the information. I take it you've seen the film? How would you rate Reese's nudity in the film overall? And her body? If she standing up or lying down during the nude scenes. How good is the view of her ass? If she walking or standing still? And how does her body compare to her "Twilight" days? Thanks plenty, MK!


And that's who was supposed to play MJ the bombshell supermodel? Hahahahaha! Notwithstanding her bland face, her tits are boring. And they're oddly shaped.


Everyone won't have to wait long for Jennifer Lawrence photos. She's got some hot ones going around today.

As for Reese Witherspoon, we have confirmation of at least one sex scene from Variety's review:

"When Cheryl is shown panting her way through a patch of dimly undergrowth, the sudden cutaways to her panting her way through a rear entry sex scene (seem over the top)..."


Disappointing. 🙁 Think she is a pretty girl just will always prefer the smaller areolas.


That is her left boob in the mirror


Looks like Shailene didn't have enough time to fully prepare for this nude role as she didn't manage to grow her hair long enough to cover her rather nice boobies.

Strangely her left boob IS covered in all shots - maybe it isn't quite as big as her right or something??


Both boobs are showing. The left boob is a mirror image and the right boob is of her sitting with the guy.


Alrighty then, great job! What a great year. JLaw would be the cherry on top.


I often wonder how "leaks" like this happen. I assume it's a marketing ploy put out by distributors right?


screeners for critics


This looks fantastic!!


You guys are blind. Shailene Woodley is hot!!!!!(And she doesn't have that stupid plug up her nose either.:-))


U talkin about Jennifer Lawrence with plug?


This looks so fantastic, can wait to see vids of this.

Can You post some little more photos? 🙂


Shailene is hot to me and she can act too. I do want to know about Jen Lawrence. I don't care at all about Reese, maybe if this was 15 years ago.


I forgot about the reviews from that movie, are there clear topless shots, without her hairs on the way ?


WILD premiered earlier today at Telluride. The reviews are coming in. Many of the reviews elude to Witherspoon's nudity, "her brave performance," but so far no nudity report.


Her breasts are pretty. Otherwise just an okay looking girl. Reese Witherspoon's "Wild" premieres at TIFF this upcoming week. We should be getting more descriptions of her first nude scene in over fifteen years soon. Jessica Chastain's "Salome" also premieres in three weeks but only in the U.K. I guess it's doubtful that we'll hear anything more detailed before then. Any news on whether the rumors about Jennifer Lawrence's very first nude scene in the upcoming "Serena" (October 2014 release in the U.K.) are true or not?

- RudeDude


Someone that obsesses over Eva Green saying that another actress is just okay looking?


Eva Green is gorgeous you troglodyte.


Gorgeous? Hardly. And for the record, I think Shailene is just okay as well. I was commenting on his obsession with the just okay Eva Green


Agreed Eva is gorgeous.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She's just okay with me too.


Speaking of TIFF, Welcome To Me, the movie Kristen Wiig is supposed to be naked in, is playing. I'll be interested to find out if that's real or if they were just trying to drum up interest to get distribution.