Shameless 705 Nudity Review

Emmy Rossum finally has her first nude scene of the season on Sunday’s Shameless. Near the beginning of the episode, Emmy is naked having sex and getting dressed afterwards.

As an added bonus, the episode starts with a topless Ruby Modine. And there’s a random blonde topless for a bit later on also.

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Damn! That Emmy sex was hot!!!


Does Emmy show her ass?


Good Girls Revolt:

Genevieve Angelson is topless in 1, 5, and 7.

Erin Darke is topless in 4.

Odelya Halevi implied nudity in 4.

Frankie Shaw is naked maybe (really dark) in 10.

May have missed something since I just skimmed the show.


thanks skn....


Anything from Anna Camp in Good Girls Revolt?


Is full frontal a option at all for Emmy?


I wish Fiona would explore bicuriosity.


News on westworld?