Shameless 706 Nudity Review

Ruby Modine is naked again on Sunday’s upcoming Shameless. There are much better views of Ruby’s breasts during her nude scenes in this episode compared to the previous episodes. Isidora Goreshter is also naked during a sex scene but you don’t really see much.

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Hey Recapped do you maybe have any info about rumor that Emilia Clarke will have sex scene in the finale episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones?


Has anyone read the script for We Have Always Lived in the Castle? I've read the book so I'm wondering if the script adds some curious behavior for Daddario and Farmiga to show us.


What about this week's Masters of Sex?


Is there any news on Kate Mara? Shes playing a lesbian in "Mercy" with Ellen page, going to be in "The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards", and the original leaked script for "Chappaquiddick" had her character going topless. Any news would be awesome thanks!


Isidora YES!!!


Yes, I would like to know if there is some butt from some male in Shameless and if Westworld has some male nudity on Sunday.

This is the only site I know that has info about upcoming nude scenes! So it's quite practical!



I guess you missed the last Westworld. So many dicks.


"So many dicks." And so little time


So you are happy about some random women being naked? Or wouldn't you also rather see some of the actors naked?

I mean, you have that luck with Evan, Thandie and Angela.

So far, all we got is some butt crack from James Marsden.


I've seen a helluva lot more topless famous actors than actresses on TV so your argument doesnt hold much water. Not that theres anything wrong with that.


Sorry, cannot agree at all. You guys get breast nudity in basically everything.

Most of the times, the man gets naked once, if one is lucky, but the female counterpart has tons of more nude scenes.

Quarry is a superb example of how both were always naked, yet they very obviously filmed him so they don't show anything from him.

But her boobs were always there, beautifully filmed!

And I am getting sick and tired of this frontal bs. A woman shown from head to toe is FULL FRONTAL NUDITY! Not every woman shows it as obvious as others, but they are still frontally naked! Vulva is way too much to ask for, that's like me asking for erections!

Plus man only have their penis to shows off, while women have their breasts and vagina!


Nah I'm sorry - but his clearly shows you've been indoctrinated.

Why are female nipples considered nudity, but male nipples not so? Notice I said nipples and not breasts. Apparently a woman can show nearly all of the surface area of her breasts on the red carpet, on a Friday night, in a bikini, in a low cut dress, and this is acceptable. But the nipple is only ok on premium cable, hence the stupid/ridiculous nudity rules on FX programs like Americans Horror Story, where Lady Gaga has to wear nipple coverings, but they are allowed to show all kinds of gore, violence etc etc, and where topless are shown frequently.

And asking to see the vulva is not the same asking a man to display an errect penis. Displaying a women with her legs spread open is the same as showing an erection. Did you see the British 'dating' show Naked Attraction? This provided evidence that most women under 40 do not sport pubic hair. This is further supported by the wide spread use of merkins in the film and tv industry.If women were unshaved, why provide them with pubic wigs in an effort to create authenticity?

And further more which programs show women naked 'head to toe'? I've named several programs in the post above which have shown male frontal nudity. I can name several more from the past: Oz, The Wire, True Blood, The Pacific, Magic City, Generation Kill, Da Vinci's Demons etc etc

Can you provide a smpimilar list of programs that have shown women 'naked head to toe' as you have claimed? And don't even bother saying Spartacus or Westworld, because. A pubic wig is not clearly not the same as frontal nudity, seeing as it essentially an artificial piece of clothing. It would be like me saying that Mark Wahlberg's prosthetic in Boogie Nights, or Jonah Hill's in Wolf of Wall Street counted as frontal male nudity.

I haven't even mentioned how erect penises are becoming far common on the big screen, with even a film like Blue is the Warmest Colour manage to display an erect penis but no actual vaginas - a film about lesbians with incredibly long sex scenes - ridiculous!

And don't even get me started on the nudity imbalance on British and German TV! I can name at least ten British programs of the top of my head which have featured male nudity, but not one actual scene of female nudity BETWEEN them! (Hooten & the Lady, London Spy, Cucumber, Banana, Murder, Flowers, The Last Panthers, Catastrophe, The Ice Cream Girls, Benidorm, Brief Encounters, Tripped ... incredibly I could go on!)


Well, according to the MPAA, prosthetics clearly do count as frontal nudity. That is a sad world we are living in.

Seeing that The Overnight had graphic nudity in its rating.

And I am sorry, but I completely disagree that a chest is the same as breasts.

I don't care what you say or if you are mad. IT IS NOT!

Breasts have always been sexualized by men. A lot of men only need to look at boobs to jerk off!

And trust me, I do not get why FX does not show nipple but still the entire breast.^^

And there are lots of female frontals out there. You just want something that is not possible.

Just my opinion.

But in the end, it is pretty simple.

I would like to see more men naked, butt, not frontal!

BUT a man only has his penis to show, that is male-exclusive, like breasts and vagina are female exclusive!

So surely I'd rather see a guy's penis!

But you ''whine'' about something, although you still get TONS of female nudity. FACT!

You are like that guy on twitter or IMDb, who always wants VULVA VULVA VULVA!

Trust me, you get plenty of naked females!


Who cares what the MPAA says? Are you telling me that you think that Jason Schwartzman was frontally naked in the Overnight? Are you claiming cgi counts? Because that is clearly nonsense. Let me make this very clear - the merkin 'is an artificial covering of hair for the pubic area'. It is the same as a women wearing a g sting or a thong. It is not frontal nudity, because she is using it to hide her vulva - it is no part of her body.

And there are plenty of women, and gay/bi men who sexualise male chests. If you don't believe me why don't you ask any of the guys who post on the FM forums, or that guy Restituda who runs his blog, and routinely caps pictures of topless men. Ask the average Jezebel reader what she thinks of a topless Channing Tatum/Chris Hemsworth/Chris Evans. There are women on twitter clearly masturbating to a topless Aidan Turner every Sunday night, and sexualising topless men. How is this any different?

And again I will ask you for a THIRD time if there are 'lots of female frontals' why don't you prove me wrong, and name some of these programs? Go on name them. I bet you couldn't even name 10.

And if it is 'not possible' to show vulvas on film or tv, (your words, not mine), how did Danny Boyle manage to it when Rosario Dawson went frontally naked in Trance? How did Bernardo Bertolucci manage it when Eva Green went frontally naked in The Dreamers? And btw - you might notice that Eva Green's VULVA was visible, even though she had pubic hair. Yes that's right a woman can be frontally nude when she shows her pubic hair. She can even show her vulva, it is not hard. It's just that most male directors are cowards, and are afraid to appear exploitative - the same directors who have no problems with showing men completely naked.

I will finish by reiterating my challenge - instead accusing me of 'whining', why don't you prove me wrong? Why don't you name these programs which have frontally naked women?


Sorry, fredp. No offence to you, but you bother me soooo much right now.

You still get sooooo much female nudity on almost a daily basis.

Example. A show, 10 episodes. Dude might show something quickly in one episode, the female counterpart gets naked in at least 5 episodes and in longer sequences.

It's not my problem, if you guys all of a sudden think breasts aren't nudity anymore and all breast nude scenes are lame a la Quarry (which weren't lame at all tbh).

Another example. A guy shows his butt for maybe 2-3 seconds in worst lighting conditions, while a woman is topless for at least a minute or longer and filmed beautifully.

Hey, even with nice close-ups, like in MoS on Sunday!

But yeah, please, keep complaining!!!! LOL.


Your reasoning is bizarre Xander. First, Have you ever been to a nude beach? There you see the same male nudity as in the tv shows except in tv they zoom in on the genitals. The female nudity in tv is lightyears away from the beach where you see lips within five minutes. Second, not everyone is turned on by breasts. Toplessness was so common when I grew up so it's almost like any other bodypart for me. Besides you can go to a public shower to see male nudity anyday (I assume you are male) so what's your problem?


Xander. I have provided you with numerous examples of how there is far more male nudity on television. You have refused to engage with any of my points, and have essentially repeated the same thing over and over again, without provided any specific examples or evidence whatsoever. The 'example' you have provided doesn't exist - it is a figment of your imagination.

I have provided you with numerous questions, and you haven't had the decency to even engage with what I am saying. Maybe this time you might try to answer some of my questions?

Below are caps from your own website from the Hands of Stone film, (which, incidentally, despite being a film aimed at men, contains more naked men than women. Go figure.)

Usher is not showing his penis or his butt in these scenes and yet you thought it worth while to cap? Why? Because you find him sexually attractive right? And you find the sight of him shirtless arrousing - right? Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But somehow you have convinced yourself that this is totally different from a woman appearing topless. Why? Why is this any different to say for example, Taylor Schilling appearing topless? I'm sure that there are some guys who are into her, but I'm going to be totally honest and say that she does nothing for me. Zip. But apparenly her toplessness is somehow more taboo, than Ushers -more revealing, more sexual. Baffling.

For the very last time I will say it again - breasts are not the equivalent of penises. If you think they are I would advise that you purchase a biology textbook and learn something about human anatomy, and homologous structures. You sound like the kind of man who would berate a woman for breastfeeding in public.

Lastly, I have no idea why you seemingly think vulvas are obscene. Was it disgusting when Alexandra Daddario bared hers on True Detective? No? Then why is it so problematic/difficult to show them in other programs? After all like the penis, it's just a body part.


Not that I want to put myself in the argument but I couldn't resist the challenge by fredp. Here's 10 (and more) shows that feature full frontal, no merkin, female nudity.

View post on


I specifically made an account here to thank you for your wise words and very well put responses fred!

Unfortunately couldn't be more correct. Highlights the hypocricy of it all so very much. It's funny how feminists and people like xander just don't see this at all somehow.

To answer your full frontal with vulva question in recent years in TV shows. That's actually tough! The obvious one is Alexandra Daddario in True Detective and then we have seen vulva from prositutes on Game of Thrones. I think the likes of Charlotte Hope and Esme Bianco might shown a bit too but main stars not a chance. Only other name actress who did full frontal was Natalie Tena. With Emilia, Carice and Natalie they avoided. We are to believe Margaery would leave her lower garments on... Sigh.

Those three women in gold in Westworld shows the ridicilousness of it all! Why on earth couldn't they just have a casting call go out for full frontal nudity with natural bush? It must be because they think this is acceptable sadly. Those darn merkins are here to stay. Now we ve seen a far share of male prosthetics too to be fair (the dude might have been for all i know) but its never as obscene as a merkin is! Its a disrespect to your viewers. It only takes 3 weeks to grow a natural (enough) looking bush from bald so what is the big deal? Its clearly cultural. Sadly nowadays the merkin has spread across Europe even into France, usually a bastion of female nudity. People need to speak up (and not here) against the sillyness of those things. It's not just about wanting to see a vulva... its also immersion breaking when watching a TV Show which is what they should never want.

While there are always some vocal idiots speaking out against the horrors of (full frontal) nudity the vast majority of viewers either like to see that or don't mind. they just don't speak up about it as much.


Totally agree with you guys. I think the worst part is not understanding why women have to be covered when men don't. In real life breasts and penis are never equated so why on tv? Anyway there's only been one clear scene of vulva on American tv that I know of and that was in The comeback. Two extras full frontal shaved in a lengthy scene.


My thanks to Urameshi and Firebolt for their kind words. Unfortunately we are seemingly in a tiny vocal minority who have noticed this bizarre imbalance. Every year I have been telling myself, things will change, only to be constantly disappointed/underwhelmed. I don't things are going to change in the near future either, despite the every increasing amount of content providers. Ah well, back to that Californication box set ...


You seem like a decent chap Xander, and I genuinely appreciate that you share naked info/pics on naked women when you can, but American TV has far, far more male nudity than female. I'm shocked that anybody who takes an interest with these things would disagree.

Firstly, and most significantly, when was the last time you saw an actual vulva, and not a merkin? Recently there has been male frontal nudity in Vinyl, Banshee, Quarry, Ray Donovan, High Maintenance, Masters of Sex, Outlander, Shameless, Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, The Affair, Billions, Sense8, Flesh & Bone, Girls, Goliath ...I'm sure there are more shows that I've forgotten to mention. Even a show like Orange is The New Black has managed to crow male frontal into a show about female convicts. You have shows like Westworld and Spartacus which claim to have an equal amount of nudity from both sexism but seem to think dicks and merkins is a fair trade off,

People, (feminists) bang on about the female nudity in Game of Thrones, but where all the other programs with full frontal female nudity? They don't really exist. What heterosexual men, (and gay women) get are shots of Evan Rachel Wood with her hair covering her breasts, and the odd distant hard to see shot.

If women, (and gay/bi men) want to see an aesthetically pleasing topless man, all they have to do is turn on the Tv during the day, and watch Ellen's show. Topless women are an increasing rarity - even a show like Quarry which apparently had 'great' nudity according to Mr Skin, seemed unwilling to portray a semi naked women in good lighting, facing the camera, with her breasts and face visible at the same time, as was once fairly common on programs like Californication.

You might not be happy with the amount of male nudity on the, but as has been established, think about he plight of us poor sad heterosexual dudes. Rant over.


This is the most beautiful thing I've ever read and I hope it could reach TV producers somehow.

You're completely right. Well lit female nudity in a sexual contest is rare. We mostly have brief or dark scenes, with hair covering breasts, or very quick editing, and usually in a "unsexualized" way.


What do we see from thandie in westworld? Clear straight on full frontal?


Something tells me Xander would like to know if he will get to see any dicks.