Shotgun Nudity Review

Around 18 minutes into Shotgun, Maika Monroe is in some lingerie talking dirty as part of someone’s fantasy. The top part of Maika’s bodysuit is somewhat sheer and you can make out her areola. Or it could be pasties. There are also lots of scenes with Maika in her bra, and a scene around 48 minutes in where you see a tiny bit of Maika’s ass from the side as she is having sex.

Near the beginning of the movie, an unnamed actress shows her breasts briefly during a sex scene. Looking at IMDb, that actress is likely Jordan Monaghan. There are also some random naked strippers about an hour in.

Shotgun is currently playing at SXSW.

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(0:18) Elle fanning curled up in the bathtub. See her bare back then on bed sitting in a towel. Then the next day walking around in the towel.
(0:25) Elle Fanning changes in back of car and we see her bare back.
(0:33) Elle Fanning in a bikini by the ocean playing with her little sister. Her bottoms almost come down in one shot due to the water.
(0:39) Elle Fanning in a bikini at the hotel pool.
(0:49) Left breast on HOOKER pops into the frame as she is going down on Ben Foster. Right breast and buns sitting on the bed.
(0:58) Elle Fanning in a little top showing some right nipply. Her right boob is nearly falling out and we see some great cleavage on her during this scene.
(1:03) Elle Fanning in a bikini from a distance.
(1:12) Elle Fanning bent over a table naked. See a lot of skin but not quite the good stuff.


These are good times for the bare back enthusiasts!

Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.


Mrskin review of course


Abbey Lee is naked and Carla Gugino shows some butt in “Elizabeth Harvest” according to Mr Skin


was there any nudity in the Oath season 1 on Crackle


Irène Jacob's 51 year old body in The Affair S03E10


Am I missing something here? This is from January 2017


Any news on Addison Timlin in Submission?


Guys, just like @randompasserby wrote in previously post, Submission is just indie film that have small release only in big cities. We really have to wait for vod/dvd premiere.


So according to reviews just some dicks, balls and brief breast of Gina Gershon in Blockers. It's another female driven comedy so no surprise here. Can't wait for more reviews of Mektoub My Love. Soon premiere.


Gina Gershon shows a boob in that kind of movie?


so none from Kathryn Newton.


Any nudity from Tessa Thompson in 'Sorry To Bother You'?


From MrSkin:
(0:06) Tessa Thompson takes off her top getting on top of Lakeith Stanfield. We see her panties. Then her bra when putting a shirt back on.
(0:11) WOMAN is screwed on a couch.
(0:52) Flash of Tessa Thompson in panties.
(1:00) Tessa Thompson strips to nothing but a specially-designed bikini that is hands covering her chest and a hand stretching a middle finger in front of her crotch.
(1:26) Tessa Thompson bra in bed.


Any info on "Most Likely to Murder"? Premiered at SXSW last night. Rated R for "crude sexual content" and "some graphic nudity".


According to mrskin "left breast" of Bonnie Rose. And male full frontal nudity.


We're one week away from Dakota Fanning's 'topless scene'(realistically sideboob/pasties).


I might be the only one here still legitimately excited for this.


You have at least one more person excited to see that scene! Anything from Dakota will be great to get.


This is ALL theory. Just an opinion, mostly. I'm not trying to be a downer here. Some people here seem sensitive. Sorry in advance. I think it's interesting convo. I expect a mountain of down votes. Maybe Recapped, himself, would know more than me. Just my own assessment and thought I would share.

Prior to Weinstein, the American movie industry, particularly Indies, actually seemed poised to start doing nudity, and a lot more of it, as a trend, I think. I actually believe this. It's apparent when you look at films like Red Sparrow and many others produced during 2016-2017. Even Sofia Vergara (a women nobody thought would go nude) "kind of" did a nude scene in Bent, a drama that played like a mild exploitation movie, with other overt nude scenes in it. The Institute, by James Franco, was crazy overt. A lot of full nudity from Allie Gallerani, and very "exploitation cinema" like. I know young people here may not know that exploitation cinema was a huge, very popular genre of cinema all around the world during the 1970s and 80s. So, imo, Red Sparrow is basically an expensive, elaborate, modern-day, A-list, sexploitation movie and it starred the biggest female lead in the world.

I did hear rumors, (just rumors) that more provocative stuff was making a comeback in many scripts. Maybe that was why so many A-listers were not happy with the state of the industry and so vocal about needing change after Weinstein? Not the only reason, obviously, but maybe one of the reasons? Then again.. this has never been clearly stated by anyone, so take it with a big grain of salt. But from what I heard, even A-listers were getting asked more to do more nudity. In general, the industry was clearly opening its doors to more provocative stories. 50 shades, etc, etc. James Franco, again, was definitely making more provocative, exploitation-type, bigger budget theatricals. That's over, no doubt, because of the BS that happened to him.

So it seems it was definitely getting back on the ticket, so to speak, these past two years or so, to where it looked like a "potential" return of the 1980's. It makes sense given studios/theater chains are desperate to compete with people staying home to watch all provocative stuff on TV and they perhaps don't know what else to do. They can't just make super hero movies for kids, I suppose. I do think it was in-fact on it's way back and about to become much more frequent. And not just for men. Probably more female-directed stuff as well. Magic Mike, etc etc.

Anyone else notice all of this?

Now I've already read various articles stating that the whole industry has already changed and many on-set attitudes are very "anti-objectification.” I’m talking “on sets”.. not in board rooms. And young actresses? .. Forget it. They haven’t even made movies yet and they already feel “abused.” Hate the word objectification, btw. Only because it's the individual who decides if they are objectified, not someone else. Anyways...

If true, what a turn of events. Now we can't help but wonder what it will all look like a year or two from now. We might expect the complete opposite. I think we will see many, if not most, sex scenes to be basically covered. Hidden. Nothing new. We’ve all seen it before. It was huge in the 90s. I would be shocked if we get frontal nudity from anyone, and even on TV it might become even way more rare than it is. Add to this the fact that fake CGI nudity can technically be so well done, nobody can even tell it’s fake. As truly thoughtless and stupid as something like Cgi nudity is, it will probably also be used a lot more, soon.

If this does happen it may be temporary. We would be fools not to expect it some of this, though.

Not a complaint, really. Just an observation. Maybe I'm wrong. Hope I'm wrong. ;/

Now all that being said.. when the smoke does completely clear, we could be looking at a huge boom of provocative stuff in the future from both male and female producers/directors. Time needs to pass and more women need to get in the game and then maybe the men will feel more comfortable with it all. I guess the question would be if and when?

Again, this is all guesswork. Just my thoughts on the whole thing for conversational purposes.


First and foremost, I'd like to say I'm still relatively new here, but I feel I've been welcomed with mostly fully-open arms. So I don't claim to be an expert on your posting history, but I can tell you I don't associate "JayD" with "oh god, this crap again... let's see what BS he has to say, though based on his history I'm certain I already know" the way many of us already do with Dave or le_sigh or others. So, with that in mind, here's my real-time response to you after having read this in full a few days ago.

-Don't talk about downvotes. Especially when you start with "Some people here seem to be sensitive." You're basically pre-trolling.
-No, the movie industry was not "poised to start doing nudity." The movie industry has been doing nudity for decades and there's literally nothing new in the immediate-pre-Weinstein Hollywood where nudity was suddenly going to be a big thing or a bigger thing. I don't know your knowledge of the history of the industry or your history of diving into the depths of the industry, but you SEEM to relatively new to the industry (not new to movies, I mean the industry as a whole with all of the specifics like producers and contracts and the indie scene and paying dues and blahblahblah...). It's like when someone discovers how the proverbial sausage is made. They don't fully realize that that's how the sausage has always been made. Red Sparrow is nothing new and nothing special. It's literally less than a year after Atomic Blonde. The Nikita genre (super sexy spy lady, especially one whose spy agency has turned on her and forced her to go rogue where she uses ALL of her skills and abilities to her advantage, the Venn Diagram overlap of Femme Fatale and Female Spy Thriller) is nearly 30 years old as an overt sub-genre of spy thrillers. It honestly goes back to the 30s and 40s like with Brigid O'Shaughnessy in the classic The Matlese Falcon. On-screen nudity, however, is the focus of your point. If you like, we can exchange claims and examples, I'm fine with that, but if you chart the frequency of female nudity, you won't see a spike in the immediate pre-Weinstein period. I don't want to strawman your point, so I'm not saying that that's your point, it's just that's what your point seems to be.
-There are always rumors of scripts and scenes being more provocative. That's literally marketing. It's to get people excited about projects. Ever wonder why, for example, female celebrities just HAPPEN to come out with stories of "well sure, of course I've slept with women before" when they're doing the rounds to promote a new movie where sexuality (especially f/f sexuality) is relevant? I'm not saying they're lying, though of course they often skirt the line of lying. A go to example for me is Neve Campbell talking about the lesbian "sex" scene with Joelle Carter in 2006's When Will I Be Loved. In all seriousness, I have no problem if she honestly felt it was incredibly erotic. If I were doing that with Joelle Carter OR Neve Campbell, I would have described it the same way. But... what actually ended up on-screen was NOT all that visually impressive or stimulating or whatever. It was barely eroticism-lite. Claiming that it was a "lesbian sex scene" falls into the "willfully misleading" category for me. I also understand the difference between what was shot and what was left in the film. To my knowledge, Neve knew what was going to be shown on-screen. Point being... the rumors of scripts and scenes being more than they are is literally older than you or I or anyone else on this site (I assume everyone here is under 100). Anything that gets butts in seats is acceptable marketing, to the point of trailers outright lying (I point you to Rogue One, something that surprised and upset a lot of people, except those who know that that kind of thing happens all the time).
-You really listed 50 shades as an example of a more provocative story? Dude... that's some of the tamest BS ever put on screen as "sexy." And that is definitely pre-Weinstein.
-Franco is an entirely separate story. Perfectly valid topic though.
-The "Return to the 1980s" kind of says a lot. There's literally no reason to make movies for old-fashioned eroticism anymore. The internet completely killed that. Eroticism is about as easy to find as anything (not saying it's well-done). The return on those movies has steadily been going down since well before Weinstein, so that piece of evidence is utterly irrelevant.
-Young actresses are consistently acting like that, and they've always acted like that, and they'll always act like that. They either start at "I'll be naked all the time" like Eva Green or start at "I'll never do nudity." Few of the "all the time" actresses change. Quite a few "never" do, however. It's part of growing up. They come to realize their sexuality and how they're objectified and figure "well... fine... I'll do it on my terms." See Eleanor Tomlinson as a recent example.
-"Probably more female-directed stuff as well. Magic Mike, etc etc." <--- I'm legitimately confused. Why'd you talk about female-directed stuff and then immediately name a movie by Steven Soderbergh?
-Forget it. They haven’t even made movies yet and they already feel “abused.” <--- That's pretty douchey of you dude. At least TRY to be empathetic.
-"I would be shocked if we get frontal nudity from anyone" <--- I'm assuming you're being sarcastic, but just in case you're being literal, I'm honestly tempted to come back and post every single time a movie is released with legitimate nudity. You're coming across as incredibly naive and someone who has only just now taken his first steps into the realities of the movie industry.

What I think we'll see is women being in control of their sexuality. And... if you've ever consumed porn... you know this is actually a very good thing. Porn made for and made by women is actually much better than most of the crap that the men are making. In the same manner, sexuality in movies and television will likely take a similar route. The best way many women in Hollywood see for preventing abuse by women in regards to sexuality is to take full control of their own sexuality.

I highly suggest you dive into the stories of the many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many women who have been covertly abused (because I'm sure we all agree on the over stuff). Marina Sirtis is a superb example. She felt she HAD to pay her dues via the movies she did that involved sexuality (the Death Wish 3 example comes to mind) where she was treated like sh*t, and not in a way that most people would find acceptable. It was literally "if you want to work in the industry, you'll do these nude scenes and NOT complain about how I treat you." Please, go watch her ST Convention videos where she tells her story and how appreciative she was for the opportunities that Star Trek gave her. The old "joke" of "well, that's the last c*ck I suck" is sadly not facetious at all. And if we, as the consumers of a product, can help the industry get past that... then we should be completely on board.

That said... there WILL be bad things from #MeToo. There will be a few proverbial Duke LaCrosses. But I believe that's a price that I'm willing to pay.

I'm running late for an appointment, so I'm going to have to wrap it up, but... two things.

1)Overall I thought your viewpoint was well elucidated. Kudos. Also, tee-hee, I said elucidated! But seriously though, THAT is the way to intitiate a discussion. And it's a great example of why we need a forum.

2)I wrote a pretty decent reply on Darkhorizons to someone complaining about #MeToo. I suggest going to the article about Wonder Woman's new guidelines (don't know the linking rules here, so just /wonder-woman-2-leads-new-movie-guidelines/#comment-3720692681) where Dirty Frank makes a joke about "Let’s see how many “but oh the poor male victims of malicious allegations” comments this article throws up. Where’s the popcorn..."
It's incredibly important to me to acknowledge that the movement won't be flawless. There WILL be victims. There WILL be changes that are less than 100% positive. So forth and so on. But dammit... it's more than worth it for these human beings who are the incredibly sexy ladies we enjoy seeing on screen.

And now, I have to run. It's been fun! I happily upvoted you and downvoted the trolls in the replies. I very, very much prefer to treat you like you're an adult.


Oh. This, again.


Oh. This, again.


Oh. This, again.


Oh. This, again.


Again, this. Oh.


FYI. I won't post this stuff again until/if there is a forum for it. Seems to make sense. My take anyway is, I worked in the industry and I have friends who still do, so for me, I guess don't just come here just to hear about tits, which is fine if most others do, no prob. I get it. But I also like to occasionally discuss stuff related to this and the industry, for anyone who's interested. I realize many of you are not. I'll wait for a forum. No big deal.

Also, let me just add this... jayderek, if the comment somehow bummed you, or others, out. Well, one, I may be totally wrong about everything I said as I tried to elude to, and two, as I've said before.. wait a few years when more women are writing and directing, particularly for TV. I believe women will do nudity for female directors much more often and with much more enthusiasm, then for men. Who wouldn't agree with that? It's common sense, imo. In-fact, they might actually even find it fun.. like, for the first time, ever. Who knows? I can almost hear the interviews now.. oh yes, I did a lot of frontal nudity in this film.. but it was a female director and it was a blast.

Wait for it. It will happen. This is what women in the industry are waiting for. Women like sex, too. They are just tired of it all being dictated by men.


Is there a tl;dr version of this available?


"Prior to Weinstein, the American movie industry, particularly Indies, actually seemed poised to start doing nudity, and a lot more of it, as a trend, I think."
It wasn't, at all. Just look at the recent Sundance Film Festival. It had less nudity than ever and all those movies were filmed before the Weinstein stuff. It has been trending the opposite way for a while and there were no signs of it reversing.


Um.... the recent Sundace Film Fetival was post-Weinstein. Bad example dude. Remember, just because something was FILMED pre-Weinstein doesn't mean it was EDITED and FINISHED post-Weinstein. I'm pretty confident 100% of those movies had at least SOME post-production that was done post-Weinstein.


Dude, do you really need to spam this in every post?


what I would give for the chance to block people here. This crap doesn't belong here


I personally think that users taking upon themselves to tell other users what does and doesn’t belong here are more annoying than walls of text like this. What gives you the right to police what other people think and have to say? Most of the time “what doesn’t belong here” is just whatever a mob of users don’t want to hear. Well, that’s not how discussion works.


That's literally why a moderated forum is desired, so that someone who DOES have the authority to say "hey, you've made this condescending point 17 times, here's a complete list. You will now stop doing this specific thing or action will be taken" will be able to make this an acceptable place for everyone.


That’s why we’ve requested a forum, to isolate and segregate discussions.


There has been a new feature in this and many other sites for quite a while in case you didn't know, you look at the username and don't read the comment. This revolutionary new technology also works irl, you see a person you don't like and don't speak to them instead of asking the government to relocate him.


There's this even newer tech, incompatible with most people's OS, called "giving a sh*t."

It has this fascinating side effect of caring about the people that le_sigh trolls and a low rate of success of making le_sigh realize his trollerific ways and changing, thus improving the community immensely.

But, like I said, it's 100% incompatible with most people's OS. The instant they start thinking of the potential impact on others and the possibility of improving something, they run a virus scan and often simply reinstall their OS.

Tis sad really.

But yeah, funny. VERY clever, if not ironic.



How about you be a little bit more constructive, chieftain, and let me know why you don’t like it and I’ll refrain from posting in the future. That is if other people also agree with you. You don’t have to be at ass right out of the gates, dude. No reason to block people you don’t know simply because you don’t like one of their comments. There’s thinking critically about something really bother you? Do you find it irritating? Just wondering.


I mean.. . "these types of articles are typically not welcomed here", would have done my just fine.

Dig what I'm saying?


Then maybe... don't read it? Just a thought.


the thing is I feel like this has been rehashed many times're the one that's just not getting it that this just isn't the place for this. I'll refrain from saying anything in the future - but I'll definitely be swiping up as fast as possible.

I'm not here for op-ed pieces.


Who is that? And what is this from?


I believe that's Eliza Taylor from "Thumper."


If it is her I found this on reddit.


anything on Stefanie Scott in First Light ? It premiered at SXSW.


I had no idea that movie was playing there. She's very high on my wishlight.


*wishlist, lol.


Any nudity from Jeremy Allen White in Shotgun? He plays Maika's boyfriend.


FWIW I saw Tully (new Charlize Theron/Mackenzie Davis film) a few days ago. Plenty of breast feeding nipple sequences, though I think they could all plausibly have been a stunt nip. Mackenzie Davis not nude, though there is a very sexy scene where Charlize Theron undresses her from behind and (unless I'm misremembering) sort of feels her up.


I'm really losing Patience with Mackenzie Davis, I already lost all interest in Gugu Mbatha-Raw.


I’m sure they’ll be devastated to hear that


Do they kiss or anything?


Any pics or clips of Addison Timlin in Submission? The movie's out and we're all looking forward to it.


second that /...


Which was the release date for Josie/Huntsville? Can we expect anything from Sophie Turner or nothing to do here ?


MrSkin says no nudity.


So anything from Jessica Jones series 2? 🙂


Marvel Netflix shows will never have any meaningful plot. They are hard R but they don't have any plots, never expect anything from those shows. You have better chance at abc.


I wouldn't call Netflix Marvel "hard R". They don't even say "fuck", and I've seen the violence from these shows in TV-14 programs. No it probably wouldn't get a PG-13 rating, but it's really on the low end of an R rating.


There are some sex scenes with Rachael Taylor, but she doesn’t show anything. All strategic camera angles with objects in the way.


Krysten in her underwear. Also a guy's ass. So... nothing.


Alin.Sumarwata.Strike.Back.S06E06.Cinemax.Version (UNCUT)


Roxannes Nude Scenes is identical in both versions.


Thanks, dude. Roxanne’s scene is a body double, anyway.


a BD? And for the BD they digitally erase the nippel? You are ridicolous.


Seems like textbook body double to me. Whenever you see her face, any nudity is artfully concealed. Only close-up shots of her boobs with no face. No nudity with her face in the same shot. But whatever, don’t want to argue.


No, it is not a body double.


regardless of if it was or wasnt a body double, it was disappointing, she showed more in game of thrones (boob wise anyway) even with the hair blocking. She showed more ass in strikeback so im sure that excited ass lovers, but if youre like me i was hoping for a clearer shot of her breasts and face.


Keep us posted on anything from Joey King in Summer 03.


the movie showing at SXSW? Heard from someone that saw it that there's no nudity, just a bit of bikini action


These F Rated films are always disappointing.


Anything on the release of Under the Silver Lake and (this is way out there) the nudity and/or release of The Ninth Passenger? The latter is a typical slasher movie which looks like it’ll include some standard-for-the-genre sex and nudity, and one of the actresses is Sabina Gadecki.


Any skin from Summer Bishil in Under the Silver Lake?


Silver Lake comes out June 22nd.


Limited release, looks like, with a wider release “later.” Damn.


Anything from Jessica Barden or Camilla Mendes in The New Romantic? It's also making its debut at SXSW.


Jessica briefly topless


Much obliged, Parzival.


Blockers is playing at SXSW - hopefully some surprising Kathryn Newton nudity or at least some notable sexiness.


Leven Rambin is in the new Motley Crue biopic which seems like the typical sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll flick. She’s playing the wife of the lead singer. Any nudity in the script from her if you’ve read it?


A fan asked her about doing nudity in the motley crew movie on her instagram and she said she had no problem with it.hopefully thats confirmation because she is playing a stripper


Let’s just hope she isn’t teasing.


As a foot perv, i love it when an actress has her feet in the air during sex scenes