Shut Eye 101 Nudity Review

KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui have some rather tame lesbian sex near the end of the Shut Eye series premiere. While KaDee shows her breasts clearly, Emmanuelle doesn’t really show much. There are a couple of frames however where you can maybe see a dark, blurry nipple from Emmanuelle. We have included a screencap so you can make your own judgement call.

The entire season of Shut Eye will be available on Hulu on December 7.

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Cap of Imogen Poots in frank and lola:


thank you thank you please post more


The new trailer for 50 Shades Darker just came out...Im not a big Dakota Johnson fan but DAMN!


Looks like Two Lovers and a Bear will be out on digital hd January 31 and DVD February 7. Could be the first chance to see it outside NYC on the 16th.


Just skimmed shut eye. Nothing. What a disappointment. Looks like the worst show ever, too.


It's The Path all over again.


How disappointing! Anything from Jeffrey Donovan?


Skimmed all the Shut Eye eps with 'S' in the rating and no nudity except for 1st ep and a bit of Leah Gibson ass in ep 7.

Here's the KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui sex scene:

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Best way to enjoy this is download the clip and watch in slo-mo.


@Basher : Are you satisfied with the the snake tattooed woman ? xD


No because it was another crappy merkin


here, In love with the snake tattooed woman. she was super in those scenes.


Sooooo everybody missed the full frontal on Westworld? Lol


have it on my dvr, all set up and ready to watch tonight. Ive been waiting to see the snake chick naked all season


Anything on Shameless?


Sad that personal shopper hasn't released yet


What do we know about Passengers? PG13 for sexuality/nudity.


I believe there's one or two scenes where Chris Pratt shows his butt.


You have seen the movie already, Bahser? Do we see his butt well?




Hey recapped r u sure about FRANK & LOLA release date?coz I saw a trailer on YouTube n it says digital HD on 12/6 and bluray on 2/7..


Hmmm... most places show VOD on December 9. So maybe it'll be available on EST (aka purchase) on December 6 and the December 9 date is for rental.


Maybe they got their dates wrong, and meant to say the 9th.


One can never be sure, but I think that's a real blowjob at 103 mins in white girl, too. Also note that Amazon is selling a "Special Director's Edition" Blu-ray as of today, which includes:

bonus features including director's commentary (with writer/director Elizabeth Wood, producer Gabriel Nussbaum, actors Morgan Saylor and Brian Marc), exclusive deleted scenes, the audition tapes of Morgan Saylor and Brian Marc, special extended "Gratuitous Party" footage

Dying to see deleted scenes and gratuitous footage. I also heard Morgan's audition tapes were incredibly hot.


i'm sure its worth every penny


How can there be a real blowjob at 103 mins if the movie is only 90 mins long?

So you want to tell me she snorts fake coke off of Justin Bartha's real penis? No way!!!!!


Using fake one in one scene & the real one in another seems extremely unlikely to me.


The exact moment in White Girl where you can see this real blowjob is 103 minutes and 15 seconds. Tell me what you guys think? Looks like the real deal.


Holy crap! There's obviously the fake bj scene we all know by now. But the scene where she snorts the coke off of his boner is real, and this is part of the same scene. So rest assured folks. 19yo Morgan Saylor sucks on a 40 year old man's dick in this movie for real. Holy crap. I tried to make a screencap as vivid as possible. The unedited scene is incredibly dark and blue.


No Personal Shopper on the calendar?


so there is no nudity in Always Shine?recapped removed it from calendar


No, zero nudity.


White Girl is up on Netflix streaming. I couldn't find it when I searched for the title but it popped up when I searched for Morgan Saylor.


Fast forward to the 57:30 mark.


Is the nudity near the end of episode 1 or end of the whole season??


@zoom, hey buddy do u know if there is nudity in the remaining episodes?? Thanks a lot.


i wish i knew, men.

i think recapped and other reviewing media get to see only the pilot or maximum the first 3 episodes, not the whole season.

just 5 little days remaining and we'll all know lol


Actually I am a total Chriqui fan, but I just wonder how even is possible to take screenshot of the episode by recapped which will premier on 7th. Cauz this TV shows usually don't have any pre-screening. Do u have a clue how re capped buddies got it?


when i said "get to see it" i meant Hulu send to some popular blogs the pilot to make a review or an article about it, and i think recapped have some connections with them.

I remember lala anthony scene from power got leaked by MediaTakeOut almost a week before the episode aired that means they had it way before the release


hey buddy, will hulu broadcast the series from midnight 12:01am on 7th or later on 7th??


Nothing from white girl ?


Ptastic69 posted a higher quality version above you:

The official White Girl twitter is saying December 2.

The director's twitter and a bunch of other sites did say December 1 though.


Some sources are saying today, others tomorrow.


hope in rest of the season she'll make a perfect topless scene...the above screenshot shows a perfect nipple..looking forward for her boobs..please god,make my wish true..


where've you been dude?

another version


I mean to say about her on screen nudity not from a photoshoot..


I think that is a nipple.


Everywhere i look says a Dec 2 release for White Girl. Why does it say the 1st on the calendar?


Dec. 1 for Netflix only.


very angry this morning as it is not up yet


white girl is available on netflix only in dvd section


Not true. Streaming now.


its out on netflix but only in dvd section


Same. Also it is annoying that Personal Shopper isnt out yet with Kristen Stewart. People said it would be released on IQIYI today and that is no where to be found as well.


Personal Shopper releases on VOD on 14 Dec. So 11 more days to go. I caught one of the screenings of the film, the nudity is well lit on both the ocassions but there's nothing sexual in them. Was pretty underwhelming for me to be honest. I would rate her sex scenes from On the Road more than these 2 scenes.


I really hope there is more on the others episodes.


...if not that's a damn shame.


I can't believe Emmanuelle Chriqui is closing in on 40! She still looks great, but it's a damn shame she never showed the goods in her prime (and probably never will). I'm always at a loss when an absolutely gorgeous woman is against doing nudity.


is that the only nude scene in the series?


Is there anywhere we can see a video of the sex scene? How does the scene play out? Good kissing and petting?