Shut Eye 101 Nudity Review

KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui have some rather tame lesbian sex near the end of the Shut Eye series premiere. While KaDee shows her breasts clearly, Emmanuelle doesn’t really show much. There are a couple of frames however where you can maybe see a dark, blurry nipple from Emmanuelle. We have included a screencap so you can make your own judgement call.

The entire season of Shut Eye will be available on Hulu on December 7.

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Cap of Imogen Poots in frank and lola:


thank you thank you please post more


The new trailer for 50 Shades Darker just came out...Im not a big Dakota Johnson fan but DAMN!


Looks like Two Lovers and a Bear will be out on digital hd January 31 and DVD February 7. Could be the first chance to see it outside NYC on the 16th.


Just skimmed shut eye. Nothing. What a disappointment. Looks like the worst show ever, too.


It's The Path all over again.


How disappointing! Anything from Jeffrey Donovan?


Skimmed all the Shut Eye eps with 'S' in the rating and no nudity except for 1st ep and a bit of Leah Gibson ass in ep 7.

Here's the KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui sex scene:

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Best way to enjoy this is download the clip and watch in slo-mo.


@Basher : Are you satisfied with the the snake tattooed woman ? xD


No because it was another crappy merkin


here, In love with the snake tattooed woman. she was super in those scenes.


Sooooo everybody missed the full frontal on Westworld? Lol


have it on my dvr, all set up and ready to watch tonight. Ive been waiting to see the snake chick naked all season


Anything on Shameless?


Sad that personal shopper hasn't released yet