Siberia Review

Ana Ularu has several nude scenes in Siberia. Around 44 minutes in, Ana is wearing only a bra as she is getting eaten out but of course you can’t really see anything. Ana is then shown on top cowgirl-style and we see her butt. Just over an hour in, Ana’s breasts can be seen during another sex scene. About half an hour later, there is yet another sex scene but it’s pretty dark and brief so not much can be seen. There’s another glimpse of this scene near the end of the movie.

Siberia is available in theaters and on demand on Friday.

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Hey Recapped, any chances for some nudity from Molly Ephraim in finale season of Casual?


I was at "The Favourite" test screening on Thursday in LA, and I can confirm that, in addition to a couple of very slight sideboob glimpses, there is one shot of Emma Stone topless in bed with one full breast clearly exposed. The scene came after I was convinced all we were going to get was the slight sideboob, so it was a pleasant surprise. I can't swear there's no CGI involved (although I don't have any reason to suspect there was), but it's a shot with the head and body in the same frame, so it's not a double.

I know I'm a first time poster and you have no reason to believe me (other than sheer hope), but what I posted is true! (FYI, there's another test screening of the movie on July 18 at the ArcLight Hollywood.)


Any oral sex involving Emma Stone?


Thank you. I'll take this with optimism, but the film looks really good as a whole.


I heard it is quite good.


How are the lesbian scenes?


Olivia Coleman's character is, by design, not very attractive, if that makes a difference to you. As far as I can remember, there's not really any nudity in any of the lesbian scenes, except for post-sex scene with Emma in bed. (That's part of the reason that I was surprised by her nudity. It seemed like they were intentionally avoiding nudity up to that point.) You see a fair amount of kissing and lots of reaction shots from Olivia Coleman when she's being pleasured, but nothing that I remember as being all that exciting.


Can you tell us if anyone else is naked in The Favourite?


Just some extras. Rachel Weisz isn't naked, nor is Olivia Colman.


I will go with a positive attitude and will believe you. Also have one question, in trailer one man says to Emma's character: "I should have you strip and whip" - is there any that kind of scene in film?


Emma Stone's top is slightly pulled down over her shoulders and she's (very) briefly whipped on the top part of her back, but that's it. Nothing at all to see.


Cool! Thanks for answer:)


Remember the saga of EmmaB and Dakota. If something posted on here sounds too good to be true ...


Dakota was bad info. But @testing123 is right.


Does anyone have any idea if Blake Lively has a nude scene in A Simple Favor?


Pretty good quality HDCAM version of Superfly just hit the net, so if anyone is interested in naked Andrea Londo, here's the opportunity 🙂


Nice! Thanks, dude. I’d given up on this one for the time being.


my thoughts on Emma Stone being naked in "the favourite". So its being directed by Yorgos Lanthimos who is no slouch when it comes to nudity. He had explicity nudity and sex in "dog tooth", and full frontal nudity from Nicole Kidman in "Killing of a Sacred Deer" so I don't really expect him to pull any punches here. Plus, the guy is prestige-y as all hell so I see him being able to get Stone to do a topless scene at the least, especially in a non-gratuitous context. Stone seems like she is trying something different here, so maybe she's willing to give nudity a try


So do you think Recapped might be wrong?


I think a lot can change since January. Also, anyone can be wrong every now and then.

For now im personally skeptical until some kind of sources are provided. But i don't think it's impossible.


Yeah. Obviously, I hope he’s wrong about Emma Stone but still right about Alex DD. If he’s wrong about Emma Stone, why would he just flat out say no about it instead of maintain a level of uncertainty about it?


Everyone is a never nude until they aren't.


She's known as a never nude of sort.


Sweetbitter officially renewed by Starz for season 2. If they continue to closely follow the novel, Ella Purnell “should” have a sex scene with the main love interest.


It's difficult to see on my laptop screen, and it's a dark scene, but Kat Graham *might* be briefly topless in "How It Ends" on Netflix. Should be clearer if anyone can grab a high resolution cap...


That's an understatement.


here's a 1080p brightened .... no data there tho ....


Here is a quick attempt to brighten


Actually looks like a CGI shadow to keep the boobs hidden in darkness. Probably because of pasties. Oh, well.


it's still more then before....


When do you think a trailer (or at least some information) for "I am not a bird" will be released?


It needs a festival screening first to get distribution.




We’ve got a looooong stretch of film-festival hell before anything like that.


Going by some test screening reviews/comments I've read, Emma Stone apparently does have a nude scene in "The Favourite." I hope it's not CGI - but with this being directed by an artsy European man, maybe not.


PICTURES! or it never happened !




I can't say, but it is from some trustworthy posters.

I'm surprised that she decided to get naked in this and not that Billie Jean King movie - maybe she just got caught up in the quirky, auteur hype from this director?


I doubt it will happen.


Maybe you should read up above.