Siberia Review

Ana Ularu has several nude scenes in Siberia. Around 44 minutes in, Ana is wearing only a bra as she is getting eaten out but of course you can’t really see anything. Ana is then shown on top cowgirl-style and we see her butt. Just over an hour in, Ana’s breasts can be seen during another sex scene. About half an hour later, there is yet another sex scene but it’s pretty dark and brief so not much can be seen. There’s another glimpse of this scene near the end of the movie.

Siberia is available in theaters and on demand on Friday.

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Hey Recapped, any chances for some nudity from Molly Ephraim in finale season of Casual?


I was at "The Favourite" test screening on Thursday in LA, and I can confirm that, in addition to a couple of very slight sideboob glimpses, there is one shot of Emma Stone topless in bed with one full breast clearly exposed. The scene came after I was convinced all we were going to get was the slight sideboob, so it was a pleasant surprise. I can't swear there's no CGI involved (although I don't have any reason to suspect there was), but it's a shot with the head and body in the same frame, so it's not a double.

I know I'm a first time poster and you have no reason to believe me (other than sheer hope), but what I posted is true! (FYI, there's another test screening of the movie on July 18 at the ArcLight Hollywood.)


Any oral sex involving Emma Stone?


Thank you. I'll take this with optimism, but the film looks really good as a whole.


I heard it is quite good.


How are the lesbian scenes?


Olivia Coleman's character is, by design, not very attractive, if that makes a difference to you. As far as I can remember, there's not really any nudity in any of the lesbian scenes, except for post-sex scene with Emma in bed. (That's part of the reason that I was surprised by her nudity. It seemed like they were intentionally avoiding nudity up to that point.) You see a fair amount of kissing and lots of reaction shots from Olivia Coleman when she's being pleasured, but nothing that I remember as being all that exciting.


Can you tell us if anyone else is naked in The Favourite?


Just some extras. Rachel Weisz isn't naked, nor is Olivia Colman.


I will go with a positive attitude and will believe you. Also have one question, in trailer one man says to Emma's character: "I should have you strip and whip" - is there any that kind of scene in film?


Emma Stone's top is slightly pulled down over her shoulders and she's (very) briefly whipped on the top part of her back, but that's it. Nothing at all to see.


Cool! Thanks for answer:)


Remember the saga of EmmaB and Dakota. If something posted on here sounds too good to be true ...


Dakota was bad info. But @testing123 is right.


Does anyone have any idea if Blake Lively has a nude scene in A Simple Favor?


Pretty good quality HDCAM version of Superfly just hit the net, so if anyone is interested in naked Andrea Londo, here's the opportunity 🙂


Nice! Thanks, dude. I’d given up on this one for the time being.


my thoughts on Emma Stone being naked in "the favourite". So its being directed by Yorgos Lanthimos who is no slouch when it comes to nudity. He had explicity nudity and sex in "dog tooth", and full frontal nudity from Nicole Kidman in "Killing of a Sacred Deer" so I don't really expect him to pull any punches here. Plus, the guy is prestige-y as all hell so I see him being able to get Stone to do a topless scene at the least, especially in a non-gratuitous context. Stone seems like she is trying something different here, so maybe she's willing to give nudity a try


So do you think Recapped might be wrong?


I think a lot can change since January. Also, anyone can be wrong every now and then.

For now im personally skeptical until some kind of sources are provided. But i don't think it's impossible.


Yeah. Obviously, I hope he’s wrong about Emma Stone but still right about Alex DD. If he’s wrong about Emma Stone, why would he just flat out say no about it instead of maintain a level of uncertainty about it?


Everyone is a never nude until they aren't.


She's known as a never nude of sort.


Sweetbitter officially renewed by Starz for season 2. If they continue to closely follow the novel, Ella Purnell “should” have a sex scene with the main love interest.


It's difficult to see on my laptop screen, and it's a dark scene, but Kat Graham *might* be briefly topless in "How It Ends" on Netflix. Should be clearer if anyone can grab a high resolution cap...


That's an understatement.


here's a 1080p brightened .... no data there tho ....


Here is a quick attempt to brighten


Actually looks like a CGI shadow to keep the boobs hidden in darkness. Probably because of pasties. Oh, well.


it's still more then before....


When do you think a trailer (or at least some information) for "I am not a bird" will be released?


It needs a festival screening first to get distribution.




We’ve got a looooong stretch of film-festival hell before anything like that.


Going by some test screening reviews/comments I've read, Emma Stone apparently does have a nude scene in "The Favourite." I hope it's not CGI - but with this being directed by an artsy European man, maybe not.


PICTURES! or it never happened !




I can't say, but it is from some trustworthy posters.

I'm surprised that she decided to get naked in this and not that Billie Jean King movie - maybe she just got caught up in the quirky, auteur hype from this director?


I doubt it will happen.


Maybe you should read up above.


Hearing rumors Ariana is topless in her new video. Hope we get a decent nip view


Yeah she is topless covered with body paint u can't see nothing


At least 1 of the photos/screen grabs floating around looks like she's wearing nipple patches under the paint.


Fwhats the name of the video? When is it going to release?


God Is A Woman (as anyone who watched Dogma has known for years)
It's out now


When is Tully going to be released on digital??


Any chance of anything from Anna Kendrick in A Simple Favor?


From the trailer it looks like she has a sex scene

but it's still Anna Kendrick directed by Paul Feig, so expectations at a minimum and hope to be surprised.


I mean technically Gone with the Wind has a sex scene. Doesnt mean we get to see anything


lol I wish, i wouldnt get your hopes up.


Anything on Episode 2 of Sharp Objects?


A bit OT: What is the most perfect pair of breasts you've seen in movies or television?

I can't narrow it down to just one, but Alison Pill in "Dear Wendy (2005)" has to be up there.


My vote would go to Shiri Appleby for her role in season 2 of Girls. It was her 1st and only nude scene so far. It got people questioning whether or not that was rape.

This is what recapped said about the scene.

Shiri Appleby makes her first appearance in episode 8 and saves the show for those of you who aren’t fans of Lena. In episode 9, we see Shiri’s ass from the side as some guy eats her out from behind and then has sex with her. He cums on Shiri’s chest and we see Shiri’s boobs as he moves away and then cleans up the mess. In episode 10, we get a longer, more bouncy look at Shiri’s tits as she is having sex in the missionary position.


I'll add Carice van Houten's name into the mix. From her twenties through to her nudity in GoT she's always been proud to show off her perfect set.


There is an actress called Hanna Stanbridge who has a sex scene with bra on in horror flick "Let Us Prey" from a couple of years ago.She is half Filipino ,half Scottish and all hard-on inducing sex bomb. Somebody please cast her in something which involves lots of naked sex scenes, I am very keen to see her tits. That is all.


Phoebe Cates-Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Alex D'addario-True Detective
JLC-Trading Places

Most disappointing: Teri Hatcher-Heaven's Prisoners


Julia Benson - Masters of Horror S2E09
Julianna Guill - Friday The 13th


In addition to being two great scenes and four great boobs, both of those scenes would make my "never saw that coming" list as well.

Julia Benson was too hot and her boobs too big for me to think she was going to get them out. And Friday the 13th kinda had a tradition of showing you all the boobs but the best boobs (Marta Kober pt 2, Kimberly Beck pt 4, Melanie Kinnaman pt 5) So after a parade of terrible boob jobs in the re-make, I thought Julianna Guill's were the great boobs we aren't going to see. So glad I was wrong.


Guill's got "perfect nipple placement, baby"!


Alexandra daddario true detective
thora birch American beauty
Reese witherspoon Twilight
Teresa palmer restraint
nicole eggert blown away


Alexandra Daddario - True Detective
Lizzy Caplan - Masters of Sex
Eva Green - The Dreamers
Betty Gilpin - Nurse Jackie
And my super underrated pick: Sarah Power - Californication


Kelly Preston, Mischief.
Gretchen Mol, Forever Mine.
Diora Baird, Hot Tamale.
Betty Gilpin, Nurse Betty.
Naomi Watts, Mulholland Drive, 21 Grams.


That's a damn fine list


+Gillian Jacobs, Choke.


+Mimi Rogers in Rapture and various.
Alice Eve, Crossing Over

Ugliest breasts: Kate Winslet, Teri Hatcher

Actresses I need/want to see nude: Kat Dennings, Hayley Atwell, Christina Hendricks,


You, sir-and/or-madam, are forever allowed to state your opinion on breasts as fact. Very well done.

I'd like to add Ali Cobrin in American Reunion.

I would worship the ground tread by (s)he that got Hayley Atwell to give a full nudity scene. Goodness knows she's been topless plenty.


Another underrated one: Joanna Kulig in "Elles (2011)"


How no one has mentioned either Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz is baffling to me.

Also definitely Diane Lane, for her earlier stuff but especially in Unfaithful. She was the quintessential milf.

If we're going all timers here I gotta give a shout out to Natasha Henstridge, Gemma Arterton, Diane Kruger (that face is perfection), Teresa Palmer, and also, (I know this is a point of contention) but you have to give it up for Scarlet Johansson in Under the Skin. Say what you will about how she looked or how dark it is or whatever, the sheer shock of sitting in a movie theatre seeing that particular "never nude" going full frontal with booty too was a near out of body experience. Like, that actually happened.


Kelly Preston in Mischief, Phoebe Cates in Fast Times, and Nathalie Emmanuel in GoT.


Not exactly topless but a truly classic seethru scene was Liz Taylor in a little know film The Drivers Seat. Her tits look awesome!
Another golden oldie - Angie Dickinson in Big Bad Mama.
Would have loved a Claudia Cardinale topless scene.
Monica Bellucci in numerous films.
Emilia Clarke GOT.
So want to see Joanna Vanderham.


Definitely camilla luddington in "californication", perfect everything.

i really enjoyed lucy hales in "dude" as a runner up


Jennifer Ehle in The Camomile Lawn


Alexandra Daddario in True Detective, obviously.

Betty Gilpin on Nurse Jackie was impressive as well.


Carla Quevedo in Affluenza , Lili Simmons in Banshee, Emilia Clarke in GOT and Sarah Hay in Flesh and Bone.


Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places.


Jennifer Connelly in Mullholland Falls.


If the Weird Science computer was real, and I could give it all the traits of my ideal woman, and it would magically produce that woman, it would give me late 80's Jennifer Connelly. She was my ideal woman until she turned herself into a popsicle stick.

Fair skinned brunette with green eyes and freckles? Oh, and mouth watering boobs?

Yes, please.


I prefer mid-90s Connelly but yes, I concur. She was an all-timer.


So many to choose from but the hooters that immediately spring to mind are Anne Hathaway's in Havoc and Kirsten Dunst's in Melancholia.I could literally list hundreds. If I could pick any to come in the future I'd pick Kate Beckinsale to bless us ,she did years ago but she has filled out more as she grew into a woman and I can't think of a hotter sight in all creation. I'd also love Sarah Bolger to go naked crazy and I think Freya Mavor has a pair bonnier than the Scottish mountains. This hot weather has me going boob mental.


Dunst lying back naked in Melancholia was a good angle. Hopefully Alex DD has an angle like that in I Am Not a Bird.


Sorry for going a bit off topic here.
Been watching a rerun of Roswell and forgot just how perfect Emilie De Rabin was back then. Would have killed to see her do a good nude scene.


paula pattons nudity in traffik is very disappointing


Someone asked about Harlots in the last post. There wasn’t much in the first 2 episodes of S2 and I wouldn’t expect better going forward based on the first season, other than maybe more Holli Dempsey. One scene from Eloise Smyth that kept the good bits hidden.


It is amazing that a nice non nude sex scene like this gets people so angry. Calm down.


It’s amazing how you complain whenever someone expresses an opinion different from your own.


At some point, you need to accept that not every scene in every tv show and movie will feature full frontal nudity.


Now thats some ass.. but we cant see it,...


Wow they really went out of their way not to show anything here.


No shit. Why even have the scene or shoot it like that? They could have shot that any number of ways that didn't require her to grind nude on another actor. If you weren't going to show anything, and clearly they didn't want to....why get nude? Why do literally everything except show the nudity to the viewer. Co star and crew got a hell of a show. Just silly.


God, if I'd known it would set off another of the boring feminism/metoo/sjw discussions that keep happening over and over again here, I wouldn't have posted the gyfy.


I'm amazed at the way Anglos(English speaking cultures) are able to flaunt their puritanism as something progressive. They feel the need to hide the female body in order to avoid the "male gaze" and think that is a heathy progressive view of human sexuality. All this hyper analyzing, thinking and debating nudity in movies/tv is just puritanism that a culture with truly liberal views about nudity would not do. There is a reason you would never see French filmmakers talking like this.


Gross. Not sure how this quote fits the scene above...

Buffini said, “It’s really, really important to us that our performers are comfortable. I think you can show a really characterful and dramatic sex scene without having two completely naked people.

One of those actors is very much naked. One of those actors is grinding on the other. One of those actors is doing all of this in front of a crew. She's comfortable doing all of that, and doing it naked but she's not comfortable showing the audience? So Larry on the boom mike has her in his spank bank but no one else can? Gotcha.


Hot damn ... still smoking 😀


Film crews do use stand-ins when shooting OTS shots and shooting out the side like the shot. of the other person talking. They might have used a stand-in/body double because the scene was shot from different views and probably multiple takes, but maybe they didn't. If they were shooting the other side like the guy's reaction, they might not need the actress on set for those shots if they aren't going to see her face so they might use the stand-in. Kind of a lot to ask to have an actress be naked on set for all that time for all those different setups and takes.


All this debate about body double is ignoring the more important fact this is tits on American basic cable. Now we know FX will certainly be showing breasts on their original shows soon too. Maybe the new SOA spinoff or "Shogun" set in feudal Japan. FX also has greenlight a show based on the comic Y: The Last Man. It is set in a world of all women and only 1 man remaining. The comic supposedly features plenty of nudity.


Thank you. Showing tits on one of the oldest basic cable channels (formerly TNN) is a huge deal. This is like Supreme Court precedent that influences future cases. And yeah Y: The Last Man had a decent amount of nudity. With all the men gone the women lose their shit and start doing stuff like forming topless Amazon tribes and lezzing out with each other.


Imogen Poots has been cast in Y 🙂


For sure it's not body double. End of discussion.


And the Easter Bunny is real...the hard cuts means body double.


BD all the way ... No arguing to that.....


It’s a nice ass, but it’s a body double.


Oh great. Here comes the Body Double Brigade.


Dude, every shot of her ass is a cut away from her face and also awkwardly avoids showing her face.


So, let me understand you. Every shot of her ass is a body double, yet (going frame by frame through the clips) she shows her tits w/nipples while her face is also in the shot? She must have one sorry ass to need a body double for that. Oh, and before anyone screams "CGI" or "Photoshop for Video" altering, I do a lot of graphics work of that sort and it isn't.


Jesus, her ass is perfect.


For great ass scenes nothing tops Helena Bonham Carter in Wings Of A Dove, or Holly Hunter in The Piano.


Is that her ass? Why is there such a hard cut everytime her ass is shown without her face?


Definitely a body double. The cuts every time her butt is shown are a telltale sign.


Kiera Knightly a few years ago said she had no problem showing her tits and "the top half of her butt though not the bottom half".

I'd like to think that it's all Kelly and that there's no body double involved but just as far as the "well she showed her breasts why wouldn't she show her butt" argument goes there's some things actresses are cool with and some things they're not.


"hard cut to where we can see only her ass not her face"
Yes, because her face is in the front and ass is behind her. If the camera doesnt cut than you will be seeing her face and not her ass.


15.74s of the first gif---> There was no need for the hard cut because that would not have shown any more tits than already shown. They could have easily shown her dropping the robe.

Scene where we can see her face---->Hard cut to where we can see only her ass not her face------>Hard cut to where we can see her face but not her ass

This means body double.


JamesO, there are lots and lots and lots of scenes in other films/shows where an actress is nude from behind and then does something, for example "turning around" where you see her face without a cut.

When 100% of the time there's no definitive action or pan or literally anything where there's no cut between ass and face it's often, though not always, because its a body double.

You know what else would have been perfectly natural? For the camera to STAY on her and turn to follow her as she walks from the tub to the building.

So... no... it's a perfectly valid guess/assumption.


What do you mean "the cuts every time her butt is shown"? Every scene has "cuts" and there was nothing unnatural about the ones in this scene. Her ass is behind her and her face in front, naturally these will not be shown in the same shot.


"Sure, I'll show my tits, but no way is my ass going on screen!"


Cause she's having a dialogue scene and they're using her ass shots to not show a full fledged shot of her tits? I mean, how'd you show her ass and face at the same time, they're literally on opposite sides of the body.


Probably by not cutting away in that shot she's disrobing just as her butt is about to be exposed.

Hell I don't know, there's a case to be made for both theories. It probably is her or maybe she's got a tattoo or shrapnel from 'nam back there they didn't wanna show.


Yeah, it's hilarious all the wannabe directors. "For the integrity of this scene, we start on a close up of her face...then slow dolly out as she slowly turns so we can see her ass, then she turns her head to confirm that yes, it is her. All the while trying not to get too full a shot of her tits because this is still tv."


It is definitely her but pervs think directors are going to go out of their way to get a face and ass in the same shot to confirm it is not a body double. Anytime they don't see face and ass in the same shot they assume it is body double even if the actress shows tits in the same scene like this one.


Wow. Well worth the wait. Her body's gotten better with age.


Kelly's got a great little ass!


Well there will be no debate about whether Paramount showed the nipple uncensored for this recent episode of Yellowstone. Full titty uncensored and ass from Kelly Reilly. I'm sure someone will have the gifs or images on here soon.


Lol. That was the exact paraphrasing that I was going to use.


too be fully clear, you watched it live on cable tv and not any internet stream?


Yep. Live TV. And Kelly does not disappoint. She looks as incredible.


Yea, I watched it on TV.


Anything from Wendy Moniz?