Sister of Mine (Demonios tus ojos) Nudity Review

Ivana Baquero, best known for her role in Pan’s Labyrinth, has her first sexy role in Demonios tus ojos aka Sister of Mine. Ivana wears a bikini, a white t-shirt with no bra, and a bunch of lingerie in various scenes in the film.

The best scene however occurs about 10 minutes in, as we are shown a POV video of someone having sex with Ivana doggy-style. Ivana is nude but we only see most of her ass and quite a bit of her left breast but no nipple. Ivana does turn her head to face the camera so no worries about it being a body double. The video is shot in portrait mode and has a slightly choppy framerate. A little more of this video is shown around an hour into the film.

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ask and you shall receive:

(0:04) Eltie Pearce is in her red bra and panties.(0:09) A bearded Michelle Rodriguez gets out of the shower. She has a penis. We also see her buns, though as a man no breasts are to be seen.(0:14) Michelle Rodriguez (as a man) is having sex with Caitlin Gerard though we only see bodies going back and forth.(0:20) Michelle Rodriguez (now a woman) undoes her bandages and we see her breasts and then a full frontal look at her bush in the mirror too.(0:23) Breasts and bush on Michelle Rodriguez again in the mirror. Then she takes all of the bandages off.(0:29) Left breast on Michelle Rodriguez peeking out of her robe while stealing from a cash register. Then her right breast when she is beating a guy with a baseball bat.(0:44) There is a quick flashback to what is supposed to be Sigourney Weaver riding a guy though we never really see her face.(0:46) Left breast visible on Michelle Rodriguez while she is taping her chest down.(0:49) JOE'S GIRL is showing breasts during sex. Then after he is shot she goes somersaulting over a table showing buns.(0:50) Michelle Rodriguez and Caitlin Gerard begin kissing. Then Girard is lying in bed in her shorts.(1:00) Caitlin Gerard comes out of the shower giving us a nice look at her breasts. Then there is a quick bush flash from the side as she adjusts her towel and a bit of the left side of her buns from the side too.(1:17) Panties on Michelle Rodriguez strapping a gun to her thigh and then putting her bra on.


Is this real nudity or CGI?


If Michelle had a problem with the nudity, you think they would have paid for CGI when they could have simply picked another actress?


The issue is she's playing a man turned woman. They might have CGI'd to make her look less natural.


"I had fake boob covers to look like man implants & I wore a fake hairy 'mangina' which you can't really see cause they made it so hairy."


So, no real nudity from her?? You've got to be fucking kidding me.


I feel like she could just be talking about the male nudity scenes. Or could be the evil that was "The Change Up" all over again.


Mr.Skin has the nudity description of (Re)assignment. Can somebody share it?


This is great news! Any chance of screencaps would really appreciate it?


A title only teaser for GLOW just dropped. Get HYPE for inevitable disappointment.


Disappointment isn't possible when you've already given up hope.


The bigger news is that they announced a release date - March 31


Sooner than I thought. Nice.


Actually might have spoken too soon. Seems like they're only premiering a documentary from 2012 called GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling on that date. No announcement about the original series though.


This thread had me hyped and then lead to inevitable disappointment.


New teaser posted today saying GLOW will debut June 23rd.


Anything on Saoirse Ronan?


Thanks for the info on Ivanna. Hopefully we get clips/caps soon of the scene.
Ksenia Solo reposted this pic from her movie In Search of Felini

The movie premiered at an event in LA last Friday. In the rumors post Ksenia was supposed to be topless and this IG post seems to show the probable scene. Is there any more info about Ksenia’s possible nudity in this movie?


Yes, this is the scene. Review will be up next week or the week after.


Love to see Ksenia topless. Lets hope someone has some news. Jax - your image doesn't seem to have come through though šŸ™


Sorry I tried posting link. I'll try another way.


who is nude in the next episodes of Big Little Lies and Girls


Samantha Barks??



I fell hard for her as Eponine in Les Mis


When does Personal Shopper come out?


Xander will be happy to know there was a dick in Girls tonight. Blah.


Don't leave us hanging....circumcised or uncircumcised? How big of a boy is he?


So I guess you would be happy about prosthetic tits as well? Cool story bro šŸ˜‰


release date of the movie ?any screencaps of that scene?


Here's my biweekly "when is Gillian Jacobs going to get naked again?!" post.


maybe either STOP or come up with something original to say?

she's probably not getting naked again now that she's semi-famous and recognizable

accept it


If you're asking it biweekly and not getting an answer, maybe it's because they don't know. Just a thought.


You're making it very difficult for me to not be sarcastic.




How long does the scene last, recapped?


Only a few seconds.