Stacey Dash in Illegal in Blue

Well I’ve written about Rachel Blanchard a few times so now here’s her co-star from Clueless, Stacey Dash. This is an extremely rare clip of Stacey from Illegal in Blue. This movie was never available on DVD. There were a couple of pan & scan VHS versions but they’re now out-of-print.

This is the unrated version in widescreen sourced from HDTV. As such, the filesize is large (it’ll probably only be up for a week) and playback may be choppy on some older computers.

Hard to believe that Stacey is now 40 years old.

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Someone Who Knows

Just FYI, the clip is not true widescreen. It is a cropped version of the full-screen (unrated) edition. To my knowledge this movie was never released in widescreen.


Stacey Dash is the most exciting young actress I think in the business. this woman is by far most atractive that has casted in a movie like illegal in blue


Too bad no full frontal..heh, but very nice 🙂


Could you also post Sandra Reinhardt (Sandra Ferguson) from the same HD source? She lives across the street from me in L.A. and I'd love to see hi-rez images of her topless scenes.

If you can, thanks!


Awesome, always had a crush on her.