Stana Katic Nude in For Lovers Only

Here is another first — the beautiful Stana Katic (from Castle) topless in For Lovers Only. This is the only nude scene in the movie although there are a few sexy scenes. Stana also wears a somewhat see-through top once or twice. Oh and do not bother adjusting your media players, this film is entirely in black & white except for one scene.

As usual, you can either stream the lower quality video or download the 720p HD video using the link below.

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She is a very beautiful woman. Her husband is lucky to have her. I would like to meet her in person.


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Just enjoy stana and ignore the rest ..... good grief.....


I wish she could suck my dick


I feel like fucking her so hard


Ha, she's probably lez.


I want to f*** her so bad, great work finding this. I wish I was that guy in bed with her. She's amazingly beautiful


stana katik ko chodney ka dil cha raha hai

Sarah Fletcher

I had a dream like this once tho. šŸ™‚ mmm Stana love in my head ^.^

Sarah Fletcher

Omg omg I'm like so in love with Stana I could just die from this scene. I totally wish I could have been that guy right then :/ lesbian love to you Stana Katic !!


"Are they having sex?"

You gotta\ had better be F'ing with me....

You never really know if people are joking or not online. it would be sooooo much easier if there was a new font called "Sarcastica", so we'd all know if someone was being serious or not.....anyway.....

When i first read that I thought "What kind of dull bulb would even ask such a dumb question?"

But then I saw the comment from the 12 yr old, and now i'm just hoping they have a much younger brother who saw it first.....the thought of a full grown adult male unable to tell the diffrence between softcore and hardcore (in this day and age) seems beyond absurd....but if they ARE in fact an adult, let them know I have *pills to make their Wangs bigger, an investment opportunity that's foolproof called AMWAY, and a friend in AFRICA (a prince, actually) who, due to a bank error, is unable to axcece his million $ fortune, but for the paltry loan of just $250, can guranty a return of over $250,000....all he needs is your credit card info and by next week he'll transfer the money right to your account....

* the following text should be in SARCASTICA...see how much easier life would be....


Way to epic fail at being a wise ass. Ur comment made absolutely zero sense.


Opinions... Are they really having sex? She is so beautiful it's mesmerizing... Too bad he's not remotely in her league.


Stana is really hot and has a great body.


My god she is so hot!!! Great tits, beautiful face, absofuckinlutely gorgeous! I would definitely go lesbian for her!!!!!


But I would like to see a scene like this in Caqstle too

Sarah Fletcher

Aarcee yes I totally agree with you. There should be a scene like this in castle but longer lol deff


How could they not be screwing ? By God if I had her with me like this I wouldn't get out of bed till I died !!!


She's my woman crush I'm 12 and am obsessed with castle and now I can't look at her the same way anymore but she's still really pretty:)


Does this classify as porn?


wow... i watched feast of love a few days back and got a glimpse of static's tits and was crazy about her but after seeing this i think my thirst is satisfied....what great tits..dont care whether they are big or small..they are beautiful..

Howie Feltersnatch

Cute nipples.


I could jack off to her forever. She is soooooooo sexy and she has an incredible figure, but also a very unique and tulry beautiful face. Oh and those eyes are just absolutely gorgeous. I watch Castle religiously and stana Katic is definetely the best possible choice they couldve made to play Kate Beckett. I just really fucking love her Lmao


My god!! She is so hot!!!!! I wish she and castle had a scene like this!


I would pay good, freaking money to see a scene like this between she and Castle!! but I'm afraid my DVR might explode, lol.


Watching Castle won't be the same, there was this mystery about her love for Castle. That sexy beautiful detective, trying to imagine what she looks like without her badge. I still like the show but not as much. And yes I feel she cheated on Castle.


Love stana Katic she is so hot and so Good on "Castle"


That she is good on Castle, and I am sure she is good with Castle if you know what I mean. He is a lucky guy.


Slavic wemen - Best of the best.


Couldn't agree with you more. šŸ™‚


My only question is was she really having sex during this scene


NO. They did not actually have sex. It has to be classified as rated X / porn, if they did.


Until you have worked in this business; like i have, you can't say whether they were actually having sex. It happens more often than you would think. It is up to the censorship people to decide if you can tell or not and what rating to put on the film.


Opinions...r they really having sex? She is so beautiful and sensual not dirty in any's mesmerizing.

Unfortunate that he is not even in her time zone much less her league.


I jerk off to her


OMG. She is the ONLY woman on the planet who would make me consider going lesbian, lol. I completely GET your comment.


And have you gone lesbian?


i completely get what you both mean! She's so freaking perfect it's ridiculous


stana katic is a real beauty ilve satana


She's a TRUE beauty... And what's even more amazing is that she's more beautiful on the inside. šŸ™‚ Looove her.


i love stana katic


Stana is simply beyond beautiful. She rivals even the hottest supermodels. Thanks so much for posting this!




i feel like shes cheating on castle


Cheating on Castle? lol. The show wasn't even made when they made this movie. But it would be nice to see her naked in Castle.


Yeah this movie came out in 2011, when castle was in it's 4th season.


hamana hamana hamana


I was born just to see this. AAAAAAWWWWEEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


Your entry is just hilarious. You were born to see this??? I'm happily joining membership in that club!!


Surprising and all too short.


Stana Katic was topless in the movie Feast of Love during a scene with Selma Blair, also topless.