Stana Katic Nude in For Lovers Only

Here is another first — the beautiful Stana Katic (from Castle) topless in For Lovers Only. This is the only nude scene in the movie although there are a few sexy scenes. Stana also wears a somewhat see-through top once or twice. Oh and do not bother adjusting your media players, this film is entirely in black & white except for one scene.

As usual, you can either stream the lower quality video or download the 720p HD video using the link below.

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She is a very beautiful woman. Her husband is lucky to have her. I would like to meet her in person.


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Just enjoy stana and ignore the rest ..... good grief.....


I wish she could suck my dick


I feel like fucking her so hard


Ha, she's probably lez.


I want to f*** her so bad, great work finding this. I wish I was that guy in bed with her. She's amazingly beautiful


stana katik ko chodney ka dil cha raha hai

Sarah Fletcher

I had a dream like this once tho. šŸ™‚ mmm Stana love in my head ^.^

Sarah Fletcher

Omg omg I'm like so in love with Stana I could just die from this scene. I totally wish I could have been that guy right then :/ lesbian love to you Stana Katic !!