Sticky Notes Nudity Review

Game of Thrones alum Rose Leslie is nude again in Sticky Notes.

Around five minutes into Sticky Notes, we see two blurry figures going at it doggy-style. It then fast forwards a bit and we see Rose Leslie topless in bed having a conversation while smoking and drinking. Rose also has several scenes in her bra in the film which currently has no scheduled release date.

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Hi guys,

“Sticky Notes” seems to be out on iTunes UK under the name “The Last Dance” since two days… Maybe someone can share some caps or clips? I would if I could!


I didn't expect to see Ms. Leslie nude ever again, that's a pleasant surprise. Shame the sex is blurry though.

Speaking of, I'm worried about Imogen Poots' upcoming nude debut. I've been anticipating it for a long time and I'm worried it's gonna be too short and dark to enjoy. That would be a killer after they spent all of Roadies season 1 building up for her character to have sex in season 2, only for the show to get cancelled. Fingers crossed!


You won't be disappointed.


Sounds good!


That's great to hear as that was exactly my preoccupation, word by word.


Damn, Masters of Sex got cancelled


That's unexpected. The wedding makes for a decent ending I suppose.


Thats to bad, but sadly im not surprised. That show got worse and worse each season, both in terms of the actual show and the nudity. Only wish we could have seen more of Caitlin Fitzgerald


It is now December 1st in China so Personal Shopper should be available on their netflix-like iQIYI service, which means nude Kristen Stewart. Does anyone have access or a way to get these clips?


This is where the movie will show up whenever iQIYI releases it.


is iqiyi a legal website?


So was that date fake then? It seems like it was since all that is there is a trailer.


Do you have more info about ShutEye nude scene ?

Where can i see the labels ratings ?



When will the Westworld finale news be going up? Put me out of my misery, recapped -- will Talulah Riley surprise us?! Or will it be more Thandie and the snake tattooed woman?


In the official trailer of westworld, we see very fastly the tattooed girl fighting someone naked. As we didn't saw this scene in the show yet, it's for sure for the final episode !

you are welcome


No one got screeners of the final Westworld episodes.


A surprise then. Thank you for the info, mk.


so yellow sign in recapped calendar means no nudity ?


No... Yellow Means Rumored .. and Red Means confirmed nudity ...

I guess ...


what about Always Shine?Mackenzie Davis?


It doesn't sound like it:

"this movie repeatedly has FitzGerald and Davis take their clothes off, but frames them as chastely as ’80s network television"


Probably a long shot, but I'll ask anyway. Do you know anything about a screenplay Josh Boone wrote named "Pretenders" or "The Pretenders"? It's been floating around for a few years now, with various actors (including Imogen Poots at one point) attached. it's now going forward with Jane Levy and Juno Temple in the cast. Jane's playing a girl in the middle of a love triangle. Just wondering if the script might call for any nudity.


Any news on a release date?


Perhaps you missed the part that says, "no release date."


I was actually putting that question to the community, hoping maybe someone else had other information.


Indeed great news, she is gorgeous.

Since the film has no scheduled release date yet that means a cap of her naked body will be featured in the "no release date" tab in the calendar? 🙂


Yeah it's not there for me either.


Where is there a no realease date tab?


I was just passing a sneaky suggestion, guys.


I have a bridge to sell you for only a small investment, friend.


Good news everyone.