Strange Angel 205 Review

The next Strange Angel features another nude scene from Bella Heathcote near the beginning of the episode. Amara Zaragoza is also topless later in the episode.

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In Euphoria, are we headed to a potential sex scene with Zendaya and a transgender? That would be pretty wild, I hope that if we dont actually get nudity from Zendaya, this scene is done well, if that's where we are headed.


Thanks for posting this. Bella is amazing. When was the last time the lead actress got naked this often? I'm drawing a blank.


@Talker - Emmy Rossum, Shameless, Anna Pacquin, True Blood (both nude debuts and many seasons of extraordinary nudity); Lizzy Caplan, Masters of Sex; laura Haddock and Hera Hilmar, Da Vinci's Demons (again, both nude debuts); Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds, all immediately spring to mind. I love Bella, and her nudity is improving week by week, but she's still a long way off those precedents.

And don't forget she's done alot of nudity before this show, including full frontal in the shower with Abby Lee Kershaw in Neon Demon.

Now let's see little sis join the party! 🙂


are you forgetting that shes didn't show anything meaningful in the first season that nobody thought she would be even nude on the show.


God, she's gorgeous!


Sorry Imgur doubled my upload for some reason ... Well more Bella Heathcote for us then ...


Bella Heathcote shows breasts and brief ass during sex scene. About 3 minutes in. Might be her best scene yet.


Can you pls share the video here buddy. Thanks


Thanks bro


I wonder if she's eventually going to show it all in one of the next episodes.


In fact, after rewatching it, I think it is her best scene yet.


I also checked the new Swedish series on Canal + titled Himmelsdalen, eng Sanctuary. I thought that Josefin Asplund would show something, but unfortunately there is nothing. There is no nudity in this series.


Any lesbian scenes in Himmelsdalen? I know the sister of Josefin Asplund is supposed to be a lesbian in the series.


Then you better check episode 3 once more.


Really? How I missed this? I skimmed it fast so I think this is the reason. I'll see it again and share some clips.


It's a quick shower scene from about 5:10.


Zasada przyjemnosci season
1/Czech,Polish,Ukrainian series on Canal +. There are many scenes with full frontal naked dead bodies in the series but it's really not worth to show it here. Here I show alive flesh. BTW little question. Is there any way to post on gfycat without losing quality of the source material?

Malgorzata Buczkowska

Urszula Grabowska

Magdalena Pociecha

Dasha Plahti

Martyna Kowalik

Weronika Jaskolka


Has janel parrish ever been nude?


According to Mr. Skin, no, she's never done a nude scene.


Have you ever tried to google that same exact sentence ?


Yes and i found nothing so I asked in case someone knew something. It's not hard for your teeny tiny brain to figure out.


Hustlers trailer debuts July 17th. Teaser clips on instagram show potential.


Probably only extras in the strip club getting naked.


I'd be happy with ass shots in stripper outfits / those leggings Lopez was wearing but I have my doubts we'll get even that. it looked like the cameraman was shooting her from the waist up during that one outdoor scene and it's sure to have a frustrating 2.35 aspect ratio.


IIRC, there was a comment in a previous post about how the younger cast involved nudity... but it didn't say which ones


Any word yet if there's any nudity in Saving Zoe? It comes out this week, imdb has it as R with nudity among others.


As far as I can tell there's no word, but I'm just going to copy-paste my prediction from a few weeks ago:

Judging from the book, the most likely source of nudity is from Vanessa plot-wise. In fact if you've read the book it's interesting how much of the plot the trailer gives away... [SPOILERS] so if there's anything from Vanessa it'll probably be Laura's character watching a video of Vanessa's character being sexually assaulted on a laptop. A topless shot would fit nicely with the ratings. If not her then it could be Giorgia Whigham instead.

Laura's character does have a shower scene in the book which was definitely filmed as it is important to the plot and there's a shot of it in the trailer. There's only an outside chance of nudity from Laura though - it's not essential to the scene and I'm not sure if having her mother as a producer increases or reduces her chances of showing something (thoughts?). For what it's worth, there was a Daily Mail article where she said she wants to 'remove her child star stigma' and "it's a really different side of me that I want to show people as an actress", although she could just be talking about 'dark themes' of the movie. Then again, her character doesn't really get involved with the 'dark' stuff if they're staying faithful to the book. So I'd imagine the best we'll get is a shower scene shot from the shoulders up like in the trailer. Stranger things have happened though.

TL;DR: Most likely Vanessa Marano and/or Giorgia Whigham topless and Laura Marano non-nude shower scene.


Giorgia Whigham was in an episode of shameless, but Lip didn't bang her. Which was a huge shame. Hopefully your predictions will be true lol.


Danielle Campbell returning for season 2 of Tell Me A Story as a new character, part of the Odette Annable storyline; Carrie-Ann Moss is also joining the cast.


Netflix's 'Another Life' series with Katee Sackhoff comes out July 25 - any chance of nudity?


Please God give me some Katie Sackhoff boobalige.

So say we all.


Does nobody has the details on Alison Brie and Glow? Figured we'd know what was coming by now.


Season 3 will premiere in one month, and (as I already said) we are getting reviews about a week (or couple days) before film/ep premiere. So we will know probably somewhere around August.


The Recappeds aren’t the only people with the info - it is entirely possible that someone else may provide a report before the official post here.


Any new lesbian scenes in any films, series, or shorts?


I'm waiting on Alex DD on Why Women Kill since she's playing a lesbian alongside Kirby Howell-Baptiste who's playing a bisexual. As much as I think it's possible considering it's on CBS All Access which is showing an increasing amount of Bella Heathcote nudity on Strange Angel, the showrunner of Why Women Kill has me skeptical since he's never done a TV-MA show before (I'm assuming it's going to be TV-MA since it's on CBS All Access). I'd honestly be happy with one nude sex scene with nothing else as opposed to numerous lame non-nude sex scenes a la What/If.


Unfortunately not a lesbian scene, but I've heard rumors that Boots and Benny go ass to mouth in the upcoming Dora the Explorer film. I know someone who knows someone who's connected with Swiper.


Fun actual rumor. The actor who plays Diego got sent back to the US mainland during filming breaks because he got caught hooking up with the actress playing Dora.


Makes sense why that would be an issue considering she just turned 18 today...
I was a little thrown off on the first trailer when Dora had tits at all. How did a 10 year old in a cartoon turn into a live action sex object?


Is she supposed to be a 10 year old in the movie, or is she an aged up version of Dora? I like the actress who's playing her (not in a gross way) - I think she's a very good actress). She was easily the best part of the Transformers 5.
That being said, you couldn't pay me to see this movie. Even my 6 year old niece, who adores Dora, thinks the movie looks dumb


I will soon post some nudity from the new CANAL + series. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.


May I ask if you have access to CANAL+ Cinema as well? Not sure if it has any nudity, but there's a German short film called "Hot Dog" (10 min) starring Lena Klenke ("How to sell drugs online (fast)") about vaginas and female sexual awakening premiering on July 11 at 10:20 PM. I would appreciate if someone could capture it and maybe post some clips!


It will be on monday 15 July on Canal + Film. I'll check it and let you know.


Any lesbian scenes in this new Canal series?


if that new series is polish "Zasada przyjemnosci" then no.


‘The Society’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

But there’s an interesting disclaimer they had when they were casting: “The series will include possible nudity and sexual situations in future episodes/seasons.”


maybe the Kathryn Newton sex scene will appear in season 2 as well


They couldn't have done it while Rachel Keller was on the show for godssake.


Sacred Games 2 announced for 15th August.
Expected nude scene from Surveen Chawla


Are you sure Surveen is there in this season? I would think her character wouldn't make its entry before the next season.


Source? And what about elnaaz?


Elnaaz should have hot/sex scene or two but I am not getting my hopes high on Elnaaz.Not interested in Kalki either,let's see if some flashback can lead us to Surveen Chawla nudity


Well i really hope Elnaaz gives us a topless shot in the series, I did see a interview of her entertaining the possibility. Nudity from Surveen would be amazing.


Anything from Celine Buckens in "The Good Liar", which has been rated R for "brief nudity"?! 😀


With all the drama from that last post, just wanted to positively reminisce on the great nude debut we got from Kate Mara 🙂 . Her and Sydney really blew me away this year and made the long waits totally worth it.


In addition to upvote, I'm also glad comments to preceding post were closed. I'd wanted to upvote a comment, couldn't. Also had a comment, prevented. Now I won't get to share it, but still best possible outcome. Tnx. Great site, great fellow readers.


Kate Mara deserves to get her first Oscar nomination for this movie...
and what do you think boys if Kate Mara made this movie with her sister Rooney Mara?
i think it was going to be AMAZING... !!!


That's called incest and pretty illegal.


also pretty hot


Anyone have the clips of Sydney humping the pole?


Goddamnit! Bella is true Nudity Angel of this year:) Thanks for news R!


It's been a great run. Hoping for a nice butt shot at this point.


I will drink for that!


This just in - Elle Fanning is still not naked.


Neither is Zendaya:(


any news on indian actress nudity guys?


sacred games 2 around the corner and trailer shows some people fucking against a glass......sadly the shot is behind the glass and it is mosaic(blurred out) glass.......and of course there would be more in the series.....august 15 is the date....mark it up.....


Yes, trailer and the story line is looking good, hopes of some good nudity. We have some good looking people in the business, yet so little of quality nudity. Hope things change soon, netflix has been a game changer for us.


Clips of Radhika Apte from The Wedding Guest are out now


That's probably why he's so thirsty for more.


I am thirsty Roark, the the trailer for scared games season 2 is out now. Our thirst shall be quench soon, high hopes on august 15 the independence day.