Strange Angel 206 Review

On the next Strange Angel, Laine Neil has her first ever nude scene at the end of the episode. Laine shows breasts and butt while having sex.

Earlier in the episode, Bella Heathcote has yet another nude scene. This time however the scene is well lit as she is shown in the bath.

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Carice van Houten's done some interviews saying she's more averse to nudity now that's she's a mother. But this trailer still looks promising.


We hope to see Carice van Houten topless and has one graphic sex scene with Marwan Kenzari... !!!


When is Driven coming out. I may have missed that update.


Any info on possible Scarlett Johansson nudity in "Untitled Noah Baumbach project?"


He has a good track record for putting nudity in his films, so hopefully there'll be a part for her where the role will require her to get naked. I'm somewhat disappointed that she hasn't done anything even remotely close to showing the goods the way she did in "Under the Skin."


Recently saw a post by a director on Hightown with Tonya Glanz in it and checked imdb. It shows Tonya has been cast in the show so wondering if she was the ex girlfriend of Monica Raymund's character that you posted about a while back?


You must be new to Instagram. That's a sponsored post. Third Love is paying her to post that advertisement.


That Instagram post doesn't even come close to signaling any upcoming nudity on her part. I wish she would get naked, though, she's a gorgeous chick. Maybe it'll be in her future.


That or she just signed with thirdlove bras.

I'm guessing the latter.


Terminator: Dark Fate is offically Rated 'R' and contains nudity. Heavy expectations from Mackenzie Davis!


It's baffling how it takes them 35 years to realise Terminator is supposed to be R rated


I don't know what you're talking about. There are only two Terminator movies and they were in they were in the 80s and early 90s.


Most of them were rated R


The last two weren't, plus some of them (apart from the first one) should be PG-13 by today's standard


Also hearing that Kaitlyn Dever just landed the lead in the upcoming Netflix series Unbelievable. There’s supposed to be some nudity in this role


Kaitlyn Dever nude would be fantastic. Her best friend is Margaret Qualley, so maybe she gave her some advice.


It seems that this Russian version of Dronningen from previous post is slightly censored. Why they cut out a blowjob and they left all sex scenes uncensored. I don't know. I asked on another forum about this movie and guy from Sweden who saw the movie in the cinema said that the blowjob scene was in the film and you can not overlook it because it was one of the key scenes.


so haw can we find it?


Laine Neil @ "Strange Angel" s02e06

Bella Heathcote @ "Strange Angel" s02e06


I’ll just say that Bella scene was *not* pleasant to watch. Lol


Higher quality and slightly brightened version of the Laine Neil scene.


Laine’s are everything I hoped they would be. But just like Sydney I wish they would stay away from the sun or tanning booths.


They cut away too quickly when her robe is removed but at least there's nudity and Laine is incredible. The preview for the finale shows promise for another Laine nude scene. I've already gone on about how great Bella is. These past few weeks with Jett and Strange Angel have been fantastic.


“Strange Angel” is DELIVERING this season!


Thanks buddy


Laine's scene was pretty good, but it doesn't top bella's scene from last week for me. But laine does have a really pretty ass.


Can u pls post the video here bro. Thanks


Strange Angel is up now


anyone got any info on Shes Just a Shadow ?


Dave, which actress is this and what movie?


Excellent posts Dave. Ignore the whining and keep it coming 🙂


if anybody is interested in something to look forward to Tove lo is playing new York this sunday, i'm not expecting anything but shes known to show the goods whenever she plays, this her most recent showing.


wow, normally its just a quick flash, she really went tits out for this one, awesome.


Apologies if this has been answered but nothing turned up in a search. Anything from Michelle Williams, Margaret Qualley or anybody else in Fosse/Verdon? Gonna watch it anyway because I love Sam Rockwell but some nudity would be an added bonus.


No, nothing


so what's everyones favorite non-nude scene?


Both Salma Hayeks stripper scenes in Dogma and of course From Dusk Till Dawn. The only NN stripper roles that I didn't mind.


Definitely Jessica Biel in I now....
Scarlett Johansson getting fingered in the deleted scene from A Love Song for Bobby Long


Jessica Biel from I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry.


Jessica Biel had an AMAZING BODY at that movie...
IMAGINE IF SHE WAS TOPLESS on that scene with Adam Sandler... !!! 😀 😀 😀


Reese Witherspoon getting fingered on a Roller coaster in Fear (1996)
Selma Blair-Sarah Michelle Gellar kiss in Cruel Intentions (1999)
Zoe Saldana fingering Mila Kunis and then tasting her finger in After Sex (2007)
Julianna Guill's dance in Friday the 13th (2009)
Bella Thorne-Samara kiss from The Babysitter (2017)


by far kate beckinsale face of an angel just amazing such a shame that she doesnt go nude she is my favorite actress of all time and marion cotillard too


See. I actually had a response but I couldn’t figure out how to post a Gfycat.


Opening scene of Godfather with Don Vito and Bonasera talk.


"I believe in America"


so no one knows when cbs all access uploads new episodes?


According to nudecalendar there is still 21 hours and almost 30 minutes till episode will premiere.


ooh hell yeah to finally seeing cutie Laine getting her kit off!!


Indeed! Didn't expect this from her. I guess she felt it was worth it with being upgraded to series regular. Can't seem to find many videos or good pics of her, but people are right that she has a great pair. If the lighting and scene are good, could be one of the best debuts of the year!


While Euphoria dissapoints European cinema comes to the rescue. Gabriela Muskala in Fugue. More later after work.


But why is she naked like this?


Thanks for posting this.


You're welcome. This movie is just the beginning. I have many content for later.


Yea damn euphoria for giving us great scenes/pics of Sydney Sweeney and Alexa Demie, why didn’t they get some random middle aged woman in a weird coat instead


Some people have slightly higher expectations than 3 seconds of Sydney Sweeney tits. I invite you to part 2 from the Fugue movie. This sex scene overcomes everything that HBO has shown in the last few years. BTW This is not a random movie. Fugue was one of the better-rated films at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Enjoy.


And higher expectations is bush from some random ugly chick? I don’t care for Sydney or AD personally but give me 5 seconds of one tit from Emma Stone, an actual celebrity, over this chick any day.


Why would we want to see Sydney Sweeney’s perfect tits for the first time when we’ve got some old European lady’s bush to look at?


But i was waiting her to take off that jacket at some point... !!!


Hustlers trailer:


Love you Bella


Animals: there is actually nudity from Holliday Grainger. After a piano performance, she shows her left breast to the guy.


Can you remember whereabouts in the film this scene is? Just a general timeframe.


Any idea when it'll be released?


2nd August UK release date. I don't know what that was about though, maybe feminism or something.


Very excited about Laine. Such a tease in sickhouse, getting topless twice but not showing anything. You can tell she has some hangers on her. Does anybody know what time the new episodes air on cbs all access? Is it midnight tonight? Or a specific time at night.


Do you have time stamps for those topless moments in Sickhouse?


8 mins, bikini shot (bouncing tit, hard nipple)
26 mins and 21 seconds, flashes guy (nothing even remotely seen)
31 mins and 2 seconds, sitting topless with topless friend. (can only see backs)
54 mins and 52 seconds, sex scene from her perspective. (can only see her thighs and topless guy)


No sorry. That was years ago. And I’m really surprised she hasn’t done anything since. Until this show. If I can remember correctly, one scene was her changing a shirt and the other was her just being topless out in nature. Both shot from behind. Not even a side boob.


Just realized that the Sydney Sweeney and Ella Purnell nude debuts were both directed by Augustine Frizzell. She's da real mvp. Oh and look she's set to direct the pilot Half-Empty for Amazon starring Veronica Dunne and Cazzie David...


Someone get her to direct a tv show with Shelley Hennig, PLEASE. She's the only Secret Circle girl who hasn't done nudity!


Larry David's Daughter? pretty... pretty.... pretty.... pretty not good.


Amazing that people complain about Euphoria when it gave us one of the best nude scenes of the year with SS and another great nude debut by AD. And we are only halfway through the first season.


Zendayas see through tank top was underrated slightly. We were all hoping for topless of course, but at least we got to see what she has going on. Fingers crossed for more in the future.


Indeed, this was a grand day.


And a bunch of sex scenes since where women are covered or wearing clothes. Halfway through this season should highlight that the pilot was an exception to the way this show is going to handle nudity. Nudity wise it is the worst thing I've ever seen HBO make, even worse than a show with zero nudity as strange as that may sound because it is such a sexually charged show with lots of explicit imagery that purposely avoids showing women's bodies. Maybe the finale few episodes will return female nudity but I doubt it.


Great news, Laine is hot as hell. Thanks recapped.
What a summer, first Sydney, then Ella and now Laine.


Hell yes! Laine is gorgeous.


Any news about Viriginie Efira in Sybil? It's out since may in france, does anyone know how explicit are the sex scenes (she's performing with her real boyfriend) ?


^bump, interested too