TIFF 2007: Lust, Caution

Lust, CautionNewcomer Tang Wei plays a spy in Lust, Caution who must seduce Tony Leung’s character so that her rebel group can assasinate him. Both Tang Wei and Tony Leung as well as Ang Lee sat through the entire screening with the audience.

About an hour into the movie, Wei requires sex practice since she is still a virgin. One of her friends generously volunteers for the task. During the first practice session, Wei is shy and asks for the lights to be turned off as she is covered up. It is dark but I believe you can see her breasts briefly from the side. Thankfully, the rest of the nude scenes are well lit.

Another practice session is shown a little later but we only see Wei’s bare back. Wei is then shown afterwards lying in bed under a blanket. She then throws the blanket off herself and we see her full frontal nude. Wei then walks to the window and we see her ass and more full frontal as there is a mirror by the window.

About a half hour later, Wei and Tony finally get together. Tony rips off Wei’s panties, ties her up and forcefully has sex with her. We see Wei’s ass and maybe a bit of bush. We also see a bit of Wei’s ass as she is lying bed afterwards.

Around 15 Minutes later, we see Wei fully nude (including hairy armpits since this was during WWII) as she has sex with Tony. The sex is almost explicit sex with lots of thrusting, contact and positions. There is a quick shot where it looks like Tony is really having sex with Wei as we see his penis while he is thrusting into Wei. There is also an implied blowjob and maybe a quick spread eagle shot too as Wei is lying face down on the bed.

A little later is the final sex scene which is even more explicit than the last one. We see Wei fully nude in even more sexual positions. We also see parts of Tony’s penis at times as he is thrusting and making contact with Wei. Then there is a quick montage with more positions including Tony eating Wei out. Finally, there is a pretty lengthy shot from behind of Wei riding Tony and grinding him. We see Tony’s balls under Wei’s ass and it looks like they’re having real sex. Wei then grabs a pillow to suffocate Tony as they orgasm together.

Shin Eun-kyung in Downfall

This is a clip of Shin Eun-kyung (she’s on the left) taking a bath with her fellow prostitutes in Downfall (aka Chang). Unlike other actresses playing prostitutes, Eun-kyung gets naked often in Downfall including an almost 5 minute long sex scene which was initially trimmed down.

You may recognize Shin Eun-kyung from the My Wife is a Gangster movies.

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TIFF 2006 Day 7: Summer Palace and Un Crime

Summer PalaceHao Lei gets very naked very often in Summer Palace. I will try to summarize all the nudity:

1. Possible quick flash when Lei’s panties are removed during first sex scene.
2. Lei is naked but we mostly just see her left breast when she has sex in the dark.
3. Lei has sex again and we again mostly just see her left breast but we do see glimpses of her right breast.
4. We see both breasts as Lei is lying in bed topless.
5. Lei lies in bed naked and we see everything including a very hairy bush. She gets up and walks around a bit too but that is shot from the waist up.
6. Lei removes her top and we see her breasts as she teaches her friend how to masturbate.
7. Lei has a long sex scene and we see breasts and ass.
8. We see Lei’s breasts as she lies in the bath.

That’s all that I can remember. Her friend Li Ti, played by Hu Ling, also gets naked in several scenes. The first sex scene is very dark but we do see glimpses of Ling’s left breast. Later Ling is topless and cutting someone’s hair. Unfortunately, we only see Ling’s left breast because of the position of the camera. However, right after Ling has a long sex scene and we see her full frontal nude.

In Un Crime, Emmanuelle Beart has several sex scenes. In the first one, we see Emmanuelle’s breasts and ass as she has sex in various positions. Later, Emmanuelle has sex again and we see her breasts. Finally, near the end Emmanuelle is ordered to undress in the back of a car and we again see her breasts. Emmanuelle then has sex but because of the fog on the windows we don’t see much.