Shotgun Nudity Review

Around 18 minutes into Shotgun, Maika Monroe is in some lingerie talking dirty as part of someone’s fantasy. The top part of Maika’s bodysuit is somewhat sheer and you can make out her areola. Or it could be pasties. There are also lots of scenes with Maika in her bra, and a scene around 48 minutes in where you see a tiny bit of Maika’s ass from the side as she is having sex.

Near the beginning of the movie, an unnamed actress shows her breasts briefly during a sex scene. Looking at IMDb, that actress is likely Jordan Monaghan. There are also some random naked strippers about an hour in.

Shotgun is currently playing at SXSW.

Revenge Nudity Review

Around 17 minutes into Revenge, Matilda Lutz drops her towel and we see her naked from behind. Then we see a bit of Matilda’s right breast as she bends down to put on some panties and turns her head to check out her ass. Matilda then turns around and faces the camera and we see both breasts briefly before she covers them up with her hands. We then get another brief peek at her right breast as she sits on a bed and puts on a shirt. A bit later we get some faceless closeups of Matilda from the side. First we see someone putting their hand down the front of Matilda’s panties. Then we see a closeup with Matilda now turned around and her panties half off. We mostly just see the top of Matilda’s thigh and maybe a bit of stubble from the front. And for those of you care, Kevin Janssens is naked quite a bit.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post Nudity Review

Mr. Skin has already posted a pretty good review of The Miseducation of Cameron Post but here are some more details on the first nude scene ever from Quinn Shephard. The scene takes place around 13 minutes into the film and is slightly dark. Quinn and Chloë Grace Moretz stop watching a movie and start making out instead. Chloë is on top of Quinn on a bed and starts unbuttoning Quinn’s top. Quinn’s left breast is then shown from the side. Chloë continues kissing the top of Quinn’s chest and between her breasts before the camera switches to the view over Quinn’s left shoulder. Magically, some of Quinn’s hair now slightly obscures the view of her left breast. The camera continues to pan down as Chloë unfastens Quinn’s jeans before they get abruptly interrupted.

Lizzie Nudity Review

About an hour into Lizzie, Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny have a heavy makeout session in the hay but remain clothed.

At around 84 minutes, there is a long scene where Chloë is naked so she doesn’t get blood on her clothes. We see Chloë’s breasts and ass as she does Lizzie Borden things and then cleans up after. Later, as Chloë walks up the stairs, we might be able to see full frontal but it is dark and shadowy.

At 92 minutes, Kristen follows suit by getting naked so her clothes remain blood-free but she only shows her breasts.

Colette Nudity Review

Eleanor Tomlinson has her first nude scene in Colette but it is very brief.

Around 57 minutes into the film, there’s a montage that starts with Keira Knightley visiting Eleanor. We then see an over the shoulder view as Keira opens Eleanor’s top exposing her right breast briefly. It then shows a closeup of Keira’s face before going back behind Keira’s shoulder. As Keira continues to remove Eleanor’s top we now see both of Eleanor’s breasts very briefly. We then see a closeup of them kissing. The montage continues with Eleanor now having sex with a man and we see some slight underboob from the side. Then we see Eleanor and Keira in bed together but it is shot above the shoulders so there is no nudity. The montage ends with Eleanor having sex with a man again but now she’s sitting up and we see a bit of sideboob.

Lastly, at around 92 minutes, Keira’s left breast is shown as someone pulls her top down on stage.

Becks Nudity Review

Around 73 minutes into Becks, Lena Hall shows her breasts as she is kissing Mena Suvari in bed. Mena is wearing a bra however but we do see a tiny bit of her ass. Someone then walks in on them and we get a good view of Lena naked wearing a a strap on.

Isabella Farrell also has a nice topless scene near the beginning of the movie.