Siberia Review

Ana Ularu has several nude scenes in Siberia. Around 44 minutes in, Ana is wearing only a bra as she is getting eaten out but of course you can’t really see anything. Ana is then shown on top cowgirl-style and we see her butt. Just over an hour in, Ana’s breasts can be seen during another sex scene. About half an hour later, there is yet another sex scene but it’s pretty dark and brief so not much can be seen. There’s another glimpse of this scene near the end of the movie.

Siberia is available in theaters and on demand on Friday.

The Affair 405 Review

Phoebe Tonkin has her first ever nude scene on next Sunday’s The Affair. As teased in the preview for this episode, Phoebe lowers her dress straps and shows her breasts around 42 minutes in. The scene is very brief but you get a pretty good view of Phoebe’s boobs. Around 10 minutes later, Phoebe is topless again during a sex scene. However, you don’t really get another good look at Phoebe’s breasts since the scene is dark and her breasts are usually at the bottom of the frame or partially blocked.

Phoebe is actually in the 2nd part of the episode. In part 1, Emily Browning is topless during a sex scene around 26 minutes in.

Pimp Review

Just before half an hour into Pimp, Haley Ramm and Keke Palmer have a sex scene. Both Haley and Keke are topless but the scene is very dark and shadowy. You never get a clear shot of their breasts and it looked like they were wearing pasties anyway.

The very next scene, Haley wears a somewhat see through top with no bra as she and Keke talk for a bit.

A couple of minutes later, Vanessa Morgan is wearing a pretty revealing costume made of sequins while dancing on stage. Vanessa then gives Keke a private dance and you see more of her costume including several shots of her ass in a beaded g-string.

Keep in mind that this review is based on a cut from before Lee Daniels became a producer so it may be different from the final product whenever it gets released.

Sense8: The Series Finale Review

There is a big orgy to close out Sense8: The Series Finale.

Doona Bae and Jamie Clayton show breasts and butt, while Freema Agyeman and Zakia Asalache are topless. Good lighting, mostly slow motion, but all quick shots.

As usual, a few of the actresses leave their bras conspicuously on. Some butts from a few of the male actors. Did not see anything from Valeria Bilello since she’s not in that final scene.

The episode will be available on Netflix on Friday.

Under the Silver Lake Nudity Review

Under the Silver Lake finally premiered tonight and will be out next month in the US.

Wendy Vanden Heuvel is topless near the beginning of the movie.

A few minutes later, Riki Lindhome shows her breasts as she is having sex on all fours. Then more breasts as Riki sits in bed topless.

About a third of the way through, Riley Keough is naked by the pool but doesn’t really show anything.

Later, Karen Nitsche has two scenes where she walks around fully naked with a merkin and a mask on.

Callie Hernandez then shows her breasts briefly underwater.

And near the end of the movie, Stephanie Moore is full frontal naked.

Climax Nudity Review

The new Gaspar Noé film Climax just premiered at Cannes and is rather disappointing nudity-wise considering his body of work.

Sofia Boutella in a bra makes out with a topless Sharleen Temple late in the movie. Sharleen also wears a sheer top throughout the movie and we see her ass at the end as she spoons with Sofia.

A brunette (likely Lea Vlamos but not 100% sure) is full frontal naked in the shower briefly right before the Sofia and Sharleen scene. She is shown naked again at the end of the movie but it’s shot from above so you can’t really see anything.

Untogether Nudity Review

Jemima Kirke spends quite a bit of her screen time in Untogether in her underwear. Near the end of the movie, Jemima strips off her clothes and we see her full frontal nude for a few seconds before she jumps into bed.

Unfortunately, there is no nudity from her sister Lola Kirke. However, a little past half way through the film, Lola removes her pants and we can see the bottom of her butt or maybe more as she walks around for a bit.