Mrs. Fletcher 102 and 103 Review

As expected, Kathryn Hahn is nude in the upcoming HBO series Mrs. Fletcher.

Near the end of episode 102, Kathryn removes all of her clothes and is fully nude as she jumps in the pool. There are more great views of Kathryn’s breasts, bush, and butt as she swims around. Kathryn eventually covers up when she is interrupted but then we see her breasts again as she lowers her arms.

Earlier in the episode, a blonde actress shows breasts and partial butt as she is having sex in the dark. We didn’t catch her name in the credits and don’t see her on IMDb but she had several lines when she was roleplaying as Sam or Max.

At the beginning of episode 103, Kathryn is trying to get off while watching some porn and we can see glimpses of her breasts down her shirt.

Seberg Review

Early in Seberg, Kristen Stewart shows her right breast during a dark sex scene. A few minutes later, Kristen shows both breasts in a well lit bedroom. Kristen wears several other sexy outfits throughout the film including a sheer yellow nightgown where you can make out her breasts much later in the film.

The Other Lamb Review

About an hour into The Other Lamb, Denise Gough is nude from behind briefly as she is standing by a waterfall at night. Then near the end of the movie, we see the same scene again but this time Denise turns around slowly showing full frontal nudity.

And around 75 minutes in, Ailbhe Cowley and Jane Herbert are baptised and you can sort of make out their breasts as the white gown they’re wearing is wet. Raffey Cassidy is also baptised but of course nothing is shown.

Hustlers Review

There are a lot of topless extras in Hustlers. The only actual actress who shows anything is Stormi Maya. Stormi and Lili Reinhart are dancing for some guy about an hour into the movie and Stormi shows her breasts really briefly. Lili’s shown more skin on Riverdale than she does here. Jennifer Lopez has a solo dance number early in the movie where she is wearing a one-piece outfit with a g-string so you can see most of her butt as she dances around. JLo also shows her butt in a g-string briefly a couple of other times later. Constance Wu also wears several different pieces of lingerie throughout the film.