High Life Review

Around 38 minutes into Claire Denis’ High Life, Juliette Binoche is nude while she rides some odd futuristic sex toy. The scene is edited pretty weird so we only get glimpses of Juliette’s breasts and butt. There is also a bit of bush in one shot as we see a closeup of Juliette’s scar.

Mia Goth is also topless but her chest is covered in milk around 73 minutes into the film.

Donnybrook Review

About 68 minutes into Donnybrook, Margaret Qualley is shown bobbing up and down in a river from about medium distance. Margaret then stands up fully nude and starts walking awkwardly toward the camera until her body almost fills the entire vertical frame. We then see a brief closeup of Margaret’s left breast as she is handed a blanket to cover up. Margaret has a slight bush and is not wearing a merkin. The scene is about half a minute long and is well lit. Margaret is wearing panties in an earlier sex scene and she also show some slight pokies in a white shirt about half an hour in.

The Perfection Review

Early on in The Perfection, Allison Williams and Logan Browning are performing on their cellos together. This scene is intercut with scenes of Allison and Logan dancing, kissing, and having sex. Both Allison and Logan are nude during this sex scene but you don’t see any nipples, just lots of close calls. Allison also shows her butt. Allison and Logan are then talking in bed naked afterward but their arms are covering their breasts. Logan then gets up and walks away and you see her ass. The next scene, some time has passed and again Logan walks out of bed topless but you only see sideboob and her butt in a thong.

The Perfection is currently playing at Fantastic Fest.

Bayou Caviar Review

Around 50 minutes into Bayou Caviar, Lia Marie Johnson gets out of bed topless with her left arm across her breasts so they’re not showing. A little later, Lia leaves the bedroom and sits down atop a staircase still with either one or two hands covering her breasts. Lia has another scene in her bra a few minutes later and a couple of other revealing outfits throughout the movie.

Katherine McPhee has a scene in lingerie where she poses for photos. Katherine also has some lesbian kissing scenes with Famke Janssen.

Bayou Caviar fka Louisiana Caviar is available on demand on October 5.

Driven Review

Erin Moriarty has her first ever nude scene in Driven.

About half way through the movie, Erin enters a bedroom with two other guys wearing only a top and panties. As Erin leans over the bed slightly, we see a bit of right sideboob. A little later, Erin undoes her top and throws it away, showing her breasts. Erin then holds up a dress in each hand so her breasts are still visible. There is then an out of focus shot of Erin’s naked reflection in the mirror as she begins to put on one of the dresses. The camera changes to a further back shot and now we can see both of Erin’s breasts clearly in the mirror now although it is a bit distant. Erin’s right breast is also visible from the side and we get a decent shot of her panties from behind. And lastly, we get a closer shot of Erin from the front bent foward slightly as she struggles to put on the dress.