TIFF Days 8 and 9

Dear WendyAlison Pill shows Jamie Bell that her ‘breasts have grown’ in Dear Wendy. This movie is already available on DVD in some regions.

A lot of women get naked in The Wayward Cloud. The lead female actress, Chen Shiang-chyi, stays clothed though. This is also available on DVD and clips should be up soon.

Mallika Sherawat (or her body double) show partial breasts in The Myth. This is during a pretty funny fight sequence and is very quick so you can’t really see much.

I didn’t get a chance to see them but supposedly Jolene Blalock shows her breasts in several scenes in Slow Burn, and Edie Falco goes topless in The Quiet.

TIFF Day 7: The Notorious Bettie Page

The Notorious Bettie PageGretchen Mol (who was at the screening) plays Bettie Page in The Notorious Bettie Page. The majority of this biopic is shown in black & white. Gretchen only has a few nude scenes but they are all pretty long with good views.

The first nude scene is about a half hour into the movie and is shown in black & white. Gretchen is posing for a photographer outdoors. The photographer mentions to Gretchen that they will have to stop soon because of lighting issues. Gretchen, not wanting to stop, decides to take off her top since according to her its only a little piece of fabric. The photographer then asks Gretchen to remove her bottoms too since it too is only a little piece of fabric. Gretchen agrees and we see her posing fully naked. The photographer tells Gretchen that he could get in trouble for taking pics of her huge bush so Gretchen turns slightly to the side and we see more views of her ass.

About 20 minutes later, Gretchen visits Miami to shoot with Bunny Yeager. We see a colourful montage of Gretchen naked posing for nudist magazines. There may also be brief glimpses of bush as we see Gretchen doing outdoor activities like fishing and swimming.

An hour into the movie, we see Gretchen posing with a Santa hat on for Playboy. She is nude but we only see her breasts. This scene was also shown in colour.

Also screening on Day 7 was April Snow. As expected, Son Ye-jin did not get naked during the much talked about love scene. You can see most of her breasts though — just no nipples. Ye-jin is also shown wearing a bra in a couple of other scenes.

TIFF Day 6: Where the Truth Lies

Where the Truth LiesWhere the Truth Lies screened on Day 6 of the Toronto International Film Festival. There is a decent amount of nudity but IMHO not enough for it to ensure an NC-17 rating.

A couple of minutes into the movie and you see Rachel Blanchard submerged in a bathtub nude. It is shot in such a way so you don’t really see anything. They show this, as well as Rachel strategically nude in a crate several times as the mystery unravels through flashbacks. The second time you see her in the bathtub, you can see her nipples and maybe a hint of bush.

The first real nude scene is when you see Kevin Bacon having sex with Rebecca Davis doggy style. You can see Rebecca’s boobs and ass. When Kevin goes to answer the door, you may be able to see a gyno shot. They then show Rebecca lying on the bed and then standing up fully naked.

During a flashback, you see Kevin Bacon groping Rachel. She’s in some lingerie thing. There are two other hookers in the room blowing Colin Firth. The hookers both appear to be bottomless and you can see their ass and maybe more.

At about the 27 minute mark, Kevin Bacon has a sex scene with Alison Lohman. This is shot from the side so you can see closeups of Alison’s breasts as Kevin removes her top. He then proceeds to finger her but you can’t really see anything. You can see more shots of Alison’s breasts and ass as Kevin continues to have sex with her. Alison later flashes back to this scene and you can see more shots of her breasts while she’s standing up.

About 68 minutes into the movie, Alison is drugged by Colin Firth and begins to undress. Kristin Adams then shows up. Colin unbuttons her top and we see one of her breasts. Kristin and Alison then begin to make out and we get several views of both their breasts. We can also see Kristin performing oral sex on Alison but we can’t really see anything. The next morning, Colin shows Alison some polaroids of her lesbian encounter and we can again see Alison’s breasts in a couple of the pics. Alison then gets up to get dressed and we get a couple of very quick peeks at her breasts.

The big nude scene is at around the 80 minute mark. We see Rachel nude as Colin and Kevin make out with her. We then see Rachel riding Colin. Its pretty distant but they’re both facing the camera so we can see Rachel’s pretty hairy bush (supposedly she wore a merkin). Kevin then does Rachel missionary style and we see more views of Rachel’s breasts and ass. When both Kevin and Colin are done with Rachel, we see her on the couch topless until Kevin throws her a blanket.

For a sneak peek, the clip that was posted before here is the scene right before Alison and Kristin start making out. And here’s the timeline for the trailer available on IFILM:

0:04 Rachel Blanchard in the bathtub
0:36 Rebecca Davis lying on the bed
0:54 Rachel riding Colin Firth
0:59 Either Kevin or Colin groping Rachel (I think)
1:09 Kevin doing Rachel missionary
1:18 Kristin Adams groping Alison Lohman
1:20 More Kristin and Alison making out
1:25 Colin showing Alison a polaroid he took of her and Kristin

TIFF Day 4: L’Annulaire

LL’Annulaire (The Ring Finger) was actually first shown on Friday but I couldn’t make it to the screening. Supermodel Olga Kurylenko has several nude scenes in this, her acting debut. She also wears a nightgown in several scenes that is very see-through. Unfortuantely she is also wearing panties. There is also a scene with her in a bra that is also quite see-through.

Olga’s first nude scene is also her best. About an hour into the film, Marc Barbé slowly removes Olga’s dress and you get several closeups of her breasts. Marc then removes Olga’s panties and she just stands there for awhile. You can see her entire body and that she is neatly trimmed. Olga then lies down on the floor and waits for Marc. Marc then lies on top of her and they begin to have sex. They then roll over so Olga is on top. After a short while, they pause to have a conversation. We can see Olga’s breasts pressed against Marc’s chest in such a way that you don’t really see anything.

LAbout five minutes later, Olga has a dream sequence where she is in the shower with 3 or 4 other girls who are also naked. You see her breasts and buns. The girls then leave and Olga turns around and faces the camera but she uses one of her hands to cover her bush.

A couple of minutes later, you see Olga in the shower for real (no dream sequence). This was a pretty quick scene and again you can see her breasts and buns.

Then comes the last sex scene. Again, Olga is naked but you can only see her breasts and ass. This was a pretty long scene and ends as pictured on the right, with Olga lying on top of Marc, and one of Marc’s hands covering Olga’s privates. The trailer also shows a bit of this scene.

Here are also some more revealing pics of Olga I found on the web from her modeling days:

Also screening on Sunday was Entre Ses Mains (In His Hands) and Manderlay. In Entre Ses Mains, Valérie Donzelli takes off her towel to put on a robe and we can see her breasts in the mirror. She later dances for a bit and we see a couple of nipple slips. I passed on Manderlay as the DVD will be out in October. Bryce Dallas Howard supposedly has two full frontal scenes in Manderlay. I’ll have clips up as soon as the DVD is available.

TIFF Day 3: Lie With Me

Lie With MeWow. Lauren Lee Smith (who was also in attendance) gets all kinds of naked in Lie With Me. Even when she’s not naked, Lauren is wearing sexy clothing that is usually low-cut or see-through. She also never wears a bra (except once and it was kinda see-through) so her nipples are always poking out and you can see her breasts bounce as she walks. Lauren is also the narrator of the film and talks really dirty for those who enjoy such things. I’ll try my best to describe all the nude scenes but I may miss some or I may not have them in the right chronological order.

Lie With Me starts off with a blurry image. The camera pans out to show Lauren’s face and continues to pan out until you see her entire body lying on the couch. She’s topless and wearing only a denim miniskirt. Turns out she’s watching some porno and masturbating, so one hand is holding a remote control while the other is down her skirt. This scene was pretty long and set the tone of the movie.

Lauren eventually gets up and goes to a nightclub. There, she picks up some lucky guy (he’s listed as ‘Shy Guy’ in the credits) and takes him to the back of the club. Lauren pulls off his pants and you see her touch his penis. There is a quick cut where it looks like Lauren puts his penis in her mouth but it is a dark and shadowy scene. She continues to blow him but you can’t see anything due to the shooting angles. Eric Balfour is in his car with Polly Shannon watching this, and Polly decides to give Eric a blowjob too. Again, you don’t actually see anything. Lauren then takes off her panties and hikes up her miniskirt. She then rides him but nothing is shown except part of her butt. Polly then decides to do the same with Eric and you see her right breast as Eric caresses it.

The next day, Eric follows Lauren to the park. They eventually get to the playground and enter one of those big colourful tubes. Lauren is at one end and teases Eric by first removing one strap from her dress, thereby showing him her left breast. She then hikes her dress up a bit, puts her hand down her panties and starts rubbing. This scene is brief as Eric then decides to leaves.

The next nude scene is the first of many sex scenes between Lauren and Eric. It starts off on the couch with lots of making out. Lauren eventually takes off Eric’s jeans and plays with his penis. Again due to the angle and her hair, you can not actually see her blowing him. She pauses a couple of times to talk and they switch to another angle where you can see Lauren holding Eric’s penis. Eric then pulls off Lauren’s panties. This was quick so you couldn’t really see much. Eric continues to do Lauren missionary style and he removes one strap from her top (its lacy seethrough anyway) and caresses her right breast. You can sometimes see Eric’s balls from the side but I couldn’t make out any actual pentration.

Then comes the scene where Eric performs oral sex on Lauren. She proves that she’s a real redhead as you can see thin, wispy red pubic hair. Also, when he first removes her panties, they show it from a behind her head angle and you may be able to make out her pussy lips but it was very quick. You can’t actually see him performing cunninglus but you do get several more shots of Lauren’s bush. Eric also undoes the top button on her shirt and you can see her breasts every now and then. Interspersed throughout this scene, are scenes of them dancing. Lauren is shown wearing only the same top so you get several more good looks at her bush.

Lie With MeThe picture on the right is from the next sex scene. Lauren’s shirt is lifted part way so you can see Eric caressing her breasts with one hand, while the other hand is down her boyshorts. There may have been some quick cuts where you can see Lauren stroking Eric’s penis with her right hand. They are actually facing a wall with a mirror on it during this scene. When Eric removes Lauren’s shorts, you get a good view of her bush again in the mirror. You can also see Eric continue to rub Lauren’s pussy. He eventually does Lauren from behind and there is a quick cut to the mirror where you can kinda see Eric’s balls hanging from behind Lauren. The camera then switches to an overhead shot and you get some shots of Lauren’s ass. I think its supposed to be anal sex as Eric mentions something about it before but its hard to tell. The scene ends with Eric lying on Lauren’s buttcheek.

Lauren then runs into Shy Guy again and takes him back to her place. She hikes up her dress and removes her panties. She then mounts him and we get a quick shadowy view of her pussy lips. We continue to get some partial views of Lauren’s ass as she rides him. During this scene, the camera periodically cuts to another scene where we see Polly Shannon stroking Eric’s penis casually.

Since Shy Guy was unable to satisfy her, Lauren then splashes herself with water. She is wearing only that see-through bra mentioned earlier and a pair of panties. Lauren then goes back to the couch, turns on a porno, and continues to rub herself through her panties. Her panties sometimes go low enough that you may get some brief views of her bush.

Lie With MeInterspersed between all these sex scenes, are two scenes with Lauren in the bath. The first is shot from the side. You see Lauren in the bathtub and as she moves around a bit you get a quick shot of her breasts. The next scene later on shows Lauren sitting naked on the bathroom floor. This scene is actually pretty long but because of the way she’s sitting, you can only see her breasts and the side of her ass. There is also a quick scene where you see Lauren get up from bed. Unfortunately, it is in the middle of the night and there are no lights on, but she is completely naked and you can see her get dressed really quickly. I think I may have also missed a sex scene between Eric and Lauren as I don’t remember the scenes shown in the first and last pic. Of course they can also just be promotional shots or, hopefully, from an extended cut as the credits started to roll around the 90 minute mark.

Some other notable movies were shown on Saturday which I had no plans to see. Emmanuelle Beart shows her breasts in L’Enfer. As does Michelle Williams in Brokeback Mountain. Anne Hathaway may have also shown her breasts briefly in Brokeback Mountain. Lastly, Maria Bello is supposed to have some pretty hot sex scenes in A History of Violence.