Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 25: The Wolf of Wall Street, Hell Baby, Undiscovered Gyrl

On Magic City this week, we see the aftermath of the all girl orgy from the last episode. Jessica Marais also shows her ass during a sex scene. And there is no nudity on Sunday’s True Blood.

Now on to your questions from the comments section of our last post:
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Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 18: Two Night Stand

On the next Magic City, there are a couple of topless extras around the pool. Kelly Lynch shows her butt and possibly her left breast as she is swimming. Finally, there is a six girl naked orgy near the end. One of the girls somewhat looks like Jessica Marais but it isn’t her. We already wrote about the nudity on next week’s True Blood here.

On to the questions from Twitter:
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Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 10: Game of Thrones & Magic City

Welcome to another installment of our rumor column. First, we’d like to apologize about possibly being wrong about the final item on our last rumor post.

Here’s what we’re hearing for future episodes of Game of Thrones. In episode 7, Charlotte Hope and Stephanie Blacker are both naked as they seduce Theon. Oona Chaplin is also partially naked in a scene with Robb. Carice van Houten will be naked in episode 8. Nathalie Emmanuel also helps Emilia Clarke bathe in this episode so its possible one or both are nude too. And the final two episodes have no nudity.

Jessica Marais shows part of her ass from the side in the second season premiere of Magic City. Some extras are also naked in the episode. We’re hearing that most of the nudity in season two will be from extras and guest stars. More details later.

Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 13: Girls & Undiscovered Gyrl

Tonight is the season premiere of HBO’s Girls. From a very trusted source, Lena Dunham will be naked at the beginning and ending of the episode. Lena is actually nude in most of the episodes this season and spends about half of episode 5 in various states of nakedness including full frontal. Allison Williams will also be topless in the premiere but her hair and later her arms cover her nipples. In episode 3, Allison shows part of her ass as she is lying flat down on a bed with a guy on top of her. And in episode 4, there may be a hint of nipple from Jemima Kirke as she steps into the bath.

Shiri Appleby makes her first appearance in episode 8 and saves the show for those of you who aren’t fans of Lena. In episode 9, we see Shiri’s ass from the side as some guy eats her out from behind and then has sex with her. He cums on Shiri’s chest and we see Shiri’s boobs as he moves away and then cleans up the mess. In episode 10, we get a longer, more bouncy look at Shiri’s tits as she is having sex in the missionary position.

And on a somewhat related note, we’re hearing that Shiri’s “daughter” from Life Unexpected, Britt Robertson will not be nude in the upcoming movie Undiscovered Gyrl.