Brooke Langton Gets High

In Weeds Season 1, Episode 6: Dead In the Nethers, Brooke Langton and Justin Kirk have sex after Brooke reveals that she can only climax while high. Unfortunately you can only see Brooke’s nipple briefly but it is her first nude scene.

Clare Carey also got naked in this week’s episode of Weeds. That makes it two episodes in a row with nudity so you might want to set your Tivos. Weeds also stars nude veterans Mary-Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins.

Abbie Cornish Performs a Somersault

There was nothing notable from the TIFF on Day 5, so here’s a clip of Abbie Cornish from Somersault instead. Somersault screened last year at the film festival and will have a limited release in the US in October.

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You’ll Want to Watch The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener was released yesterday amid early Oscar buzz. But perhaps a better reason to watch this movie is because Rachel Weisz has several nude scenes.

Here is a clip of Rachel from I Want You. Michael Winterbottom also directed 9 Songs, and although I Want You is not as explicit, it does not disappoint in the nudity department.

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