Tang Wei in Lust, Caution

Here is a video of Tang Wei in Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution. This is the brighter but less explicit of the two major sex scenes Wei has with Tony Leung. Enjoy, and check back soon to see where this movie rates on our top nude movies of 2007 list.

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Tang Wei is beautiful, is she doing films in the U.S. ?


It's Dec 4, 2015 and I just knew about Tang Wei from blackh4t. Cheers~


Omg her nipples!!!!!I would eat them all they. How good they are...


Omg.. tang wei 's sexy nipples


This is definitely real sex scene. I have watched this in slow motion, and zoomed in, taken screenshots, edited to enhance brightness and contrast, and I saw Tony's cock moving in and out of her in the missionary and cowgirl sex position scenes.


great movie and yes she is beautiful

Bunga Mawar Fiza

Puki busuk tak sunat


who is sexy tang wei or deepika padukone