Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon in Orange is the New Black

Its been a while since we posted some videos so here are some quick unedited videos of Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

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Too bad Laura didn't do a topless scene this year. Those writers over there better get their shit together. Laura said she likes being nude now! Loved her heavy hanger tits in this scene and her floppy topless debut in Lay the Favorite. Could always tell she had some nice floppy hangers.


At the end of the 1º episode appears again the girl with big tits. She has a cat tatoo on her right shoulder and short blonde hair. I think she is not a principal actress.


So who's the girl from the second clip? It wasn't the girls mentioned cause none had her same tattoos


Apparently Laura Prepon got her role in Orange is the new black because of her topless debut in Lay The Favorite. The creators of Orange were very impressed by her great tits and topless confidence. They wanted to open the series with a great pair of tits to really kick things off and get people excited, and boy did it work! Glad to see her finally getting the topless scenes she deserves! These scenes have really relaunched her career, with a new topless, adult image, as a large titty sex goddess! She's really taking over the Hollywood topless scene! Very exciting! I'm proud of her! Show'em Laura!


So hot that Laura does topless scenes now! I nearly spit out my coffee when I saw those big floppy naturals hanging down low n' sexy in that shower. Her topless debut was in Lay the Favorite, from the previous year. You can see how soft and floppy those tits are, with them laid out to the sides. Fucking hot. Good always tell she had some nice floppies.


What season and episode does laura show her boobs in the shower


If you never figured it out, 1st Season, 1 episode, at the very beginning. Also check out her scene from Lay the Favorite, her topless debut. Her big floppy titties laid out to the sides, with a crystal in between them. Fucking hot. Love that she's got a topless career going now.


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Anyone have the clip where Niki and Morello are in the shower eating pussy?


It is indeed Katie Iacona.


I think it's Katie Iacona, plays the part of Mercy (not a big role).