The Affair 405 Review

Phoebe Tonkin has her first ever nude scene on next Sunday’s The Affair. As teased in the preview for this episode, Phoebe lowers her dress straps and shows her breasts around 42 minutes in. The scene is very brief but you get a pretty good view of Phoebe’s boobs. Around 10 minutes later, Phoebe is topless again during a sex scene. However, you don’t really get another good look at Phoebe’s breasts since the scene is dark and her breasts are usually at the bottom of the frame or partially blocked.

Phoebe is actually in the 2nd part of the episode. In part 1, Emily Browning is topless during a sex scene around 26 minutes in.

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Is it sad that I am looking forward to Monday ?


Hey Recapped I have a question about one upcoming film - do you maybe know if there is any nudity in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood screenplay ? I know they barely started filming it, and even if there is nudity in script it doesn't mean it will be filmed / or filmed as implied or filmed but later cuted from final version. I also know there was just some brief nudity in only 3 QT films, but still wonder if there is any hope?


I’m 100% sure there will be zero nudity, I will give you advice never hope for anything when you know it your heart it will never happen. Tarantino is a snuff filmmaker he has no interest in showing all precious skin.


you wont find that script anyhere. I am an amateur wirter and i lurk the script/upcoming movies sites all the time. The script wont leak imo.


That's why I asked if someone from Recapped team maybe read it.


After the whole Hateful Eight fiasco, Tarantino is keeping that script under lock and key. The only people seeing it are people that absolutely have to see it to make the movie.


Well this might be a little early but since it was announced that filming starts in October, is there any word about the casting for the Game of Thrones spin off and are the roles going to be requiring nudity?


Jessica Alba showed herself reading an untitled HBO pilot on her IG stories. Hopefully that's it.


Jessica is already starring in a new Cop show being made, so I can't see her doing two different series at the same time. Anyway, we know she won't do nude scenes.


BTW. It's just been announced this latest role is a movie titled Killers Anomymous. Gary Oldman is also in it.


Natalie Dormer is nude in a new movie which is available for streaming. Could you tell us something about how nude she is in the movie?

New Thriller Starring Emily Ratajkowski and Natalie Dormer Criticized for 'Gratuitous Nudity' - Maxim


good for her for defending the nudity. I dont understand this crap sometimes, how can people be offended by female nudity, but at the same time have a movement called "free the nipple." Females got the aesthetically pleasing bits, cant we all just enjoy a nice naked female body?


The SJWs, as always, needed something to make their vaginas sore. They saw this big opportunity with the disparity in how society treats male nipples vs female nipples. So they grabbed it with both hands and shoved it sideways and really deep into their ugly hairy dried up vaginas. You see, they don't care one bit about the right to walk around topless. They just needed a reason to shout injustice.


I suspect Alex DD will be doing something similar with I Am Not a Bird.


Only a couple glimpses of boobs but that is all it takes to get some critics complaining.


This is "In Darkness," which has been out for some time. You can find clips online no problem.


Harlots season 2 coming up 11th of July i.e. tomorrow, any news, Trailer looks raunchy.


Nobody's got the clip from Tonkin?


Her episode didn't premiere yet!


Well..... Bugger.... completely missed that little detail. Thought it was yesterday's episode they were talking about


isn't there a subscribers option or something where you can watch the episode in advance?


So very brief ass is the only nudity on first episode of Sharp Objects? So why there is nudity warning on tvma?


For the S&M porn pictures on the wall of the shack that she remembers while masturbating.


because bare butt is considered nudity. i know you don’t agree but it is the situation.


It is usually listed as brief nudity.


Yep but even MPAA not always consider butt as nudity especially when it's brief. I'm just surprised.


There's also graphic S&M photographs featured. That's where the nudity warning comes from.


On the flipside, they considered Deborah Ann Woll’s sideboob without nipple to be nudity in the final season of True Blood.


Amy Adams Full frontal in "Sharp Objects" ?
Sarah Bolger nude scene in "Mayans M.C" ?
Emma Stone in "The Favourite" ?


They sure do hint at Emma Stone nudity in the trailer for "The Favourite". Didn't see a rating listed for it though.


That same trailer also shows a guy standing nude, being pelted with what look like tomatoes. I wouldn't take it as a good sign that his scene was shot showing him from the knees up and Emma's was cut off just above the nipple.


No on Sarah Bolger. It's FX.


she can still show her ass


unless there’s another movie coming out called The Favourite other than the Colman/Stone/Weisz one, the MPAA rated it PG-13.


IMDb said It’s rated R for strong sexual content, nudity and language


Are you sure about that? According to IMDB it’s Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity and language.


my mistake - there is in fact another film coming out this year called The Favourite, which was just rated PG-13.

but this is all academic, as the Emma Stone question was answered months ago.

“Emma Stone in The Favourite? The MPAA rating description has me curious.



Her character also has a nude seduction scene in the script.


If the camera were to pan any lower.....many, many, many bricks would be shat.


if Lanthinos cant do it, it might not happen imo.


According to MPAA's site it is rated R.


No word on Mektoub my love?


I've seen that one.. only has 1 nude scene and it's the very first scene of the movie, a pretty long sex scene with Ophélie Bau


Its out on canal vod on 21 july


Amy Adams @ "Sharp Objects" s01e01 (Brief ass in mirror only)


I know a show's quality is tangential to this site's purpose, but the first episode of Sharp Objects is really damn good.


I agree - brilliant filmmaking - Jean-Marc Vallée is a damn fine director.
Love how he uses editing - something he started doing on the movie Wild and perfected on Big Little Lies.
And Amy Adams is outstanding.


We kinda knew it would be lame - and it was lame!


Well, Merry Christmas to you anyway.


No, Merry Christmas to you, Dan Plainview -
I drink your eggnog! I drink it up!


Well played.


There’s also a brief nipple under the water in the first bath scene


i didn't see her nip, can you post a cap?


There's also a scene near the beginning of the episode where she masturbates in bed but you don't really see anything.


It's a start.


Didn't expected both girls will show their goods in one episode, this is both fantastic news and surprise, and judging by nude calendar we will have another nude - hopefully another one from Phoebe? hopefully this time ass shot? yeah I am a big dreamer:)
So thanks for review!


Now this is some nudity news.


Shailene Woodley in Adrift, from a pretty terrible TS source.


Also, when was the last time we got a partial undressing in a preview before revealing boobs?


Alexandra Daddario in the first trailer of True Detective (2013), maybe?


That’s what I was thinking. I was just curious if there were any of those since then.


Yeah that’s sexy as hell.


Shelley Hennig is the last of the Secret Circle trinity after Britt Robertson and Phoebe. Hope she lands a gig with potential nudity.


Yep, that's my hope for Shelley Hennig as well, beautiful woman.

Also Jessica Parker Kennedy was the other girl to round out the core 4 girls of the Secret Circle, or does she not count because she flashed in Decoys 2, before the Secret Circle came out. Or is it that Jessica's only remembered for Black Sails and now The Flash.


I think it's because Shelley, Phoebe and Britt became the closest friends on the show that we link just the three of them.


This would be a huge dream cum tru for me.


Preferably a lez movie with my queen. 😉


Why there's no update of Amy Adam from Sharp objects?


They obviously don't have any info. It will air in 4 hours, you'll find out then.


Emily & Phoebe topless in the same episode?? This could very well be the best hour of television ever!
I've always thought Emily was sexy, but none of her nude scenes to date would be considered hot (in my opinion). Phoebe is just so damn gorgeous it almost made we want to watch The Originals


This isn't hot? I'd be giddy if every actress had a shot like this.


I agree that Emily's nude scenes, however explicit they've been, haven't been all that hot (e.g. Sleeping Beauty and Summer in February). The ones that are hot aren't that explicit (e.g. Plush and American Gods). Just my opinion, but of course everyone is free to have their own tastes.