The Deuce 101 Nudity Review

The first episode of The Deuce is getting a special advance premiere tomorrow and it does not disappoint when it comes to nudity. Margarita Levieva is topless during a sex scene. Maggie Gyllenhaal is also topless briefly while working. Dominique Fishback may have been topless briefly during a dark scene. And Amber Skye Noyes is naked near the end of the episode while having sex with James Franco.

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Mr. Roosevelt is coming to theaters late fall and Netflix after its theatrical release. Nude debut from Noel Wells!


The deuce seems very disappointing thus far. So this is 70s New York porn scene and you don't see bush??? WTF


For chrissakes she was wearing underwear while he was going down on her, In a porno!


She wasn't wearing underwear, her panties were wrapped around her ankle.


Addison Timlin only shows sideboob and a bit of top boob in Chronically Metropolitan (2016)


Where can we download the videos?


Anything from Emily Meade and are these clips from what episodes?


Episodes 4, 5, and 6.


Sweet but do u have any details on who gets nude in episode 2 and 3


Do you have every episode? Does James Franco get naked again?


See. I knew it. No more male nudity!^^


Thanks you so much! I only hope next episodes will have more butt shots as well.


oh, what a surprise. another series from 'murica where we will see sausages, sometimes even erect ones (which was not allowed back then, but changed lately), well lit , close up, but no female genitals, only maybe some 25cm thick bearhair merkin, which shows equally as much as a bikini bottom. Its getting annoying that nowadays in movies and TV shows there are multiple penises for every pair of boobs. Forcing it like its the same category. Actually I'm starting to miss the times when there was no nudity, or very few in TV shows. Even that was better than this fake 'equality' sausage fest. yes, if i want to watch porn, i watch porn. if I want to watch TV shows, i watch them. If that show has nudity, it should be equal. (or equally none) . The opposite is happening now. At least Comrade Detective had some natural pubic hair, but thats the only exception in a long time. Ill share my predictions about the rest of the episodes of the Deuce: Wibbly Wobbly sausages, sometimes in action will be shown in every episode. While female nudity will be only topless, or a barely lit full frontal, with some carpet covering everything down ( = basically toppless). what a joke.


Totally agree with you. I'd rather watch maggots crawling in a rotting corpse than a show full of dicks.


I get your sarcasm, but the truth is, hollywood (and because of that the american parents too) really thinks like that way. They act like , a pair of boobs is more hurtful for kids, than your mentioned rotting corpse, burning people, or violence. Its a different topic, but thanks for (unintentionally) pointing it out.


I think you got that backward there pal. Hollywood isn't responsible for the way America's Puritan culture views nudity, or how so many think nothing of letting their kids watch extreme violence and then turn around and clutch their pearls if a boob pops up on the screen.

As they say, art imitates life. Hollywood follows society, though at times they can lead (but not nearly as much as some would like to believe). If society as a whole was more accepting of having tits on screen on a regular basis, there would be more tits on screen. But, remember, the U.S. was founded by a bunch of religious zealots, and that core truth really hasn't changed much in the last few hundred years.


You are right, I haven't tought about it from that direction. But if theres some possibility for that, Hollywood do take the controls to manipulate the view of society about things. Slowly, step by step. Just as much, as it's between the limits. It works vica versa i think.


It wasn't sarcasm.


Oh please. What bullshit. This show will definitely have more female nudity, like every other show too.
Quit whining!


I don't care if you want to ask about male nudity on this site but I don't see why you always need to chime in anytime someone complains about how lame Hollywood is becoming in regards to female nudity. I also don't understand how comments like yours get so many up votes on a site like this(currently +17). I've seen you complain about lack of male nudity on shows but you seem to get offended when straight guys complain about lack of female nudity, especially full frontal which is becoming very rare as male frontal becomes more and more common. I think you are the one who needs to stop whining and just enjoy huge increase of cocks in Hollywood film/TV.

With that said I don't believe we have all the details about the nudity that will be in this show so people should wait before criticizing. I would be surprised if there's not at least some merkin full frontal.


Simple. Female nudity has been and will always be on top! Your complaints are in all honesty silly.
And when a male frontal happens it's either fake or the guy is close to 70. While women are always gorgeous and super attractive with great bodies.
So yes, your complaints are silly to me.

Most of the times they can't even bother to show a decent butt shot from a guy, but show 2 minutes of tits in a row.
So yeah, I feel really sorry for all you straight guys!^^


fredp - aaaaaaaand avoided again. 😀


Xander - A few questions if I may? I know you have avoided answering my questions in he past, but I thought I would try again to counter some of your egregious untruths. What is your problem with female frontal nudity? What is about the vulva that you find so offensive? What is your problem with heterosexual men voicing their frustrations with the very obvious genital double standards on most tv shows?


Yes, except a merkin is made to cover everything what might be seen naturally, while a fake penis is to show. Both are horrible, and neither should exist. But still if theres a male and female standing naked, its okay to show the penis, but evne if the female has natural pubes, it has to be covered fully. Even tho naturally female genitals are harder to see, because of the anatomy, and a little natural grown hair is enough to cover mostly, they have to cover it with even more fake one. Female and male nudity is going in the opposite directions, and I don't even know how can it be seen differently. Just check shows like Spartacus, Westworld, Rome, GoT, etc. They all have many dicks, real and fake too. While zero vulva. I can't prove my point more.


So if gore is fake and should be considered real like a fake penis then a merkin should equally be considered as a real, natural bush. 😉
A prosthetic is the same bullshit as a merkin....


After all this messages you still didn't get our points. There's more female nudity (if we don't count male topless nudity). You are right about that. But all of the female nudity stops as topless, or 120% merkin covered "full frontal". Which is just a trick. In a show, where theres male full frontal nudity, even with erection, and its allowed to happen, why can't female be too? Cause in the late trend that happens. Thats a fact. Like Game of Thrones. That had many dicks, once even a scene covering the whole screen. Have you seen such thing with female in any mainstream show nowadays? No. Yes there are boobs. But at the same time, some people want female topless to be just as okay and natural, as male topless, while at the same time in TV swinging dicks are considered the same category as boobs, or sometimes even lighter. You see the oxymoron in this? Also the "fake" thing you mentioned makes no sense. Do only movies with real blood, and real gore get NC-17? Or should gory movies be PG-13 cause it's just 'fake' anyway? Thing is, female genitals are becoming sacred in hollywood, while male genitals are forced on screen, sometimes without reasons. why? I guess women would protest, but men just don't give a sh**. Or deny , or ignore the obvious.


I did not mention the quantity of the nudity, but said it wont be in the same category. Like in every other show too. Simple nudity? Probably more female. Genitals? Much more male. If female at all. You can be proven wrong by simply counting them... But I guess you are like one of those who counts concrete merkin as full frontal too.. so I guess this 'smoke and mirrors' works on people afterall... And yes, if I can't watch a comedy like baywatch, without watching scenes where they play with penises , without real reason, I will whine.


Any nudity by James Franco?


Any pics/videos from the pilot episode of The Deuce?


Thanks for the info recapped. I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping Emma Stone will show something in Maniac, filming is already under way.


I doubt it.


Scout Taylor Compton has a topless sex scene in "Ghost House"


Also topless in the bath


Marion Cotillard has a full frontal nude scene in Les fantômes d'Ismaël (2017)


We should be enjoying the view of her bush and boobs soon. 27 September is the Blu-ray release.


oh shit for real?! I hope this is true!


It's true, it was already confirmed in May when film had premiere in Cannes.


Any news on the film Novitiate, due out in October? It's rated R for sexuality and some nudity and is apparently about some nuns in training struggling with sexual urges. It features an all star cast of hotties, several of whom have already done nudity, including Margaret Qualley, Morgan Saylor, Dianna Agron, Liana Liberato, Eline Powell, Maddie Hasson, Ashley Bell, Lacy Hartselle...could be an all timer.


Long shot, but anything from Georgia May King in Vice Principals?


I was really hoping for one last year. She's got a great ass. But I won't get my hopes up this time, alas. Though it'd be a pleasant surprise.


Terrific recap. I gather there's more nudity as the season goes on, since there's "Nudity & Strong Sexual Content" listed in each of the first 4 episodes (fully half of the first season).
I noticed the Get Shorty episode 6 nudity alert for Sept. 10th - do you happen to know if that's the rumored Sarah Stiles nude scene? Any more you can say about that in advance? Or even just a yes or no, or helpful tease. 🙂
Thanks as always for all you do.


Room 104, Transparent, and Get Shorty all renewed


What a surprise. Typical HBO, no female full frontal nudity.


This is the type of news you want to hear.