The Ever After Nudity Review

As expected, The Ever After features no nudity from Teresa Palmer. Phoebe Tonkin also doesn’t get naked. Phoebe does spend quite a bit of her screen time in a lacy red bra however. It didn’t really look see-through but perhaps on blu-ray we may get a better look. In the same scene, model Johanna Stickland is topless. And Kelsie Macray is briefly topless as she is posing for some photos. Teresa Palmer’s other film that played at LAFF, Cut Bank, also has no nudity.

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Hey, what about Brie Larson. I want to see her boobs. Do you have any info about her?


Anna torv nude ?


Any info on Ashley Greene in Staten Island Summer. On twitter, it's said to be screened for some people but no detailed information. Do you have any info on this?


What about Lily Collins in Love, Rosie? Some skin?


Exactly please give us something on Lily. She has also another movie coming out too.


Nothing from Gemma Pranita?


Carrie preston nude true blood ?


Thanks for info, but do not keep us in uncertainty and please give us some scoop about next True Blood episodes.