The Exception Nudity Review

Lily James has two nude scenes in The Exception.

12 mins – Jai Courtney’s character orders Lily to take off her clothes. James removes her dress over her head giving us a brief but good look at her breasts straight on and then a spectacular look at her butt in the next shot. Courtney’s character then bends her over the table and attempts to have sex with her, but a war injury prevents him from doing so. We get a few more fleeting glimpses of James’ breasts as she’s bent over the table.

22 mins – In a reversal of the previous scene, James’ character surprises Courtney in his barracks and orders him to remove his clothes. He strips completely naked (you see everything) as she caresses his scars. The pair then make their way to the bed where she hikes up her skirt and gets on top of him before the scene fades out. No nudity from James here.

57 mins – After spending the night together, James gets out of bed completely naked and crosses the room to get dressed. You briefly see her butt and right breast as she puts on her nightgown.

71 mins – The Kaiser’s wife walks in on Himmler and his mistress (played by Verona Verbakel). Verbakel’s character appears completely nude in the background of the scene wearing only garters. As Himmler and the Kaiser’s wife converse, Verbakel’s breasts are visible as she walks across the room and gets into bed.

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Still waiting for the screen caps of Lily James? 😀


Also who said anything about nudity? Just looking for a description of the scene.


I know someone who SWEARS she spent 3 weeks working on "Victoria" and helping Jenna Coleman get her boobs into those dresses, BUT she also said Jenna went to set in "nothing but a nighty" for one scene, suggesting it meant she was gonna take it off for the sex scene they were filming, and that it was a closed set which often happens for nude scenes--it should be around episode 6 or 7 SUPPOSEDLY, but it also may be re-cut or not included at all.

We'all see.


She was in a nightie twice in episode 5. One scene was a bathing scene, wearing a nightie like dress in the bath. Nothing was seen. Not even see-thru. Then again in a 'love' scene at the end of episode. Again, nothing was seen. Victoria isn't going to be a show for nudity. Jenna herself even said as much during interviews for the show. Despite the producers trying to hype it as being as raunchy as Versailles.


Christina Hendricks in Bad Santa 2? Billy Bob Thornton fucks her from behind in the trailer.


Yes she's going to have her nude debut in a movie called "Bad Santa 2" jfc


r u fucking kidding with us or is it true that she is gonna make her nude debut in BAD SANTA 2 ??


Sarcasm is lost in words


Any info on Alia Shawkat in Paint it Black? I can't find a release date. Also, any Westworld specifics?


last week the director tweeted this,

"Get ready for a lot of Paint it Black news, starting w/ the film going to Mill Valley Film Festival next month!"


How come you guys didn't give us an update or more details on the nudity from Michelle Rodriguez in (Re)assignment after TIFF? I appreciate your reports and work regarding the other actresses but it seems you missed this one. According to Mrskin, Rodriguez has her nude debut in the film by going full frontal, showing tits and bush. I would say that's worth a post if it's true, considering her fame and star power.


Didn't see it, but by all accounts the scene is exactly as you described. Not sure what we could add.


I've heard a vicious rumor that she is wearing all prosthetics to make it look like she had a sex change surgery. Please tell me this is false.


Thanks MK, I understand. Well according to the report from Mrskin the only prosthetics she wears that we get to see is a fake penis and a fake, flat mans chest for when her character is still a male in the beginning of the film, but once her character undergoes the sexchange all of the nudity onwards is the real deal from Rodriguez. Apparently there is a good long full frontal look about 20 minutes in when her character examines her new female body in a mirror.


Man, I hope you're right.


Any official word on nudity from "the Girl on the Train"? trailer heavily implies multiple nude scenes from Haley Bennett, and if it stays true to the book, there could even be some nudity from Emily Blunt.


I think Emily has suggested moderate nudity at most as she was pregnant during filming.



I had read rumors about Lily James being nude in this movie and I've been waiting for a long time to get some confirmation of it.

The news out of TIFF this year has just been fantastic. Now I have 3 movies that I'm looking forward to seeing:

Lily James in The Exception

Olivia Cooke in Katie Says Goodbye

Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper


Anything on the UK movie Brotherhood? It had its world/US prem at TIFF. Reviews mention a lot of nudity but don't say who.


Anything on American Pastoral?


according to mrskin Skin legend Jennifer Connelly (below) goes nude an hour and five minutes into this film, wearing nothing but a beauty pageant sash that exposes her buns, left breast, and a hint of bush! this is for American pastoral

Now will somebody put all the godamn nude scenes up for white girl or give me a godamn date it will be on netflix


I was hoping for Dakota Fanning


Wait a minute? Jai shows full frontal?


Could someone please post screencaps? 🙂


Absolutely outstanding news. Cheers MK and recapped!


Since the movie is never mentioned here, I reckon that Chloe Moretz will not get naked in Brian on Fire? I'm very sad now.


Recapped mentioned it on twitter. No, she is not getting naked, unfortunately.


I don't know what I expected, it's not like it's a movie that demands nudity...


I read that in the book there is a scene where Moretz' character walk naked over a street. So the possibility was very real. Let's hope that Chloe uses her timeout from acting wisely and starts to take some riskier roles.


She's quitting movies


Dammit mk, make someone I know get naked 🙂


Finally! Best news in so long. She's gorgeous. Can't wait.

Only shame is once again we are getting male full frontal but apparently very quick female nudity.


Many many thanks for this news MK!


I really thought we would never see her breasts. And the bum sound delicious.


Wow. I need to see this movie.