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Where did all the videos go?


Don't know why that posted twice


Meg is beautiful I'd love just one kiss


Meg is beautiful


Beswick is quite an intolerable douchebag.


Anyone from GGtD who likes having a job would do well to shut Steve the fuck up. Jesus. Don't light your show on fire and then blame your audience for fucking the careers of these girls. Everyone can see right through that nonsense. Your very obtuse arguments are not the secret end to piracy; you only stand to alienate your "legitimate" fans.


Hey, Thank You so much for the clips. Will You post the ones from first episode and cover the rest of upcoming episode like last year? That would be great. Thanks again.


Maybe they're just covering their asses in case its legit? Not sure why someone would pretend to be a producer to threaten a site that doesn't seem to make any money or have any ads. Maybe that's the problem. The site is too small to generate publicity for them so they threaten legal action. Meanwhile a paysite like Mr. Skin gets off scott-free cause they think thats good publicity from a well known site.

Also a different tactic compared to battyfornudity. Batty calls them porn stars and writes weird fantasies about the actresses. Gets contacted by the show and now he gets scoop on early episodes cause he sucks up to them. I see they still have their screencaps up too.

Anyway, it looks like they did remove all of the vids from their server and I doubt we get stuff from future episodes although I hope I'm wrong. I was planning to subscribe to Cinemax but will pass now out of principle. Videos will be released eventually whether its here or somewhere else.


Any whereabouts as to wherei can find clips from the first episode of season 2?


I would assume Recapped had some credible proof that these threats are legit or he wouldn't have taken the clips down so quickly. It would be pretty easy to impersonate somebody associated with the show over the internet, so you'd have to think there was some official notification sent his way to cease and desist.

And it's so stupid for the producer to do that. The only reason I knew about the show and Rebecca Blumhagen was because of this site putting up last season's clips. This show gained viewers because of Recapped and that's a fact. Who cares what the reasons are that people are watching as long as they're watching, whether it's for the nudity or the writing or the acting. Viewers are viewers and every show needs therm. Putting up clips isn't taking money out of the show's pocket. It's just a few minutes of an episode. Not the entire thing.

The producer, if it is him, is simply biting the hand that feeds him. Don't pretend you're making high art. The sex and nudity is the show's biggest hook.


I am the prefect example I saw this show on here and wanted to watch the full episodes so a went and got them. but anyway are you going to put up the episode one vids?


That's not the real Steve Beswick, it's just some troll that is winding all of you up.


i wouldn't sweat Beswick. Skinemax isn't spending any money on legal, when they don't even promote the show. at best he will get his cousin, who "took the LSAT", to draft a letter.

At least Blumhagen has artistic pretensions/credibility with her Shakespeare on long island thing. at best Bessiewig is the producer on some show that comes on three hours after Strike Back.

note to self Steve, just because you shoot in Romania, doesn't mean you are making Game of Thrones.


The fact that clips from this season's episodes are on a number of paysites already and Mr. Beswick chooses to bully this free site shows how clueless he is about the internet and the nude celeb business. This is a complete waste of time and is akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight. All the nude clips from this show WILL be on the internet on dozens of sites sooner or later and there's nothing he or anyone from this show or any show can do about it. This is the reality of the digital age.

And memo to Mr. Beswick: The only reason males watch his show is for the nudity. It's an obscure, late-night show on Skinemax. You should be excited for any free publicity it gets.


Oh . . . Oh, but I am excited. In fact, I'm so excited I'm getting ready to blow my load all over you and all the other jerfok idiots on this site. . . I know how much you'd enjoy it !


Wtf? Who talks like that?

Think sites like Gawker would be interested in how this immature "big shot" is bullying this site for something that is clearly fair use. However don't want them to get free publicity.

I noticed they put everything off site now. So leave the site alone and DMCA the file hosters if you want.

PS I just noticed Mr. Skin reposts the exact same clips but slaps their huge watermark on it so you might want to sue them too.


Hey Steve Beswick, if you're gonna start sending lawsuits, you should start with Mr. Skin since they're making money on your show.


I guess what's problematic here for the producers of this show is that what most of the viewers are interested in can be copied and shared under fair use. Compare this to shows like True Blood, Dexter, and Game of Thrones, or Banshee that's also airing on Cinemax, where there also is nudity, but most people aren't interested in watching just the nude clips, they want to watch the entire episodes. If this show had been popular then there would have been whole episodes shared everywhere, but there aren't.


4 years ago the members of the former Monty Python realized that their old sketches were pirated in masses on Youtube.

What did they do...

They didn't ban it - they even established a Youtube Channel dedicated to those clips and urged the people on to "pirate" more.

The result: DVD sales of Monty Python videos increased by 23000% (!!!)

So while even those old farts know the value of such clips, certain people in this industry doesn't recognize free advertizing even when it bites them in the a***...


Recapped... I am not sure if its a joke or not but i guess i'd delete the post anyway. You can never be to sure.

Mr Berwick, it's really sad to see you do not understand that you are shooting yourself in the foot here.

I can understand you want to earn money for your work but the concept that you'd lose income over some people downloading some clips is completely wrong. Piracy is absolutely vital for shows. Anything but Blockbuster Movies actually gain money from pirate releases rather than lose it. The principle is simple.

No pircay > no one watches the show > no buzz > no dvd/bluray income > cancellation.

It's a sad reality but i live in Europe and have no way whatsoever to watch this show save for the DVD which might come out eventually. I might have heard about your show but 99 out of a 100 people (at least) will not have ergo they wont possible spent money on your show. I have HBO where i live (and pay for it) but they have chosen not to air your show (as opposed to another cinemax show like Banshee). I wonder how you possible think your show will gain any income from outside of the United States?! Is barely going to happen.

You need piracy. To ask for deletion of these clips while maybe 200 people will see it... That's quite sortsighted.

I always was under the impression that an artist wants his show to be seen as much as possible but apparently earning money is more important. And sadly... this will in no way increase your revenue. Buzz is absolutely vital for a show. For your sake i hope the episodes will be released on torrent or something eventually cause they havent so far which isn't good for your show which is, from what i have seen of it, quite enjoyable.


This site actually puts up very few clips compared to other should feel honored and thank the site for throwing a spotlight on your little-known show in this competitive environment...instead, you have pi55ed the opportunity away...which explains your lousy imdb resume !


There are plenty of places on the internet where folks can pirate whole episodes of your show, even movies still playing in the theaters like Despicable Me 2 and We're the Millers. These are just clips...stop overreacting and being a prick !


Steve: Clips like these expose your show to new (legal) viewers and future fans, through DVD, netflix, hulu, etc. However, comments like yours encourage people like me to pirate your show and promise themselves that they will never contribute one penny to litigious a55holes like you ! The next time you want a clip down, send a private message/letter, don't post publicly...but be warned...making these clips disappear will just kill your show ! And the space created will be used for clips from shows that compete with yours. BTW, go to wikipedia and look-up "fair use" !



Let's face it, does this site show anything other than love scenes or nudity ? So, if this is "fair use" as you say, what do

you say about that . . . or are you one of those pathetic losers who can't actually get a woman himself and can only look at

photos or videos of other women?

And BTW, I've done more than just read a wikipedia paragraph

about "Fair use" as you seem to have done. If that's the extent

of your legal research, then what can I say ?


@Steve Beswick:

If you're actually Steve Beswick, then what kind of pathetic loser are you if you spend time arguing with anonymous people on a forum?

Then I decided to take a look at your imdb page... Talk about being the pathetic loser of executive producers....

And then you insult what I can only guess is a probably not so small group of those who actually would pay for the channel that this show airs on....


Thanks for the videos! Wasn't aware this show was back and will need to re-subscribe.

Steve, thanks for the show but pretty sure this falls under fair use and is how paysites like Mr. Skin exist.


You are in violation of U.S. Copyright laws and if you don't take these photos and/or clips down, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Steve Beswick

Executive Producr


@ Steve Beswick:

Please can you answer me a question...

How can someone become an "Executive Producer" without knowing the simplest basics of marketing and advertising.

Clips like these are seen by many people (like me) who 've never heard of the show and might watch it now.

No wonder this industry is 15 years behind concerning the internet...


Do you have any idea of U.S. Copyright Law? I guess not,

you;re just a basic abuser of the system.


1.) I'm not talking about US-law, just about simplest common sense. One might think an "Executive Producer" would do what's the best for his corporation.

2.) Are you one of those ignorant Americans who don't realize that there are ~6Billion other people on this planet? I'm not Amercan so I don't care about your laws very much.^^ (Especially now that I know that you don't care about our laws by spying on us violating our civil rights - but that's another story.)

3.) Even I as a non-American know that these clips fall under the "fair use" priciple.

4.) But ok! Go on and try to stop free advertizing for your product. I wonder how people like you got their job...


Thanks for sharing these amazing clips, especially the ones with Tessa. I hope you will continue to provide this service, since there isn't any other resource for TGGTD at the moment.


Be advised, the producers of this show are aware of this posting and have contacted their lawyers regarding these clips. If you want to avoid any legal action, you should remove this posting immediately. This is not a joke.


Amen to what T said. This show's always deserved more attention and the nudity so far in season 2 has been incredible. Rebecca's still a goddess, Meg had a couple ridiculously hot scenes in the premiere, and Tessa is head to toe perfection! It's a shame Girl's Guide doesn't get more of a promotional push, but at least they brought it back and cast some major beauties. Thanks for the clips!


Thanks! I don't know why this show is as obscure as it is, no one covers it while it provides an abundance of great nudity.


It's cause the scene release groups ignore the show. Most of the cappers just download scene releases and use that to make clips.


Thank you very much for Episode 2 clips. Could you also please post EP 1 please?


was there any from Episode 1?


Thanks you, you are the only one to cover this show 🙂