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Where did all the videos go?


Don't know why that posted twice


Meg is beautiful I'd love just one kiss


Meg is beautiful


Beswick is quite an intolerable douchebag.


Anyone from GGtD who likes having a job would do well to shut Steve the fuck up. Jesus. Don't light your show on fire and then blame your audience for fucking the careers of these girls. Everyone can see right through that nonsense. Your very obtuse arguments are not the secret end to piracy; you only stand to alienate your "legitimate" fans.


Hey, Thank You so much for the clips. Will You post the ones from first episode and cover the rest of upcoming episode like last year? That would be great. Thanks again.


Maybe they're just covering their asses in case its legit? Not sure why someone would pretend to be a producer to threaten a site that doesn't seem to make any money or have any ads. Maybe that's the problem. The site is too small to generate publicity for them so they threaten legal action. Meanwhile a paysite like Mr. Skin gets off scott-free cause they think thats good publicity from a well known site.

Also a different tactic compared to battyfornudity. Batty calls them porn stars and writes weird fantasies about the actresses. Gets contacted by the show and now he gets scoop on early episodes cause he sucks up to them. I see they still have their screencaps up too.

Anyway, it looks like they did remove all of the vids from their server and I doubt we get stuff from future episodes although I hope I'm wrong. I was planning to subscribe to Cinemax but will pass now out of principle. Videos will be released eventually whether its here or somewhere else.


Any whereabouts as to wherei can find clips from the first episode of season 2?


I would assume Recapped had some credible proof that these threats are legit or he wouldn't have taken the clips down so quickly. It would be pretty easy to impersonate somebody associated with the show over the internet, so you'd have to think there was some official notification sent his way to cease and desist.

And it's so stupid for the producer to do that. The only reason I knew about the show and Rebecca Blumhagen was because of this site putting up last season's clips. This show gained viewers because of Recapped and that's a fact. Who cares what the reasons are that people are watching as long as they're watching, whether it's for the nudity or the writing or the acting. Viewers are viewers and every show needs therm. Putting up clips isn't taking money out of the show's pocket. It's just a few minutes of an episode. Not the entire thing.

The producer, if it is him, is simply biting the hand that feeds him. Don't pretend you're making high art. The sex and nudity is the show's biggest hook.