The Handmaid’s Tale 105 Nudity Review

Elisabeth Moss is naked while having sex at the end of the upcoming episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. The nude scene is somewhat dark but there are still good views of Elisabeth’s breasts and a brief look at her butt.

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Baywatch nudity?


Zoe Kravitz in Vincent and Roxxy. I apologize for the terrible video quality, I don't really have any way to capture video. And hey, the movie isn't out for another month+ do beggars can't be choosers! Nice, long scene. Enjoy!


I suppose I can upload the Zoey Deutch scene as well if people want, but it's very brief and no nudity except for some no nipple side boobage. I'm not sure if this is the only Zoe Kravitz scene in the film but I suspect it is.


if its the same as the one skn posted earlier in this comment section dont bother. Also your zoe kravitz video was taken down.


Well that sucks. Anyone know where I can upload that won't take it down for nudity?


Try sendvid if you want the video embedded here. Otherwise, use zippyshare.


Amy Schumer said on Howard Stern's show that her right boob will be shown in the movie Snatched.


I hope she have some great boobs unlike her "great comedy skills"


When will Raw(2016) be available on VOD?


It should be available on VOD and iTunes on May 23rd.

For those who don't know, Garance Marillier shows brief butt and breasts during the film and has a very explicit sex scene with biting and bleeding and scratching involved.


Shannon Lucio - brief breasts in short film Consuming Beauty


Is this short avalaible? Have you a photos?


US Amazon Prime video: I can't watch it from my country.


Confirmed - topless in bath (mainly underwater but nipples do appear above waterline) - about 8 mins in




Just started Billions and Maggie Siff is bringing the heat. Any nude/sexy scenes to look forward to from her?


she had only one nude scene and that was a body double...nothing more..


Zoë Kravitz topless and bit of Zoey Deutch's breasts during sex scene in Vincent N Roxxy


You talk like someone who's dicking with us.


Kravitz is topless during a very dark sex scene and you do get some very brief side boob and naked back from Deutch as she's riding a guy early in the movie. No nipple.


Do you have any news on the flatliners remake?


For those that are interested, Brianna Brown has a topless scene in The Evil Within.


Thanks. Scene looks weird though. VFX? Sample cap:


Definitely can see the boyshorts she was wearing that they attempted to digitally erase. The CGI immediately after this (when she gets on all fours) is just as bad.


I am so sick of every nude scene, even by actresses who have done plenty of nudity before getting called CGI. Just stop it.


Her breasts aren't CGI but the below the waist nudity is. Just look at skn's screenshot. They digitally erased her boyshorts and did an awful job of matching her body's skin tone.


It's a 4mill movie. Could they afford such vfx trickery?


Huh? This movie has really crappy CGI. Just look at the scene immediately after this when she crawls on all fours.


Guess they couldn't afford it then, if the CGI is so crappy.


On the off chance Recapped sees this and knows (and at the risk of sounding like a broken record)... Ophelia Lovibond and Gozo?


Again, I'll ask what's up with The Little Hours and GLOW. They're both rapidly approaching and we've had very little credible info on either.


From Mr.Skin:

(0:45) Kate Micucci and Aubrey Plaza kissing in bed.

(0:47) Legs on Alison Brie making out with Dave Franco

(0:55) As Alison Brie moves up her habit to grind on Dave Franco there is a near shot of her buns.

(1:02) A group of nude witches are dancing around the campfire. During the scene we see full frontal breasts and bush and Jemima Kirke in her open robe and breasts on Aubrey Plaza.

(1:06) Kate Micucci strips and we see her buns, breasts and bush.

(1:08) Buns on Jemima Kirke

(1:09) Breasts on Jemima Kirke as she wakes up. Then Kate Micucci is running down the hall in an open outfit showing breasts and bush.

(1:17) Kate Micucci washing herself but her arms are covering her chest.


Kate Micucci showing her bush? That sounds good. But is it her bush or a f*** merkin?


It's playing at The Chicago Film Fest this Friday. I can give an update afterwards.


I said credible info. I don't believe Mr Skin until they have clips on their site.


For what it's worth, it seems to all be compatible with the red band trailer that I believe came out after that review.


I don't doubt that a cut of the movie that they saw had all of that in it, but I don't expect that to be the cut that we get to see.


Just imagine all of the incredible footage that must lay strewn across the collective cutting-room floors of Hollywood. 🙁


god June 30 needs to come sooner!!!!


Breasts and butt ... the only two possibilities are a riding or a doggy style scene. I hope it's a riding sex scene.


Not Yvonne, but better than nothing.


Maybe Yvonne will be naked in episode 6?


Any idea why they have it with a grey stamp?
Both listed as confirmed.


I think they grey stamps mean Implied Nudity. Like breasts but no nipple, for instance.


Yes, think you're right since Before I Fall has it and we know that's implied nudity.
So guessing it'll probably be either Yvonne Strahovski or Alexis Bledel in episode 6.


It's likely Yvonne. Alexis Bledel isn't in episodes 6-7 according to a post I saw on another site.