The Killing of a Sacred Deer Nudity Review

Around 10 minutes into The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Nicole Kidman is in lingerie lying down with her head at the foot of the bed. There is a distant shot of Nicole’s panties being pulled down and we see some bush briefly. Then at 100 minutes, there is a similar shot of the bed but not as distant. This time, Nicole is fully nude with her head at the side of the bed but the bed post blocks us from seeing any bush. The lights are then turned off and Nicole shows some brief bush and butt as she sits up.

Raffey Cassidy can also be seen in her underwear briefly. The scene is similar to the first Nicole scene except Raffey stays clothed.

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I would not expect to see any nudity from Raffey Cassidy for at least 5 years (she is, after all, only 14 😉 )


karrueche tran kinda showed her booty in a dress with a see through cutout for about a 1/4 second last night in TNT's Claws pilot. and possibly again later. but you'd have to freeze frame to see anything and even then it's dim. still more than i thought she'd show.


3-4 brief clips of Jennifer Garner having sex in Wakefield. Quite a few side boob scenes and bra scenes. No ass shots. Came close to a nipple a couple times but alas it was not to be.


where can these be found? i have looked but can't find


Anything from the new season of Bloodline?


Some random strippers in one episode, that's it.


Jamie Chung?


Marine Vacth shows her vagina in close-up in L'Amant Double! Plus she is naked in other scenes too.


Teresa Palmer in Berlin Syndrome!


Where did you get this from ??? My Taresa


Here's this. Some titty-sucking to start the gif. Good stuff.


Full video of all her nude scenes from the movie...


Any news about stana katic in absentia?


They are done filming and they have talked about major networks, streaming services and cable networks. I'm itching to know if they even filmed nudity/sexual content scenes that would air on a premium service or if its something geared to NBC, ABC or another same type network. She is gorgeous and needs to show the goods again!!


Has anyone seen Top of The Lake :China Girl. It played at Cannes all 6 episodes. Any nudity in it?


Anything with Emma Rigby? Specifically, Actors Anonymous?


Bethany Joy Lenz in a bikini in movie Extortion


Anything on Emma Rigby at all? Specifically ' Actors Anonymous' ??


Any Elle Fanning nudity in How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017)?


I'm not sure why, but I have the feeling that neither Elle nor Dakota will be getting naked anytime soon.


Nothing from anyone - zip, zilch, nada. Dunst has a brief clothed sex scene with Colin Farrell.


Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to the Q about The Beguiled, but I don't think there is anything in this Elle film either, nothing mentioned in any review.


I asked about How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017) NOT Beguiled (2017). It's rated R for nudity.


New GoT trailer just dropped. Looks like there may be a scene with Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) showing something.


Hopefully it will be a nude scene, not an implied one.


I just came on here to post that. Hopefully this is early in the season, I'm getting sweaty with anticipation.


In the third episode if I'm not mistaken. And from what I've heard we will see Nathalie naked again. Which is great because she's probably the best-looking woman in the show.

By the way, do you have any other hints about nudity in Thrones this year? From what I've read there's a good chance we see Emilia again but beyond that I'm unsure.


Where did you read these spoilers about the nude scenes and do you know any other details?


Typical GoT scene or the dude naked too?


Well... About him...


Thanks for info:)


Anu update on The Beguiled recapped?


There's no nudity - Kirsten Dunst has a clothed sex scene, that's it.


The trailer had a sex scene whrre Farrell rips of Nicole Kidmans leggings. Was it just that only and no sex or make-out?


Wake me up when there's an update on Gypsy and Sophie Cookson.


Heartland is coming out next month.
Any nudity from Laura Spencer?


curious, is there anything in AWOL with Lola Kirke


Not sure if legit but read somewhere that Lola Kirke and Breeda Wool have nude scenes in AWOL.


Ok i watched it and there is two lesbian scenes, the first one is okay they just have sex and u can see boob and butt. The second one Breena is going down on Lola until they are interrupted and you can clearly see some breasts and Breena shows some bush and maybe Lola shows some bush too. A bath scene comes and u can see Lola's nipples as Breena gets up too show Breasts and bush. There is also a dimly lit lit scene where u can see Breena's ass and boob


how much bush did each of them have? full bush or trimmed?


No Lola just shows Breasts, but Breena shows bush and I'm pretty sure it is not full bush but it is nt trimmed either


Hey Recapped, any info on The Little Hours? I trust you more over MrSkin.


Saw it at Chicago Film Fest. Very disappointing. Scenes are pretty much as described by Mr Skin with Jemima Kirke and Kate Micucci the only stars showing anything. Both are during a satanic ritual scene that takes place at night so its pretty darkly lit. The Aubrey Plaza topless scene is really just her in an open robe which keeps her boobs covered. Alison Brie shows a side view of upper thigh at most. Also it's not funny. Like 30-35% on rotten tomatoes at best.


what were like the best scenes with nudity though


According to some nude reviews, Kate Micucci shows her tits and her bush. Is it true?


I'm not sure about this. According to Mr Skin, Aubrey Plaza shows her breasts in this movie, not topless covered as you say.


Damn, was really hoping Alicia Silverstone would show her boobs. Maybe next time...


Do we see NK's breasts in any of these scenes?


Yes, 2nd scene.


Thanks Recapped!! Is it a good shot from front or just a not so clear long distance shot?


Hope shes not wearing a merkin.


6 likes and no reply? Can someone who has seen the movie describe? Plus The Beguiled too.