The Leftovers 301 Nudity Review

On Sunday’s final season premiere of The Leftovers, Carrie Coon is topless, and shows her right breast from the side before having sex with Theroux’s character. There is a long shot of Carrie reaching down his pants.

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It there anything in "Unforgettable"?


The Beguiled trailer landed yesterday. Based on the trailer, Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Kidman each has a sex scene. Now whether they have proper sex scenes with nudity or just a tease (which, althoigh not unlikely, will be very surprising as it is a big production), will become clear only later. But based on the original Clint Eastwood movie, Elle Fanning will have atleast two sex scenes, including a threesome involving Kidman. That makes two for Kidman. Plus there is another sexual angle involving Kidman, and she might just have three sex scenes.


Have you even watched the original movie? There is no nudity from Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst's character in the movie. Only Elle Fanning's character gets naked but judging from the trailer maybe not.


The "threesome" from the Clint film was with the characters played by Kidman and Dunst, not Elle Fanning. There is a glimpse of Elle's sex scene with Farrell in the new trailer - she's fully clothed unlike the girl in the equivalent scene in the original film. There was also a casting notice for a butt double for this film.


thanks for the info. She really doesnt flowt mz boat anymore. IDK maybe its the frozen, overtly serious face that i dont like. And yeah, dont expect too much, one of the actresses said how Sofia only shot the sex scenes from one angle, while the male directors shoot it from all the angles ๐Ÿ˜€ Plus theres the whole feminism angle here, might be Farrel's penis we see in the end ๐Ÿ™


You maybe right, in which case it will be sh1tty. Plus the body double casting news has totally sunk any hopes.


any way to confirm if it's her or not?


fucking finally nude debut


The only way to confirm it on 100% is if MEW herself would say that (or someone from cast / crew). But I think it's her. Of course lots of people now will say: no face = bd! But there are hundreds of cases where that's not true.


Hundreds of cases where it is true


Yes, you are absolutely right. And that's why unless MEW will said it's her or not, we will not know.


We're so close to Alison's leaks.


Here are un-cropped version.


Check the reflection.
You're welcome ๐Ÿ™‚


Supposed to be a hacked pic of Alison Brie. There's 3 other 'preview' shots floating around.


The Exception and Voice from the Stone are both available on DirectTV now apparently. Can anyone with an account check and possibly get some screen caps?


The Exception available Thursday and Voice from the Stone Friday


this thursday and friday, right? SWEET!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see those english booties


No, next week. The Exception on the 27th and Voice from the Stone on the 28th.


Trailer for The Exception.


To whet our appetite...


Found this floating around. Looks like it's happening


i thought she was Emilia Clarke for some reason


Who is this supposed to be? Looks sort of like Olivia Munn...


Alison Brie supposedly


Doesn't look anything like her.


The Little Hours finally has a release date of June 30th. Can anyone confirm Kate Micucci and Aubrey Plaza nude scenes in it?


Mr. Skin has this to say : "We are going to see some Alison Brie ass, some Aubrey Plaza boobs, and Kate Micucci and Jemima Kirke going full-frontal. There is also another scene that Iโ€™m pretty excited about, but Iโ€™m not going to say. Letโ€™s just say youโ€™ll probably figure it out after you watch the trailer. And no, itโ€™s not the scene of the naked witches, but that scene looks awesome..."


Redband trailer is out and looks promising


That's why I'm asking. I'd trust people who've seen it over a trailer any day.


What about Berlin Syndrome .. My Beautiful Palmer ..????


According to MrSkin, she has a couple of nude scenes. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I finally found the pic of Lindsey shaw!


Thumper premieres this week on Tribeca. Any news about Eliza Taylor being nude ?


i heard that Ashley Greene is supposed to be nude in the next episode of Rogue? CAn anybody confirm this/


look all i know is that someone said on here that Ashley Greene was suppose to be nude in episode 5


sorry i heard it from someone on here but it was merely a bra shot


It is already available online on DirecTv, isn't it?!


If this is true then I'll gladly yell FINALLY!!!!!! and God bless you. I just hope that it's a sex scene and not just plain nudity


Are you unaware she had a nude sex scene in the show last season?


Of course i am aware of them. In fact I was the first to report the possibility. My comment was in regards to this current season where all we have got up until now is just a couple of Lesbian kisses. I was and am hoping for more *fingers crossed*


2 nude scenes


Plz God let it be true!


Where did this come from?


I'd never thought I would say it... but man recapped is way off with the scene, you can barely see her breast, no sex scene, and the lengthy shot is by far 3 seconds long


I think by 'long shot' they were referring to it as being from a distance. Which it was.


I've found this information about The Layover release date:

Vertical Entertainment and DirecTV have picked up U.S. rights to the William H. Macy-directed indie The Layover, which stars Alexandra Daddario, Kate Upton, Matt Barr, Matt Jones, Kal Penn, Rob Corddry and Molly Shannon. The film will debut August 3 on DirecTV, followed by a theatrical bow via Vertical Entertainment in September.

I thought HBO had the rights of the movie...

Anyone here know what is DirectTV? Is similar to Netflix?


Does it matter at this point? We already know they arent getting nude.


Alex's clothed sex scene was of interest to some people


Like me. We've seen Alex nude, but not fucking (The Babysitters doesn't count). I would have preffered she had protrayed the Lili Simons's character in True Detective as it was planned at first. For me, a sex scene is better than a nude scene, althought it be a clothed sex scene.


DirecTV is a cable service. They're the ones who put a little dish right next to the window on your house. They have their own set of channels you can't get with any other cable service (they air Rogue and Kingdom).

I think the HBO thing was while they were still negotiating a release and they hadn't secured the deal yet.


Thanks so much!

So, it's possible we have the clip in August in a good quality, isn't it?

In my opinion, it doesn't matter if HBO hasn't the right. What matter is we get the scene at the end.


Any info on Mia Wasikowska or Rosamund Pike on HHhH?


Anymore screenshots of Lily James from The Exception?


In 13 days we will have the whole scenes, so just need to wait less than 2 weeks.


Anyone seen the new episode of Morning Interim - Illicit dream? Theres two women in the episode, one is a gilf and the other a hottie. Hope there is real sex or at least full on nudity from both.

Ill be downloading it tomorrow and writing a short review. Int he meantime comments are welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚


There is real sex, but unfortunately the scenes with the hottie are not really good, the director fucked up by centering on the gilf


Thanks for the info, mk. Any male nudity? Justin maybe?


This site has never covered male nudity. How many more threads are you going to clutter asking about it?


The only people that are cluttering are the people that keep complaining. One post once in a while, omg, such clutter. Don't like? Scroll.


Any news on American Gods?


Well, we know who is naked in ep 1 and I'm pretty sure Recapped will post review of ep 2 before it will premiere, but my guess is it will be Emily Browning.


Yes! Fantascic news! Many thanks for this info!