The Leftovers 304 Nudity Review

On the next The Leftovers, Carrie Coon shows her butt briefly during a very rough, mostly clothed sex scene in an airport bathroom.

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Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow? Latest reports from movie bloggers on twitter say it's hard R and racier than expected.


Sexy scenes pretty much confirmed, but it's all likely to get cut by the studio to get a more profitable PG-13 rating


I wouldn't necessarily jump to that conclusion. The success of movies like Deadpool and Logan has altered the perception of PG-13 as a box office necessity. The quotes coming out from the director himself today suggest that he's convinced the studio is on board with releasing Red Sparrow with its racy footage intact. "When I read the book and I made the pitch to the studio about what the approach would be, this was a definite R. Nobody's chickened out or got cold feet, everybody's gone for it from the beginning. It's a hard R."


R-rated comic book/superhero movies are not the same as R-rates other movies.


Yeah, movies based on novels for adults are traditionally more likely to be rated R! The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Girl on the Train, etc. I know everybody on here loves to be practice extreme skepticism so they'll never get their hopes dashed, but all the early indications on Red Sparrow are promising. Not saying there's any guarantee of J-Law nudity, but the director's comments don't seem to leave much wiggle room about the rating.


Anything on Newness?


Anybody heard anything about the upcoming season of the HBO Brazil show O Negocio? Last season premiered in April and so far I haven't even seen a trailer for new one.


Anything in new season of sense8 ??


I skimmed it and saw full frontal from Valeria Bilello in s02e05 and boobs from Mumbi Maina in s02e06. The names may be wrong. There was also quick nudity from a couple of others in other episodes.


nothing from the main cast ??


Talulah Riley in The Last Witness. Know anything about this, Recapped?


Doubt there is anything.


Thank you for the reply, recapped! It's screening at Cannes this month, looking for global distributors. If you hear anything, please let us know.


And this gets a full-on Nudity rating on HBO? They are getting weird. :/ This is Brief Nudity at best!


Maybe Justin will show his butt too? Maybe if one butt is brief nudity, two butts means full? Hahahaha, I don't know just guessing.


I remember an episode of Vinyl got Nudity for Oliva Wilde showing one of her breasts really quickly. 😀


Shows like True Blood and Banshee were notorious in later seasons for having nudity tags when the episode had virtual no visible nudity.

On another site, we pretty much dubbed Deborah Ann Woll the "nipple-less wonder".


Anything on The Little Hours? Or maybe anything on GLOW since it's just over a month away?


Was hoped for that kind of news, thanks!


Nice, a sex scene although it be clothed. Better than nothing.