The Leftovers 308 Nudity Review

Saving the best for last, the series finale of The Leftovers this Sunday has Carrie Coon fully naked. Carrie first shows her butt and some sideboob as she enters the room. Carrie then shows her breasts and bush as she makes her way to a machine. There is also a scene where Carrie gets into the bath where you may be able to see her breasts briefly.

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Internet Asshole

Any chance of Emmanuelle Chriqui getting naked in Super Troopers 2?


Only male nudity in this movie. It's American comedy, c'mon, gay America. They are afraid of pussy. They love dicks.


she is a tenacious nudity dodger, don't expect anything imo


Any news on Newness? Drake Doremus is teasing on Twitter that an announcement is coming soon.


In a recent entrance on this blog, I read in a comment that Netflix has acquired the rights and probably the movie will be released sooner than later in their platform.


Disappointing HBO. I don't get it why americans are so prudish when it comes to female frontal bottom nudity? Always obscured by distance, camera angles or fake hair. Hope to see in the future such nudity like we have here in Europe.


who is this in the pic?


Marta Nieradkiewicz.


Yeah, Marta;) I love her. Movies "United States of Love", "Floating Skyscrapers".


Another one:


We also got lengthy, well-lit shots of her ass. Really great scene.


Here it is!


Watch european movies and you will see female genitalia. Americans are prudish and they are scared of female lips. They aren't afraid of penis but female genitalia? It's to much! Lol


I don't think that's a merkin. Kudos to Carrie Coon for going full-frontal.


It's a merkin. Vulture did a long story on the making of the series finale (link:, and Carrie says it's a merkin:

Inside the truck itself, it is just Coon and Chris Cuevas. “Carrie, I’m going to be physically closer when you first step in,” he says.

“Can’t wait!” she says, joking but edgy. “Just watch it or you’re gonna get some merkin in your teeth.”


It seems like you're getting downvoted if you're telling the truth around here, pretty strange.


Some people can't handle reality.


It looks like a merkin to me.


Merkin or not, it's still a cover and I hate it. They show dicks and balls but female genitalia still taboo.


Fredp, your pathetic rant is stunning in its ignorance.


What the hell are you even talking about? You want a gyno exam or something? And what dicks and balls in the leftovers are you refering to?


Xander - I'm going to go easy on you, because unlike myself, you actually contribute content. But you have been proven to be factually incorrect on several occasions, are clearly anatomically illiterate, and you are incredibly inconsistent.

Firstly in itself the Carrie Coon scene was actually quite good, (although the actual nudity doesn't last anywhere near two minutes in length - you have to learn to distinguish between the length of the clip, and the amount of nudity in said clip) - but when compared to the Jack Bennett clip it's was pretty average. It's like the nudity in 'The Exception'. Lily James is topless very briefly, whereas Jai Courtney is shown full frontal in a much longer shot. Just because Lily James nudity is surprising and shot in good light, doesn't mean that male heterosexual viewers aren't being shortchanged.

And as I proved to you before, there is far, far more male frontal nudity on television, than female. This is a fact. When I challenged you to name shows which depicted female full frontal nudity, you dodged the challenge, and when on to whine about how penises and vulvas could not be compared, illustrating that you haven't got a clue about anatomy.

Lastly, when multiple posters stated that merkins did not count as full frontal nudity, you disagreed. Then you complained about the CGI nudity in American Gods, and asked men if they would be 'happy with merkins and fake nipples' - which completely contradicted your previous stance.

Oh, and yes some feminists are more than happy to produce content featuring nudity from women that are not stereotypically pleasing, (see Girls & I Love Dick), but he majority o actresses are constantly whining about a non existent double standard, and are contributing to an environment where studios are afraid of producing content with female nudity, for fear of being labelled as misogynistic, or exploitative.


Fredp, did you actually read the article? There is nothing feminist about it. Damon Lindelof simply stated a very truthful thing. Yes, you all love female nudity and want it. That is totally fine! But it must finally be fine that both genders are naked and shown and not just one!

His point is, that it's still okay for every show/movie to undress a woman, multiple times, while they don't do it with men, or it's a scene that plays for laughs or it's all fake!

Just think about the fact that you think Carrie's scene is bad? I am sorry man, but are you fucking nuts? She is naked for 2 fucking minutes!!! That seems to be short for you guys, while men get maybe 5-10 seconds at best!

Stop complaining, the scene was perfectly filmed. It was not to show her naked body in close-up, but to show her naked and vulnerable, in a scary machine!!! And that was perfectly captured!
Plus feminists actually put nudity in movies. A lot of female directors also do female nudity only!


I'm sorry but this isn't the first time that you have posted a snarky, uniformed comment on this website, so I'm going to call you out.

The way Recapped talked about this scene, you would at least think that here would be a mid range full frontal shot, but there wasn't. The scene was a let down, and you can't really make out if that is Carrie's actual pubic hair or not. And yes studios/filmmakers do go out of there way to avoid showing actual full frontal female nudity. Don"t believe me? The ubiquity of the merkin is proof. Most women are well groomed now, either totally bald or sporting at the most a landing strip. A few hipster women I know do rock a full bush, but they are a definite minority. I don't think Dave1993 was asking for a 'gyro exam' as you so eloquently out it - just a clear full frontal shot would've been nice. Tell me - how did Danny Boyle manage to depict Rosario Dawson's labia without being intrusive? Similarly, how did Bertolucci manage to display Eva Green's labia despite her having a healthy smattering of pubic hair? Because they didn't feel the need to deliberately shy away from depicting actual full nudity.

Additionally I might add that anybody who has been around a naked woman for absolutely any period of time can testify that the female genitals are hardly concealed.

And one last point - there has been far, far more male frontal nudity on the Leftovers - Chris Zylka, Chris Eccleston and Jack Bennet smith amongst the actors balls out. Anybody who thinks this was a good scenes should compare it to the Jack Bennett nude scene from earlier but the season. As ever, heterosexual men, (and homosexual women) are being short changed, and the main reason is feminists who are promoting two related outright lies - that female actresses are required to strip more than their male counterparts, and that male nudity is rare. Anybody who has is a) objective & b) has been paying attention knows both of the above to be lies.

Don't believe me - read what Damon Lindelof had to say in the following poorly researched article:

I would also suggest you read the concluding line in the article: 'Here's hoping that more representation of naked bodies on the screen will lead to less objectifying nude images of women'. I've abridged the quote, but as you can see the desire is clear - to reduce the amount of female nudity on tv/film. I can post more links if you still want to believe that feminism has nothing to do with the dwindling quality/amount of nude scenes involving stereotypically attractive women, but I imagine you'll just ignore any evidence put before you.


Leftovers had a lot dicks and balls. 😉 But I guess straight man know little about the vagina.
In the end, you just cannot compare a penis, which is just completely out there to a vagina.
But I guess nothing is ever really satisfying. I bow down to Carrie's commitment. Not every day an actress goes al the way after 3 seasons.


There's now confirmation that Emily Browning was wearing a full chest piece for her topless scenes.


Confirmation from where?


My post originally had a link to an Instagram post from a special effects guy that had a picture of the chest piece and described it. I didn't realize when I posted that posting an instagram link posts a really large version of the post/picture in the comment section, and it was edited out by someone (presumably for that reason).

The Instagram is @tinsleymua if you want to read/see it yourself.


Sorry, the Instagram embeds work on and off for some odd reason. When they don't work, nothing shows. Edited your post to the short url so it bypasses the embedding.


It is mentioned that it was used for Emily on the show?


"This is the chest piece Laura (#emilybrowning ) wears. She wore body prosthetics almost every day of her shooting for the 6 month filming."


Just like I said, your welcome.


Anything in American Gods 1x06?



Alexis Bledel in Handmaid's Tale?