The Meyerowitz Stories Nudity Review

Up and coming actress Grace Van Patten has her first nude scenes in The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).

Near the beginning of the movie, Grace is shown playing multiple characters in a short film she made on a computer monitor. One of these characters wears a pink wig and is topless while sitting in a chair. The pink wig Grace is shown several times including one closeup of her breasts as she’s mixing some pasta. Later, Grace is in a superhero costume and we see part of her ass from the side as she pees into a urinal. The last part of this short film shows Grace’s right breast as she has sex wearing a blonde wig.

Near the end of the movie, another of Grace’s short films is shown on a laptop. Grace is naked except for a backpack while hitchhiking and we see her ass. As a car stops to pick her up, the camera zooms in and we get a great view of Grace’s breasts as she turns. Grace’s breasts are then shown briefly as she approaches the car window. Grace, still naked except for the backpack, is then shown having sex cowgirl style from the side with the person who picked up her up outdoors. The camera then switches to a frontal view and we see Grace’s breasts jiggle as she alternately slaps her sex partner with both hands. The short film ends with a couple of views of Grace’s breasts including a closeup but now there are some paper cutouts of eyes covering her nipples.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) premieres on Netflix on October 13.

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Starz mini-series version of "Howards End" starring Hayley Atwell is premiering next month (first on BBC in November and then on Starz a few months later). I know this is a long shot but any chance we might get something lovely from Hayley or one of the other ladies on the mini-series?


The original version wasn't R-rated, but then again, neither was the original version of Mildred Pierce.


Nothing in Absentia 1x03, but there is a sex scene in next episode, so maybe Stana topless scene


Already seen it and she shows nothing.


A screenshot of a previous teaser trailer. Could be episode 4 or 1 of the later 1s. Most likely 4 though. Look closely and Judge for yourselves


where can you see it?


Yep. That's the one from the teaser trailer. We get a nipple peek here


Alexandra Daddario has a new lead role and it has the best chance for new nudity from her since True Detective.


Thanks for the news! This is highly promising. I'm going to find a copy of the book and see if there's any sex scenes.

"I Am Not a Bird centers around a young western woman, Margaret, in the midst of losing herself in the bachanal of nighttime Tokyo. Haunted by memories of her twin brother’s descent into madness, Margaret courts danger with her fellow ex-pat misfits in dive bars and love hotels. When she falls for Kazu, a handsome Japanese gangster, she has a chance at redemption but with the threat of a killer in the city, Margaret is in a race to find herself before she’s lost completely."


Okay going by summaries of the book, seems like sex and nudity are almost guaranteed in this movie.


Don't be so sure mate. Look what they did to Gerald's Game


I think Daddario would be more willing to go nude in a handful of scenes than Carla Gugino would be throughout most of a movie. Plus, this is an indie while Gerald’s Game is more a studio project albeit for streaming.


Could someone please inform me about the release date of "Les fantômes d'ismaël" on Blu-ray? The info I found from the web stated that it should be out on 27/9, but I've checked my local store and they don't have it. Or if anyone can tell me a trustworthy VOD website to rent it online that would be great. Thank you kindly my heroes.


Not sure if this was posted already but this is a review I got from blog from coolio on The Days of mercy. credit to coolio:


This is as glorious as Recapped's review. When is this movie releasing ?!? Enough festival rounds already


Enough festival rounds? It’s only played at one, less than a month ago. These things take time. There’s still unreleased stuff that premiered at LAST year’s TIFF (hello, naked Olivia Cooke - hopefully we will see you one day).


The movie wasn't good enough to be oscar contender or anything so I don't even know how many more festivals it will play in. Its all up to a distributor now (cmon netflix :p )


It HAS to be Netflix you know. Otherwise the censors will butcher it probably. Streaming networks are free of that if I am not wrong




The first time they kissing/topless the camera does go closeup on their faces, can't exactly remember the extent of tongue but there might be. I was more concentrated on kates tits looool as theres already great vid of her making out with Sophia Bush.


Any tongue in the kissing scenes?


Haha that was my review, hope it helps your anticipation guys :). Kate looks mighty fine in her scenes


There's supposed to be nudity in next episode of Ray Donovan and the preview shows Lili Simmons wrapped in a bed sheet. Please, please, please let there be a good nude sex scene


i don't care about good nude sex scene...i only want to see that bare ass in well lit.....after that if possible,riding someone fully nude showing her bare ass..that'll be my best nude scene of this year...(until now)


Olivia Luccardi & Kayla Foster in The Deuce


What are your top 3 most watched nude/sex scenes of the decade so far?

For me:

1. Alexandra Daddario's nudity on True Detective

2. Lili Simmons' sex scene on True Detective.

3. Hayley Kiyoko's threesome on Insecure. Fairly recent, but Hayley making out with a girl while sitting on a guy's face with well-lit looks at her breasts. I'm still flabbergasted.


IDK about #2 and #3, but #1 is definitely Michelle Lukes in Strike Back 4x10. I literally started watching that show for her and spent 40 episodes and 4 years waiting for it to happen.


1. Alexandra Daddario - "True Detective"
2. Scarlett Johansson - "Under the Skin"
3. Lili Simmons - "Banshee"

Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones" and Eva Green in "Camelot" and "Sin City 2" are close runner-ups.


Mine :-
1. Blue is the warmest color ..
2. Alex from True Detective
3. Morgn Saylor - White girl


1. Alexandra Daddario in True Detective
2. Janet Gunn in Night of the Running Man
3. Linda Carter in Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw


1. Emilia Clarke's all nude scenes from S1 of GOT
2. Lili Simmons masturbation scene from Banshee S2E2
3. Not nude, but Lili Simmons talking about anal sex in True Detective S1.


I'd agree with the first two, but replace your third with Autumn Reeser's sex scene in "The Big Bang."


The extended cut version was gift from above. Only thing I wished was better lighting or color balanced.


The extended cut was heavenly. I've tried playing with the colors, but it never comes out right.


Surprised that Recapped hasn't made a review about the next episode of The Deuce. Apparently Maggie Gyllenhaal has a bj scene in it and other actresses go topless as well.


When does Mr. Roosevelt release?