The OA Season 1 Nudity Review

Shannon Walsh and Patrick Gibson have a nude sex scene in the premiere episode of The OA. And Paz Vega is topless during a sex scene in episode 5.

Series star and co-creator Brit Marling doesn’t get naked even though she has a few scenes in the bath.

The OA will be available on Netflix on Friday.

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So I managed to get the video any suggestions on a site to upload it?


so is the indian chick tina never going to do it because of religion?


Prudishness. The true horror of religion 🙂


Doona Bae, Jamie Clayton, Tuppence Middleton, Freema Agyeman & Romane Portail are all naked in the Sense8 Christmas Special.


Not sure if you're bullshiting or telling this for real


Not bullshitting, like VisitorQ said. Doona has a sex scene where she is naked and then we see Jamie, Tuppence, Freema, Doona and Tina all naked during the orgy scene. We see Tina's butt, but no breasts.

All the others show their breasts!

And Romane Portail is riding Max Riemelt immediately after the orgy scene, plus doggy too.


Can you post the clip or screen caps of that scene.. Specially tina desai butt scene..


too bad her ass was a body double


where did you hear that?


He's telling the truth - pics and videos are on twitter.


any nudity from the sense8 christmas special?


Some pictures of Rose McGowan leaked again


If some one points me in the right direction I can try and male the clip, I have no idea how to do it


I'd say either try this, with the trial, I think recording time is five minutes, enough time for this clip or try the full screen record with quicktime.

Hope it helps.


If you dont know how to edit and cut a clip you can just Record the screen with quicktime and then upload it to zippyshare.


Does any one know how can I post the screen caps?


You can upload the clip to zippyshare. Please be a hero!


Just upload them to imgur or tinypic and link 'em here.


There are many image-hosting sites to choose from.


Upload the images in imgur or tinypic or any other image sharing site... then post the sharing link here...


I just manage to rent the movie and oh boy it does not disappoint, the scene is about 2-3 minutes long... great light


Post the clip bro or atleast some screen caps...

Thanks in advance...


any confirmation on this?


Here's a snag of what the sex scene looks like. Can't see anything.


You can watch it here, although the video of the nudity is blocked out. The audio is still there, though. Odd.


Yes, it's available on UK's iTunes. I haven't been able to find a download or screencaps yet.


PLL star Lucy Hale leaked photos online!!! OMG


Hi guys,

"Sticky Notes", the movie with Rose Leslie nudity reviewed here:

seems to be out on iTunes UK under the name "The Last Dance" since two days... Maybe someone can share some caps or clips? I would if I could!


the new tv show "A Girl Is a Gun" ! Nudity inside I hope :

Maria Volk

Denise Richards

Nikki Leigh

Charlotte McKinney


New leak of Abby Elliot- anyone know if there are more pictures?

View post on


3 sex scenes and a hot tub from Ruth Wilson in the past 2 episodes of The Affair and not a hint of T&A in sight...Fuck you...disappointed Emmy Rossum only had 1 sex scene this season but at least she isnt afraid to still show the goods


Well, Ruth said a while ago that she won't do nudity on that show anymore, so it really is no surprise. :/


So nothing yet from Personal Shopper? I can't believe it aired and nobody got screencaps from it.


A topless pic of Leelee Sobieski just popped up on the internet by the way.


Just googled it. Holy shit! Thanks, man.


The Handmaid's Tale is a Hulu series that just got a premiere date in April. Stars Yvonne Strahovski and Elisabeth Moss.

I don't know what the standard is for Hulu shows, but based on the other adaptations of the same book, there should definitely be nudity from Moss. Heard anything Recapped?


Anyone know anything about tonights Shameless and The Affair


Recapped, to celebrate the holiday season, any chance of a 2017 preview with a few new screen grabs? 😀


Anything about Lindsey Shaw?


Anything from The Man in the High Castle?


Bella Heathcote in bra in s02e10 and some topless extras in s02e06.


American Pastoral iTunes release date: jan. 27.

Blu-ray: feb. 7.

Maybe nudity with Jennifer Connelly.


American Honey is out. Yet another disappointment. If there's actual nudity from Sasha Lane, I didn't see it. Extremely shaky camera....I'm seen clearer video of Bigfoot.


Is there an update on Viena and the Fantomes? Its distributor, Lola Pictures, only has two projects on its website: Viena and Frank & Lola. Considering the latter just came out, I'm hoping their focus has shifted to Dakota Fanning's project.


Googled Shannon Walsh and she's pretty hot. Hopefully the scene doesn't disappoint.


Any news on the release of G.L.O.W. (and whether there's nudity), The Exception, or Sticky Notes?


Alison Brie nudity in G.L.O.W. is possible.

Jenji Kohan and Liz Flahive are the producers.

Alison posted a pic with her sitting on a bed wearing a robe.


There's zero chance of Brie getting nude. Give it up already.


pls post the pic of allison brie in robe