The Perfection Review

Early on in The Perfection, Allison Williams and Logan Browning are performing on their cellos together. This scene is intercut with scenes of Allison and Logan dancing, kissing, and having sex. Both Allison and Logan are nude during this sex scene but you don’t see any nipples, just lots of close calls. Allison also shows her butt. Allison and Logan are then talking in bed naked afterward but their arms are covering their breasts. Logan then gets up and walks away and you see her ass. The next scene, some time has passed and again Logan walks out of bed topless but you only see sideboob and her butt in a thong.

The Perfection is currently playing at Fantastic Fest.

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Did Rooney Mara get naked in Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot?


No from what I know.


Nothing on Shameless for 2nd consecutive week.However the way episode ended,there is some hope for next episode from Emmy Rossum


I know it was confirmed Alex DD is not naked in We Have Always Lived in the Castle, and I'm going to assume the same for Taissa Farmiga. However, reactions from the LA Film Festival premiere are coming out and mention something about Sebastian Stan taking a bath. lol


Well, she wasn't naked in Bereavement either but she was still smoking hot in it! Alex in a tight top is enough to get me going.?


Mods. Why do end up with question mark when I use a smiley? Never had this problem anywhere else.


I think you need to do a colon with a close parenthese to get the smiley on these comments.


There is a rumor some polish actress was cast as Renfri in The Witcher series. Do you maybe know who it is and if the role calls for nudity?


I don't know if it's the same character in the TV series, but Renfri was the protagonist of my favorite Witcher short story, "The lesser evil". She's a twisted version of Snow White and has sex with Geralt.


Colette is out today in some US cinemas. No release date for VOD.


Hey, anyone here from Denmark that can access this film. I know its foreign and most of you want mainstream actresses, but I've been looking forward to seeing this since its full of nudity/sex.


I checked it out at theposted link, and there's hardly any nudity or sex. A quick topless shot of two unknowns. That's it.


I would also like to see the nudity from this, but don't live in denmark...


No nudity in "Her Smell":
(0;27) Pokeys on Elisabeth Moss in a T-shirt in the recording studio.
(0:31) Left pokey on Elisabeth Moss entering the studio.
(0:36) Pokeys again on Elisabeth Moss in the T-shirt.
(0:40) Left pokey on Elisabeth Moss.
(0:44) Nice outlet of Agyness Deyn’s butt in red pants entering room.
(0:55) Close-up Cleavage on Elisabeth Moss on home video.
(1:01) Cara Delevingne kisses Ashley Benson
(1:03) Legs on Gayle Rankin on the couch.
(1:44) Pokeys on Elisabeth Moss in T-shirt going outside.

Elizabeth Debicki topless in "Widows":
(0:26) Breasts and buns on WOMAN in photos. (It is Ken’s Mistress but we never get a name and never see her in the flesh.)
(0:36) Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki and Michelle Rodriguez in towels in a sauna together.
(1:19) Elizabeth Debicki strips to her bra in bed with Lukas Haas. She then takes her bra off exposing her breasts on top of him. She then lifts up her skirts displaying her panties.
(1:47) Cynthia Erivo in sports bra working the punching bag.
(1:56) Cleavage on Viola Davis pulling bags out of the van.
(1:58) More cleavage on Viola Davis on the ground.


"(1:01) Cara Delevingne kisses Ashley Benson "

What is the kiss like?


Nice, always like Breeda - made me think of Mackenzie Davis watching this - surely she can't be far off..?!


She looks like a dead ringer for the bad guy's mom from season one.... Havent watched second season yet.


Well, she looks even more like herself from season 1.


Skimmed through Maniac and didn't notice anything


holy shit! thanks dude. always wanted to see proper nudity from Sarah Gadon and she has done it!


That's a lot better than I expected - Sarah's a total smokeshow!!


What a great girl. A real trooper.


Do we know anything about the next episode of Kidding? Just saw Riki Lindhome was in it


can somebody tell me this actress name ?
she's hot.....


Manuela Arcuri. She's been nude in several movies, tv.


Nudity or not, I'm always down for more lesbian movies.


I prefer nudity. Nothing like watching a girl getting her nipple sucked by another girl.


So Allison actually shows her butt here, not just implying it with a covered shirt while someone eats it out like in Girls.


Am I the only person who thinks she already did show her butt for real in this scene from Girls? How much crack do you have to see for it to be a bonafide butt scene. Can we get a ruling on this?


I'll believe it when I see it


Has anybody read 'Crypto' script? I hope there's some nudity in it.