The White Princess 106 Nudity Review

On Sunday’s The White Princess, Jodie Comer is naked during a sex scene but her hair covers her nipples. And the news just gets better as there is no nudity in any of the remaining episodes this season.

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There was nudity in this ep, just not from Jodie Colmer


Oops. We skim through these episodes so sometimes we miss things.


Miss anything with Brie and Glow? 😀


Kirsten Dunst is NOT NUDE in The Beguiled as per latest article. She has a clothed sex scene. No information on whether Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning have nude or sex scenes. If anyone has any info pls share.


Definitely disappointing news about Jodie. Will have to see the scene to see just how disappointing it is.

Saw Yvonne's scene this morning and while disappointing, it is still Yvonne and she looks amazing. Also hoping that there is chance for future nudity from her in the series as it continues.

In regards to another HULU show, have you heard anything about any nudity in S3 of Casual? Was pleasantly surprised in S1 but bitterly disappointed in S2 so staying very pessimistic at the moment.


I wish they would bring back Taylor Spreitler on Casual. Nudity from her would be very surprising, because she seems genuinely wholesome.


I vote for Diora Baird. It's a pity he portrayed a punctual character. Although she gave us a very good scene.


Official. No female nudity in Baywatch, only male full nudity. Hollywood reached the highest gay level. BTW I heard that it's crap movie.


Remember when summer comedies like this practically guaranteed nudity from the lead actresses? Wish we could turn back the good old days...


Hollywood is still very straight, no worries man! And the penis will 100% be prosthetic and belonging to the dead guy in the trailer. So yeah, very hot.^^ LOL


Recapped can you shed some light on the Leftovers series finale, I heard the entire cast gets naked


OH come on. Its nowadays crappy HBO. When they're talking about entire cast naked it will be male part of cast.


Say WHAT...? Where did you hear that? I could actually see that happening in this show. 😀


I'll take a sex scene from a hot actress on any day of the week that ends in Y, nudity or not. Thanks for the update recapped. Any early info, good or bad is info much appreciated!


I know this is a long shot, but any news on the movie Heather Graham directed? Half Magic, I think it's stuck in movie limbo, struggling with a distribution deal. It's described as a Female sex comedy.


Someone on a Celeb forum I lurk at said that on an episode of Hollywood Game Night, Angela Kinsey said she shows her ass in it, but I didn't see the show myself (and who knows if it's in the final movie, if Angela is exaggerating, etc.).


what about American Gods episode 4, it suppose to be centered around Emily Browning and it has confirmed nudity. Details?


When may we expect more details on Alison Brie in "GLOW"?


Also Betty Gilpin. I'd love to see that set again.


I believe Recapped said close to the premiere so in the middle of June?


thanks you man. Recapped said that since the first post and people still keep asking its so annoying. (middle of june) its not that hard to understand


The post said "more details closer to the release date", which is now, yesterday or any time since April 1st technically, so what's wrong with people asking?


Wow, all I have to say is: STARZ, what happened to you?

But thanks for news Recapped.


Seriously. If a British actress playing the main character in the first season of a Starz series doesn't get naked, we can no longer take anything for granted.




Feminism? Give me a break.


What's your theory?


What does feminism have to do with it?


Feminists are always carrying on about how female nudity on television and in the movies is "objectifying," as well as the inequality between female and male nudity. Pretty basic.


Oh, yeah, feminists HATE nudity and don't think its empowering at all... #freethenipple


Read reviews today and see the references about "male gaze" and "objectification". Game of Thrones along with other HBO cable shows have had endless criticisms over the years about female nudity, are you unaware that those are feminist complaints? When a Star Trek movie has a controversy over Alice Eve shown in her bra and underwear who do you think are the people complaining? Im no fan of conservatives but it is not conservatives attacking any kind of sexy female content in entertainment today.

By looking at the down and up votes many of you obviously haven't been paying attention if you are unaware of the criticism movies/TV shows get nowadays for female nudity and what crowd that criticism is coming from. If it is perceived as being made by or marketed to men then it is not "empowering" at all but degrading.


That's silly. You're confusing different strands of feminism, as well as missing the point of "free the nipple." It's about equality/empowerment/etc and not meant to be "objectifying" at all.


The bottom line with Hollywood always has been and always will be profit. It doesn't matter what any one group wants. Sort of legislating, Hollywood will only ever serve what sells. We get female nudity because we tune in and pay for it, not because we've been silencing those that are against it. The movie industry is very democratic like that.


And yet, here we are. Your theory doesn't match up with reality. I think you're also underestimating the effect that "public opinion" and "pressure groups" can have even on big-business types. It's the same in politics: a small group that makes a lot of noise can get the government to do something contrary to the public interest.


Has it occurred to you that sometimes nudity simply does not make sense, financial or otherwise? Actresses may simply not have a sane price tag for that and the money coming in doesn't justify it. Or they simply don't want to get naked. Or the director doesn't care. Or there's some cronyism at play. Or someone is doing someone a favor. Or who knows what. You and I may be obsessed with celeb nudity, but not everyone in the world has our investment in it.
Also if it is the case that you're looking at the non scenes and disregarding all the actual nudity coming out, you may be engaged in confirmation bias. Let's not forget all the stuff we do get.
You should stop dumping everything on feminism. They are trying to promote equality on a global scale, it's not their mission in life to mess with you.


Yeah feminism ruined nudity in movies. Female nudity. All we get right now is male nudity. "Equality, free the penis".