The Witcher and Mare of Easttown Rumors

Have you got any more info on The Witcher? What’s the word around town about Season 2 and its casting?

No news on season 2 of The Witcher. However, they were casting for an animated series set in the world of The Witcher and featuring some side characters a while back. The plan was to make this available on Netflix sometime between season 1 and 2. No idea whether or not this is still happening.

Any potential on Mare Of Easttown?

The character that Angourie Rice is playing in Mare of Easttown is described as a lesbian who is having an intense affair with her bandmate Becca. And the character that Cailee Spaeny is playing might be naked in the pilot episode. The way the script describes it though sounds like they might use some special effects.

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Any Joker nudity?


Saw it at TIFF. Nope.


Just a Joker dong


Amazon has recently started filming the first season of 'The Wilds' , an ABC Signature TV co-production ('SMILF'), one of the three YA shows that were ordered to pilot around the same time (other two being 'Panic' & *sob* 'College').

The show, created by Daredevil writer Sarah Streicher, follows a group of teenage girls from very different backgrounds who survive a plane crash and are stranded on a deserted island. The streamer describes it as "part survival drama, part dystopic slumber party."

Amy B. Harris, who used to be a producer on Sex and the City (and it's prequel) serves as the showrunner, and i'm basically just curious if there's any potential for nudity in this. I'm mostly interested in Erana James, but the rest of the cast (Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Sarah Pidgeon & Shannon Berry) is also quite nice.

Speaking of 'College', THR has already reported that they were not going forward with it as far back as May, but since it was not telegraphed in the title, everyone basically ignored it.


Didn't see anything in The Mad Whale.


This sounds like a movie about someone's mom.


From a review of “Name without a place”, talking about Charlotte Best:

About the sex-worker thing. The whole film begins with an Ashley Montagu quote: “The idea is to die young as late as possible.” We see a beautiful woman (later revealed to be Emma) through the lens of a tripod handicam, sitting on a couch. “Have you ever done this before?” a man asks. “No? But you do like it, though; don’t you? You like having sex? You like getting fucked? Does your mom know that you’re here?” It’s the “porn-actress’ first interview” trope playing out in front of us. “It says here that you’re a virgin. And how old are you? 19? Well, that’s too old to be a virgin.” It’s the first-timer fantasy, the exploitation fantasy, the “Let me take care of your virginity for you” fantasy. “So why don’t you stand up and show me your tits,” he says.

Sadly the reviewer didn’t specify whether the tits are seen on screen or not. They did mention an Elizabeth McGovern sex scene - one for the Downton fans.


Ana de Armas is topless in Wasp Network. Big nipples!


Anything from anyone else in this movie? I saw Penelope Cruz and Adria Aronja cast as well.


screening at the LFF this month if anyone in London wants to catch it


How long and clear is it? Do we see them from the side or front? How is the lighting? Is it better then Knock Knock?


It‘s a sex scene during daylight hours. So, very well lit – but only a few seconds long. You mostly see it from the side – but you can see both breasts.


@moli70 when and where did u see it bro? They said in September they're re-editing it


Saw it at the same film festival I saw Radioactive a few days ago


Any clip??


"She's Just a Shadow" is out now and it has the most nudity you'll see in a movie this year...and not a single merkin.


Anything from Tao Okamoto?


from what I remember, nothing from her.


Yep but it's so niche when it comes to distribution... Where to watch it?


Any nudity from Lindsey Morgan in “insidie game “ movie ?


Nice nudity by Shanti Ashanti in 'Jarhead: Law of Return' released today.


@Parzival I think this is great news, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons (and the nudity). I've seen her in other things, she's a decent actress, and she recently did her first nude scene on this season (5) of the Affair. Something tells me Julia Goldani Telles won't want to show much (or hell, here's hoping she will!), but she was never on my list of "Boy I really hope to see her naked someday".. she's fairly thin, A cup possibly...but I won't ever turn down a good slew of nude scenes, whether its her or some supporting cast. Bring it on!


She didn't do a nude scene.


holy shit, that's the best nudey news I've heard all year!!


oh my fuck this is great


See now THIS is something to put your hope in to.



Like the first season, this season will be 13 episodes and have one storyline, following one main character. There should also be a lot of nude scenes like season one.


Wasn't there a really hot lesbian scene in season 2 where one chick was sitting on the face of another? I never see that gif posted.


Holy shit.


Holy holy shit. If it's anything like the previous series (lesbian sex, sucking (fake) cock) going to be crazy.


Anything from Elizabeth Olsen in "Sorry for Your Loss" ?


nothing in the first 3 episodes even when there is POTENTIAL FOR HER NUDITY.Just the same as season 1.


It’s a Facebook series, what the hell do you guys expect? Just because it’s the internet and it was shopped to premium cable networks doesn’t change that it’s on Facebook. It got a little risqué but was just as milquetoast as anything on basic cable - actually less so nowadays.


Do the scenes which have potential for nudity have any implied nudity?


Margarita Levieva & Paloma Guzmán in The Deuce (TV Series 2017– ) [S03E04]

Matilda Marty AKA Matilda Marty-Giraut in Versus (2019) (I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, most like has, but here is a short cropped version)


La version présentée à Cannes ne verra pour le moment pas le jour, la justice a pris les choses en main. Je ne peux pas vous donner une date de sortie pour le moment. -- Kechiche

It seems that we will never watch the version of Mektoub Intermezzo presented at Cannes. It remains to know how much of the movie will be cut.


This sucks. Does anyone remember which post had the description of what her scenes were supposed to be?


Why not, what happened?


Here is the info on a new version of the film... w/o Ophelie Bau:


LOL....good luck with that. The only reason for watching the movie was that scene. It would be like removing the blowjob from Brown Bunny after it premiered at Cannes. At least Vincent Gallo had the balls to keep the scene in the movie even after critics like Ebert savaged the movie at Cannes.


That would be a big shame, I hope we'll eventually get to see the original uncut version.


WTF? Much of the film's interest is precisely Ophélie Bau.


First no news on Lost girl and Love Hotels and now this. SAD ..


Some random stripper extras showed their boobs on last night's "Power."


Any word on a release date for Netflix's DESPERADOES, starring Anna Camp & Nasim Pedrad?


I want anna camp to do a solid nude scene. She barely showed them upsidedown for a hot second, and we have it blurry from photos from a play, but a legit topless or nude scene would be great.


Are we expecting nudity in it? Isla Fisher was originally the lead and don't think she'd ever do nudity. Also not showing on IMDB but Jessica Lowe is in it in some capacity.


The original script had a lengthy ENF/NIP scene, and some photos from the filming indicate that the scene is in there in some capacity. No confirmation that there is definitely nudity, but the potential is there.


I’ll be shocked if this scene makes it to air as written. A 14 year old boy with a “huge boner” caressing the bare ass of a fully nude 36 year old woman - not a chance we actually see this. I’m sure it’ll be edited in some way where the “nudity” is all shoulders up on the woman and the touching part will probably be taken out completely. If this was a European TV show, however...


The character that Angourie Rice is playing in Mare of Easttown is described as a lesbian who is having an intense affair with her bandmate Becca.

Don't do that.
Don't give me hope.


Just saw Radioactive. Rosamund Pike is naked in it for a split second while she jumps in a lake.


Kinda funny it's a lake because Rosamund once said "I'm a fan of water in general. I can't go past a lake or a piece of water without getting into it. I'm not a nudist or an exhibitionist but if I haven't got a bikini, I'll go in without a bikini." (But yeah, how much do we see?)


What exactly do you get to see?


Just a split second? That sucks, I need more naked Rosamund in my life.


Oh man, Angourie or Cailee nudity would be AMAZING.


*huge grin* It was worth asking after all.