Three Christs Nudity Review

Three Christs stars a couple of Game of Thrones alumni so it should be no surprise that there is nudity in it. Around 43 minutes into the film, Charlotte Hope talks about having impure thoughts and is shown spinning around the room wearing only a blanket. The scene is dark but we get a brief view of Charlotte’s ass. We then get a better view of Charlotte’s butt as she drops the blanket. The camera then switches to the front and we see Charlotte’s breasts briefly although her hair is covering part of her right breast.

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Long term Recapped follower. I thought I would post this question.. if it's inappropriate here, sorry! Go ahead and delete it. I really am just curious what people here think. Not trying to be negative here! Just seems like a subject we would all be interested in.

The question is:
Wonder how the Wiensten thing will shake out in terms of screen nudity and sex? Meaning, will it create a chilling effect where many female actors will basically collectively refuse (not all but much) to do screen nudity and, thus, there isn't really much the producers would do. If so, we will should start seeing it around mid 2020, given that most films and TV series have about a 18 to 20 month production-to-release timeline and they already have projects slated. Meaning, any new scripts being contracted with actors now, won't be seen until 2020, roughly.

Any thoughts?


This might change some things. But even established actresses still do nude scenes. Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and many others are definitely working on their own terms now, often as producers, and still get nekkid when it suits them and the projects they're working on. Moreover this won't change the sort of splash that a nude scene can cause for a young actress's career, particularly with the current online environment (a la Daddario where she was made into an instant icon with that single scene), so that particular shortcut to prominence is one that I think many will still take. How they are produced and shot may change to an extent but I think particularly with the sex positivity aspect of modern feminism, young women are much less likely to look at getting naked as being something exploitative and more of something that, if done right, can make them more powerful. And then of course there's always Europe, which is unlikely to become any less nude-friendly anytime soon.


"And then of course there's always Europe, which is unlikely to become any less nude-friendly anytime soon."

Europe has already become less nudity friendly and they become more Americanized with each passing year.


Europe less nudity friendly? Are you joking? The only nudity I see in cinema now comes from european movies. When was the last time you saw nice nudity in American movie? When was the last time you saw female frontal in American movie? I don't know what european movies you watch but in my country every month there is something nice to watch.


I didn't mean Europe was less nudity friendly than America but that they are less nudity friendly then they used to be. Go to the beach in Western Europe in the 80's and 90s and there are tits everywhere, today you only see topless sunbathing in Southern European vacation spots but even there it is far less common than it used to be. It used to be common to see bare breasts in commercials now that is almost unheard of. Overall there has been a decrease of female nudity in European media including film and TV but of course it still remains far better than America.


It's not an unreasonable question at all. I've been having the exact same thought. Many of the #MeToo stories actresses have been sharing on Twitter are about feeling pressured into doing nudity. I don't necessarily envision a scenario where they "collectively refuse" but I think male directors and producers will be treading VERY carefully in that area for the time being. They'll bend over backwards to make it feel like a safe environment and let the actress off the hook if she seems at all reluctant. (In Hollywood, at least. I don't know how much impact the Weinstein scandal is having in Europe, where they're a lot more casual about nudity to begin with.)

You could notice a difference much sooner than 2020. Just because a script has been written with nudity in it doesn't mean it will be shot that way. And while nude scenes can be subject to very specific contractual negotiations, it sometimes just comes down to what the actress is comfortable with that day. They may be feeling emboldened to express that discomfort on things that are shooting right now. (Premium cable shows are usually still filming or have just wrapped the current season when it begins airing, so there's no 18 to 20 month buffer there.)

On the flip side, there seems to be an uptick in films and TV series made by women. Actresses talk often about feeling more comfortable taking their clothes off when it's a fellow woman asking, so the female directors and showrunners who've given us nudity before will probably continue to. Don't scoff -- the movie that arguably featured the hottest sex and nudity of the year was Below Her Mouth, made by a female writer/director with an all-female crew.


Excellent reply. Thanks.

If you're assessment is correct, and it seems well-reasoned, my guess is there will be a whole lot of "refusing" going on in the next couple of years. Then again.. who knows. Logic would dictate that very few nude scenes in movies are a result of a director "pressuring" someone to do it. No doubt that happens. But rarely seems logical. On that note, I will add this, not to sound chauvinistic, but there is no doubt a lot hysteria and total exaggeration is going on with this whole thing as well. In other words, how does one really pressure someone to do nudity when it's in a contract? More logically it was something she agreed on, then mid way through bailed on it and the director was like, wtf!... no, you said yes so you're doing it girl!. This is all hypothetical of-course.

Anyways.. i do believe a lot of this is going on at the moment, in some ways, understandably.


The negative effects this may have on nudity won't be due to producers/directors being less likely to pressure actresses into going nude(which isn't why the majority of nude scene happen anyway) but it may help worsen the trend of male writers/directors less likely to include female nudity in their work and executives more likely to remove nude scenes from scripts. Reading scripts it is amazing how common it is for nudity to be removed from them. 3 recent examples off the top of my head, IT, Rough Night, Flatliner's all had nudity in their original scripts. There are probably many more examples in recent years from scripts I haven't read.


I think the majority of what's coming out is credible and disturbing, but you make a fair point. Sometimes what the actress may see as being "pressured" the man would see as "requiring you to do what you already agreed to." Just to cite one example, Margot Robbie admits she had no intention of doing the nudity in Wolf of Wall Street when she auditioned. She only went through with it because Scorsese put his foot down and said it was absolutely necessary. "Its a woman's prerogative to change her mind" may become the prevailing wisdom in this post-Weinstein climate, no matter what's agreed to in writing.


Bless you Martin Scorsese!


Nudity has already basically disappeared from Weinstein-tier films. You don't see much of it in feature films anymore. It's all on premium television, now.


Right but there, too. I don't mean only with regards to major feature films.. but across the industry. Movies, TV, Indie films, etc.


And my thought is.. it probably won't. But it definitely could.


Any news if there will be nudity on Revenge staring Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz? Planning to watch it next week.


MOBILE HOMES Trailer is out...

can we expect that it'll be releasing this year ??


A few months ago, someone very kindly posted an Ophelia Lovibond nude/sex scene from her unreleased movie Gozo. Wondering if they had the other sex/nude scenes?


has it been confirmed there are any other scenes worth posting?

one review mentioned her having sex at a party right at the start of the film, but I read it as meaning a clothed scene. Other than that, I’m not sure what else there is - some shots of her swimming and maybe a shower scene, based on the trailers.


I don't know if it was told already but there's some surprising nice nudity in Tin Star.


no nudity in blackpills serie a girl is a gun ? Denise Richards ?


10/29 episode of Vice Principals is rated for nudity. Half of the episode synopsis makes it sound like it won't be Georgia King, but the other half makes it seem like it won't be:

"Gamby gets unexpected company on spring break; Amanda (King's character) is illuminates during a writer's retreat."


Might be*



Id say 100% of the description suggests it will be topless high school kids on spring break


Elisabeth Hower briefly nude, some decent shots throughout, in the movie Escape Room.


She is not nude in the movie


In what minute, more or less?


Around 50 mins in and then on and off throughout from there, better shots near the end.


I give up. Could you post some pics, please?


There are two movies by the name ---- This is the one with her in it ---- This is the one she isn't in


I’ve seen the movie, she’s not naked... don’t believe that user


I can't screen capture i tunes


Anna Paquin & Rachelle Lefevre in Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams S01E05


Anna Paquin is easily one of my favourites, has been for years. I don't get why so many people don't find her attractive.

This scene is obviously nowhere near her best, but I'll take whatever I can get. Rachelle Lefevre adds an extra layer of beauty. I've wanted to see her naked for ages, hopefully one day...


Holy crap this scene is so poorly directed. Very unsexy and amateurish, imo. Can't win them all, I suppose.

But thanks for posting!


I sense feminist influence. They're trying to avoid 'male gaze'.


...or the scene wasn't supposed to be sexy


As in the way this male gazed at it to jerk off? Sorry, feminists!


The clip is up on Mr. Skin and that’s pretty much all there is in terms of important shots. I can’t see it brightened at the moment so I’ll check later if there really is a nip from Anna. But there are some hot orgasms, though.


I looked closer on the video now. I don’t know if UK Channel 4 censors anything, but I saw no real nip and it didn’t seem like there was much censoring so it could have been a flesh colored pasty. Think this one’s a bust. Pity since those were some hot orgasms and we’ve been long waiting for bisexual Anna to get some on screen sapphic action.


there was nudity in a previous episode so it’s very unlikely anything got censored or cut


Another site posted a much more brightened version of the clip and I could spot a bit of nip now.


So it's a bust.


I hope there's more Rachelle in the near future.


I love unannounced, unanticipated nudity like this. It's much easier to enjoy.


me too

and yet we come here and read all the spoilers anyway


not to nitpick i appreciate the share, but is there actually nudity in this episode beyond this scene? because im only really seeing sideboob here.


The show is apparently not coming out until 2018.


So is that all there is to it?


on amazon in america, yeah. it’s been screening for last few weeks on channel 4 in the UK.


Polish HBO series "Wataha".




Rated R for drug use, language throughout and some sexual content.


The downvotes on this site are getting ridiculous, it's sad to see legit posts get downvoted all the time. People have really started to abuse this function. Could you please remove the downvote option recapped, or at least make it so that the downvoted posts aren't less visible then the others?


Downvotes should only be for illiterate spam (which should get moderated anyway), repetitive questions without any reason to expect new information, and abuse (which should also be moderated).


id like to think it should also be used for inaccurate or irrelevant information, ie whenever anyone tries to get political or argumentative on a site about seeing female celebrities naked scenes.


Recapped, another query you might know about... maybe... any news on Talulah Riley's expanded role in Westworld S2 or her part in The Last Witness (it's now out to sales agents)? Or Alice Eve in The Stolen or Replicas? None of them scream nude scene potential, but if anyone would know, it'd be you.


Does anybody know when Mobile Homes will be released, will it at least happen this year?


'True Crimes' starts promisingly enough, with a confrontationally extreme montage set in the prison-like confines of the sex-club, chock-full of nudity, violence, sex and Salo-type degradations, accompanied by arrestingly loud musical stylizations by Richard Patrick and Tobias Enhus.


Any News Christa Theret in Broers ??


Shows a bit of nudity while skinny-dipping. Nothing major. More nudity from her in mini-series Maximilian.


Blake lively | All I See Is You
- Shows ass through the glass during shower scene
- Lots of side boob during sex scenes
- Lots of cleavage shots
- During one sex scene we see boobs but not in the same shot as her face.


This is the exact review posted by Mr Skin.


Im not a member of Mr Skin.


I wasn't saying you were.


Is her all blurry or clearly visible?


During the shower scene? The glass is clear.


Francesca Eastwood's nude debut in M.F.A (2017)


Do you have a video of her girl on girl kiss in this movie too?


Jesus Christ she really looks like him.


I preffer her brother (not homo).


clearly not ...


Hannah Gross shows her boobs in episodes 1 and 2 of Mindhunter and is in lingerie in episode 7.


It's quite disappointing that Anna Torv didn't show anything.


I saw it. Nothing special.


So is anyone else staying up for another 4+ hours for The Meyerowitz Stories?


Recapped's description was accurate but the scenes are played for laughs and are very quick, often even sped up. The "sex" which isn't real in the story, is with people in full body wolf costumes.


Still nice to see some nice teenaged bewbs. A nice girl.


Nice, thanks for the reminder.


Oh yeah, that comes out tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!


Any review from Blake lively all i see is you ?


Sleepwalker came out this week but only crappy quality available so far. Ahna O'Reilly wears a nightgown throughout the movie that is somewhat see through. There is also a brief butt shot.


Recapped, curious if you have any info on Joanna Vanderham's role in Cinemax's Warrior? She's avoided nudity in the past, so I don't hold out much hope, but it's Cinemax and from one of the creators of Banshee.


Joanna's role is similar to Jon Snow in that it starts off very small (only 2 scenes in the pilot) but becomes one of the main characters as the show continues. Nudity required apparently. In fact, one of the two scenes in the pilot is a nude scene.


That's great info, thanks Recapped!


Here's to hoping it delivers. Thank you for the info, recapped -- always appreciated!


Easy season 2.....Bueller?


It’s coming out December 1, so it’s probably too soon for nudity reports. The cast list is out, though:

New: Aubrey Plaza, Kate Berlant, Michaela Watkins, Judy Greer,Danielle Macdonald

Returning: Kate Micucci, Jane Adams, Zazie Beetz, Kiersey Clemons, Elizabeth Reaser, Jacqueline Toboni, Aya Cash


Aubrey Plaza on Easy after her nude debut on The Little Hours? Got my fingers crossed. Also I can always use some more Kate Micucci nudity...


It would be incredible if Aya Cash gets naked.


Aya is my biggest wish on that list. She wasn’t naked in the 1st season, but I think her character was pregnant, so maybe a chance this year? Hope for the best but expect the worst I guess.


Getting downvoted for stating a fact, how cute.


She's naked a few times on the TV show You're the Worst


I love Charlotte and I love butts so I love this great news. Thanks Recapped! 🙂