TIFF 2006 Day 5: Little Children and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Little ChildrenFirst, the bad news: Jennifer Connelly does not get naked in Little Children. The good news is Kate Winslet does. She doesn’t do any full frontal nudity though and it may have just been me but her areolae (nipples) looked a lot more brownish.

The first scene is a little less than an hour into the movie. We see Kate up against the wall having sex. She is naked but all you really see is her right boob. A couple of minutes later, they show Kate getting up after having sex and you see her ass and a bit of her boobs when she turns around. Later on during a book club meeting, Kate has a couple of flashbacks of her having sex. You see a few more glimpses of Kate naked during these quick flashback scenes.

The director also mentioned that they did film the scenes where Kate and her lover go out of town together but it was cut out of the film. Hopefully they are on the DVD.

Sarah Buxton plays internet model Slutty Kay who Kate’s husband is a fan of. You see her topless in several photos.

In All the Boys Loves Mandy Lane, Amber Heard plays the title character who all the boys at school are obsessed with. Unfortunately, Amber didn’t get naked. You do however see her bare back and partial views of her boobs from behind as someone spies on her while she changes. Her friend Chloe, played by Whitney Able, did get naked however. You first see partial views of Whitney’s ass as she is sitting on the toilet in a public restroom. Another girl sees Whitney and remarks that she should trim her thick bush. Subsequently, you see more partial views of Whitney’s ass as she sits on the toilet and trims her bush when she gets back. Later on we see Whitney remove her top and reveal her tiny boobs. Whitney spots someone outside her room and heads to the window to give them a better view.

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