TIFF 2006 Day 6: Alatriste and Cashback

AlatristeAbout 92 minutes into Alatriste, you see Elena Anaya lying in bed naked. It is a pretty long scene and you can see her boobs clearly and part of her ass. You also might be able to see some bush but it is more likely just shadow.

In Cashback, you see Hayley-Marie Coppin fully nude in a flashback sequence the main character Ben has. You also see several woman including Irene Bagach, Christine Fuller, Kinvara Balfour, Cherie Nichole Bradley and several others in various states of undress during a scene where Ben stops time. They re-used the footage from the short film version of Cashback for these two scenes. They did add a bit to the frozen time scene however including a bit with a topless Keeley Hazell.

Later on, we see Ben visit a strip bar. There is an older woman (in her 30’s) dancing topless on stage with some tassels to cover her nipples. I didn’t catch her name in the credits. The stripper then helps Ben hire a private stripper who is played by Janine-May Tinsley. You see her naked except for a thong when she performs a dance at a party.

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