TIFF 2006 Day 7: Summer Palace and Un Crime

Summer PalaceHao Lei gets very naked very often in Summer Palace. I will try to summarize all the nudity:

1. Possible quick flash when Lei’s panties are removed during first sex scene.
2. Lei is naked but we mostly just see her left breast when she has sex in the dark.
3. Lei has sex again and we again mostly just see her left breast but we do see glimpses of her right breast.
4. We see both breasts as Lei is lying in bed topless.
5. Lei lies in bed naked and we see everything including a very hairy bush. She gets up and walks around a bit too but that is shot from the waist up.
6. Lei removes her top and we see her breasts as she teaches her friend how to masturbate.
7. Lei has a long sex scene and we see breasts and ass.
8. We see Lei’s breasts as she lies in the bath.

That’s all that I can remember. Her friend Li Ti, played by Hu Ling, also gets naked in several scenes. The first sex scene is very dark but we do see glimpses of Ling’s left breast. Later Ling is topless and cutting someone’s hair. Unfortunately, we only see Ling’s left breast because of the position of the camera. However, right after Ling has a long sex scene and we see her full frontal nude.

In Un Crime, Emmanuelle Beart has several sex scenes. In the first one, we see Emmanuelle’s breasts and ass as she has sex in various positions. Later, Emmanuelle has sex again and we see her breasts. Finally, near the end Emmanuelle is ordered to undress in the back of a car and we again see her breasts. Emmanuelle then has sex but because of the fog on the windows we don’t see much.

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how come the clips that we realy want to see from this movie aren't available? i'd love to see her bush.


longing for that




where has the movie?