TIFF 2006 Day 8: Red Road and Flandres

Red RoadKate Dickie has two nude scenes in Red Road. In the first, Kate undresses as she is about to take a bath. We see Kate’s breasts and ass as she checks herself out in the mirror.

Later, Kate undresses when she is in the bedroom with a guy. We see her breasts and her dark bush. The guy then proceeds to go down on Kate. It looks real but we can’t tell for sure because of the camera angle. As the guy puts on a condom, we can see a brief clear shot of Kate’s lips. They then continue to have rough sex.

We also see some video footage of a couple having sex in public. There may have been a quick flash of bush as the unknown girl has her panties removed.

Near the beginning of Flandres (aka Flanders), Adélaïde Leroux removes her pants to seduce a guy. We see her neat bush briefly before she lies down.

Then about halfway through the film, the soldiers gangrape a local villager. We see the villager naked but the scene is pretty gruesome.

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